The Biggest Loser (Australia)

Weekdays 7:00 PM on Network Ten Premiered Feb 13, 2006 In Season


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  • Season Two is totally cringeworthy compared to Season One.

    Season One of this show was a guilty pleasure that I could not miss. Seeing the contestants lose weight and come to terms with why they had put the weight on originally was both moving and Unfortunately, with Season Two they have cast some obnoxious people (three in particular) who are only there to win the money any way they can. Their alliance voted out people who worked hard whilst they put in minimal effort themselves. These hugely unlikeable people and self centred and totally ignorant of how they should be behaving.

    Add to this producers who seem keener to make the show a Big Brother with Fat people with more twists, turns, returns to the game and stragegy that the whole weight loss premise is a bit of a joke.

    The producers also have the announcer, presenter and contestants repeat everything over and over again so the viewer can only come to the conclusion that they think we are morons and unable to remember what happened two minutes ago before the ad break.

    I do like the male Aussie trainer though!!
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