The Big Valley

Season 4 Episode 8

The Long Ride

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1968 on ABC

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  • Victoria gives Audra a sound beating as an alternate to psychotherapy

    Since Audra's pursuers can't catch up to her, Victoria does them a favor and assaults Audra for them.

    [sigh] Episode with some real potential, sabotaged by credibility issues, and underscored with some of Victoria's/Stanwyck's bizarre emoting (i.e the opening scene in the cemetery that demanded more gravity, her fits of passion over Audra which was just B-rated acting, etc.). The biggest problem with this episode is that two ruthless killers working together against a stagecoach could not and would not be able to subdue their victim much more quickly. The second problem goes along with that - that a non-cognitive Audra and her mother could escape unarmed the rifles of two murderers out in the middle of nowhere, with Victoria knocking over some well-placed rocks into the paths of her pursuers, and managing to light (in very windy conditions) a match to ignite two large tumbleweeds that just happened to be right in front of her, up high, on a bluff, that the two men could not avoid. And that watching her mother blast one of the killers snapped Audra out of her non-communicative state, and as she began to come out of it, Victoria helped her along with two timely belts to the face. (Thanks, mom!) The suspense and dynamics among the driver and passengers made this episode interesting, but the other factors demoted it from being tops.