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  • Quite an entertaining and addictive show. It has a few flaws but overall a good series.

    I first started watching The Biggest Loser between the time of the Blue and Red team and the Duos. I knew it was something that had been on for the past couple of months, and whenever I had seen advertisments for it I would roll my eyes and tell myself it was the last thing I would ever watch. '"Blue Team Unleashes Secret Weapon" Please!' I would say to myself. But one day it was on and my Dad suggested we watch it, just to make fun of it, so we did, and from then on I was addicted (though I didn't admit it!). I watched it faithfully every night, selecting my favourite competitors, singing along to the theme song, and taping many of the episodes so I could rewatch. I discussed tactics with my family and mourned when my favourite 'characters' were voted off.
    I agree with some who say that this show was just trying to pull in viewers and it was pretty dodgy when they brought players back in, added players, twists and conditions. It was just to drag out the show I guess, but it was entertaining. And this show has a pretty good message, unlike pointless (in my opinion) like Big Brother. It has pretty good entertainment value, with tactics being discussed, drama, and excitement. They draw out the Weekly Weigh-In episode, with ad-breaks every 2 people being weighed. One aspect of the show I really found annoying was the host, Ajay Rochester. I understand that she is an inspiration and all that, but she was overly dramatic and used recurring clichés such as "The time has come." "It all comes down to you." and "Amazing journey." - all that stuff. It wasn't really necessary in my opinion, but I suppose in some small way it added to the entertainment value of th show.
  • Season Two is totally cringeworthy compared to Season One.

    Season One of this show was a guilty pleasure that I could not miss. Seeing the contestants lose weight and come to terms with why they had put the weight on originally was both moving and Unfortunately, with Season Two they have cast some obnoxious people (three in particular) who are only there to win the money any way they can. Their alliance voted out people who worked hard whilst they put in minimal effort themselves. These hugely unlikeable people and self centred and totally ignorant of how they should be behaving.

    Add to this producers who seem keener to make the show a Big Brother with Fat people with more twists, turns, returns to the game and stragegy that the whole weight loss premise is a bit of a joke.

    The producers also have the announcer, presenter and contestants repeat everything over and over again so the viewer can only come to the conclusion that they think we are morons and unable to remember what happened two minutes ago before the ad break.

    I do like the male Aussie trainer though!!
  • This show makes me almost embarrassed of Aussie Tv

    Like most Australian viewers who looked forward to Monday nights for TBL for the first couple seasons, I wasn’t letting anything get in the way of me and the Aussie TBL when it first hit our screens. For me though it just came across as amateur tv at it’s worst. The people who were there to lose weight seemed more interested in causing trouble with other contestants and the backstabbing and trying to be conniving. I watched it cringing every time one of the idiotic contestants opened their mouths. How they were supposed to inspire anyone… I don’t know. Possibly the worst part for Aussie TBL had to be the host, AJ. She was the worst host I have seen on any show since Tom Williams started on the Australia Mole. Like Tom, stupid things just blurt out of her mouth and they don’t make sense or she’s just there taking up the whole screen and if you just switched TBL on you would think she was a contestant. Caroline is a big strength to the “real” TBL and she adds to it show rather than detracting from it as AJ does. Three cheers for Bob & Jill who make this show half decent.
  • Worth checking out for fans of the US-based show (but be careful, more episodes = more addicting)

    I live in the US but was bored and bumped into the AU version, it is pretty cool.

    First, I noticed that it is mostly uncensored, the contestants can curse up a storm and the only word that seems to get bleeped is the F-word...I take it that Australian TV isn't quite as anal about this sort of thing as US TV.

    Next the show must be much more popular down under because it seems like they drag out one week over six or so episodes.

    They also have two different things, The Walk and The Warehouse, both of which make the show much more interesting. Plus the addition of The Commando is interesting too.

    The house they're staying in is huge and surprisingly much nicer than the US contestant's house.

    It seems like the contestants are less attached to the trainers than they are in the US version. in the US people were crying like babies recently due to mixing up trainers, it was kind of wierd.

    Anyway, just wondering where all the Aussies are who watch this show. This forum and episode guide seem dead. I guess everyone's talking on the official site instead of here?
  • The Biggest Loser (Australia) is a reality tv show hosted by Ajay. Overweight people go on the show and well lose weight basically and then get voted off and see how well they go. With the final that sees all the fourteen contestants with only one crowned

    Nobody knows i watch this!

    This show sometimes makes me cry, i cried last night when the final four went down to final three, and when they visited there hometown.

    This Show is about overweight people trying to change their ways by losing weight AND keeping it off.

    a real motivating show.

    can not wait for the final of the season.

    GO PATI!!! Pati, Marty and Chris battle it out for the title of 'The Biggest Loser, Season 2)

    For Marty you would say this is luck! being voted in and out and back in, in and out... and in again.

    Some people didn't even reconise Pati and Chris when they came back to their home town. It was a teary moment for their family and friends.

    I cant wait till the Final. and i think this one will be a tough one, they are all threats in the game,

    Chris pulled off a big number every week, with Pati being dedicated and doing it for the chicks! and Marty i guess his just well threat full for coming into the house so many times.

    Go Pati!
  • I was excited about this shows scince I saw the adds for overweight people to audition. I heard great things about the US version so I was really excited.

    I was excited about this shows scince I saw the adds for overweight people to audition. I heard great things about the US version so I was really excited.

    I was right and this show was very good. The contestants were good in a sense that much drama was caused between them. It's also good the Bob and Jillian came over rather than Australia finding differt trainers like other Aussie shows. I am just so glad the Adro won because I was fending for him the entire time.

    I thing and hope that the next season will be good or even better!
  • I don't usually watch reality shows but this one just grabbed me and sucked me right in.

    I loved watching the contestants\' progress but rated the show lower than I wanted to because of AJ\'s annoyingly sloooowww speech. Everything had to be so drawn out - it drove me completely crazy. I found myself taping each night\'s installment so I could watch it later and just zip through the show whenever AJ opened her mouth. She was particularly bad in the elimination room and the weigh-ins - everything seemed to be repeated over and over again. I have no idea how the contestants put up with it. I know I would have wished I was deaf after a week.
  • The Biggest Loser is hosted by AJ. There are twelve contestants all up agains each other for a battle of who loses the most weight and who wins the prize money. This is definitely one of my favourite shows.

    I’ve never watched an episode of the American version of The Biggest Loser and never thought I would ever watch one, but I will once a new season airs again in Australia. When I heard that an Australian version of The Biggest Loser was coming soon, I immediately had a strong feeling that I was going to love the show. The only reason I even thought about watching it was because I knew that Bob and Jillian were going to be the trainers. I never thought that I would love this show as much as I do now.

    My favourite contestants would have to be the blue team alliance; Tracy, Artie and Fiona. I also liked Jo, but she left early in the show. From the first day of The Biggest Loser, I wanted the red team to win. At the start, they kept on losing the challenges and the weigh-ins and the blue team kept on winning. I didn’t give up. I kept on cheering for the read team and guess what? In the end, there was the most red team contestants left. I’m really happy about Adro winning the competition because he really deserves it. I thought Kristie was going to win, but I guess i was wrong. I can’t wait till next years Biggest Loser because I will be at the finale. I’m not overweight, but if you are, please watch this show as it really is inspiring and I’m sure it will help you lose weight.
  • This aussie version of the US hit brings a new host and colourful new contestants and even bigger twists.

    I love the Aus Biggest loser as it brings many more twists than the US version did. Just recently the biggest twist ever to hit the series, all the contestants came back into the game! I was half and half about this twist as i felt it kind of ruined the reunion part of the show but brought back my favourite contestants which had been eliminated in previous episodes. On 23/4/06 a huge surprise is happening and I can't wait until it airs. This series they have aired every weeknight at 7:00pm which is a great time for me as I can watch without anything else good on. I just hope they bring it back next year at the same time as it gets better and better each episode. One of the greatest aussie versions of US hit on television.
  • I'm really enjoying the new series of The Biggest Loser, and I'm glad that it is on five nights a week. Even with all the drama and ruthless players, this is still a must-watch reality show.

    I'm really enjoying the Australian version of The Biggest Loser. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the US version, but it has really surprised me. I'm really glad that it is on five nights a week, and that we get to see a lot more of the show, and get to know a lot more about each contestant.

    This season is about half way through, and there have been many memorable moments. I thought the Blue Team would dominate the whole game, but after Wal was forced to switch teams, the Red Team was then unstoppable with Wal on their team. This season also has some amazing chalenges and twists, like the double elimination which will happen at the end of this week.

    This season has also had a lot of controversy, and arguments. I do wish that people like Harry, Cat or David weren't eliminated so early, and I would have prefered people like Tracy, Artie or Fiona to had gone sooner, as they are more concerned about conniving others, than losing weight.

    Even with these negatives, I still rate this as an excellent reality show.