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Is nobody here watching season 4?

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    [1]Mar 9, 2009
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    I live in the US but was bored and bumped into the AU version, it is pretty cool.

    First, I noticed that it is mostly uncensored, the contestants can curse up a storm and the only word that seems to get bleeped is the F-word...I take it that Australian TV isn't quite as anal about this sort of thing as US TV.

    Next the show must be much more popular down under because it seems like they drag out one week over six or so episodes.

    They also have two different things, The Walk and The Warehouse, both of which make the show much more interesting. Plus the addition of The Commando is interesting too.

    The house they're staying in is huge and surprisingly much nicer than the US contestant's house.

    It seems like the contestants are less attached to the trainers than they are in the US version. in the US people were crying like babies recently due to mixing up trainers, it was kind of wierd.

    Anyway, just wondering where all the Aussies are who watch this show. This forum and episode guide seem dead. I guess everyone's talking on the official site instead of here?

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    I am watching and enjoying greatly! I am in canada so I just download them .. don't really tell any of my friends about my addiction to the show! It is much better than the US version I think, with those additional things you mentioned.
    They do seem a little less attached to the trainers, which is probably because both trainers seem to want everyone to succeed, as seen with Shannon helping them with ideas on how to make biking for food more fun, etc.
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    I am watching from the US and am surprised that I am enjoying this season more than our version! Last year, watching was a bit of a chore, but the contestants this year are fascinating (Nathan you cad!). Watching Cam getting dragged kicking and screaming to weight loss is just shocking. And Sean doesn't even look like he should be there anymore!

    My only complaint is stern AJ. The woman is practically joyless. Even during Bob's speech to Cam, she robotically wiped a tear from her thankless eyes. I read its her last year. Won't miss her. Alison from season three is rumored to be the new hostess. Loving that!

    And why does the red team not understand how important immunity is?? How can Sammy say having immunity was useless to Sharif when they know he's toast if they go to the elimination room again?? Are they not thinking??
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