The Biggest Loser (Australia)

Weekdays 7:00 PM on Network Ten Premiered Feb 13, 2006 In Season


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  • Quite an entertaining and addictive show. It has a few flaws but overall a good series.

    I first started watching The Biggest Loser between the time of the Blue and Red team and the Duos. I knew it was something that had been on for the past couple of months, and whenever I had seen advertisments for it I would roll my eyes and tell myself it was the last thing I would ever watch. '"Blue Team Unleashes Secret Weapon" Please!' I would say to myself. But one day it was on and my Dad suggested we watch it, just to make fun of it, so we did, and from then on I was addicted (though I didn't admit it!). I watched it faithfully every night, selecting my favourite competitors, singing along to the theme song, and taping many of the episodes so I could rewatch. I discussed tactics with my family and mourned when my favourite 'characters' were voted off.
    I agree with some who say that this show was just trying to pull in viewers and it was pretty dodgy when they brought players back in, added players, twists and conditions. It was just to drag out the show I guess, but it was entertaining. And this show has a pretty good message, unlike pointless (in my opinion) like Big Brother. It has pretty good entertainment value, with tactics being discussed, drama, and excitement. They draw out the Weekly Weigh-In episode, with ad-breaks every 2 people being weighed. One aspect of the show I really found annoying was the host, Ajay Rochester. I understand that she is an inspiration and all that, but she was overly dramatic and used recurring clichés such as "The time has come." "It all comes down to you." and "Amazing journey." - all that stuff. It wasn't really necessary in my opinion, but I suppose in some small way it added to the entertainment value of th show.