The Biggest Loser

Season 13 Episode 1

Episode 1301

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2012 on NBC

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  • Eh this is a good enough way to start a season.

    OK I thought this was a good enough season premire of the Biggest Loser it really was kind of predicable and a little boring in some scenes. Ok it startes of with 10 couples Ben and Buddy (Brown team) Mike and Joe (blue team) Lauren and Gail (yellow team) Nancy and Cassandra (Orange team) Adrian and Daphene (Aqua Team) Roy and Chris (Red Team) Chism and Mark (Grey Team) Emily and Kim (Pink Team) Megan and Kimmy (Purple Team) and Jeremy and Conda (Green Team) arrive at the ranch and they get told that everyone will make it in except for 1 team. When I heard that, that didn't seem right I mean we have obese people about to die and 1 team doesn't get in didn't seem right to me. They competed in 3 phases in challenges the first challenge was a 40 meter race and 4 would get a spot on the ranch well the Blue team, orange team, Brown Team and Yellow Team made it through. The second phase was a puzzle and the top 4 would make it. the teams that made it were the Grey team, the Red team, The Purple Team and Green Team. The final 2 teams are Pink and Aqau with a balancing challenge they have to hold on to each other on their toes well the Aqua team loses and pink wins but if Aqua team can lose 50 pounds on their own in a month they come back. When I heard i knew they could do it so I guess we'll be seeing them again soon. Anyway one day 1 was work out day. I thought the work outs pretty boring and not really that entertaining but ok. At the end of the work out one memeber would go on one team the other on the other. It was very predicable that that would happen because its No Excusses and it was just predicable. Now there were some funny moments with them deciding who to go to. Anyway at the weigh in Ben loses 15 pounds, Joe 15, Gail 9, Chism 12, Cassandra 14, Emily 10, Megan 7, Chris 8 and Jeremy 14. On Dolvett's team Mike 13, Lauren 9, Nancy 5, Roy 14, Kimmy 9, Mark 9, Conda 9, Kim 13, and Buddy 22. Well Dolvets team (red team) wins the weigh in and bob's team (Black team is up for elimination. At first everyone thinks of voting off Megan for the lowest percent on the team but Ben goes in and asks them to vote for him and Megan votes for Ben, Emily votes for Ben, Chism votes for Ben, Gail votes for Ben and Joe votes for Ben and 5 votes is enough so send him home so Ben gets voted off. Now like I said some predicable parts some boring parts some funny parts but overall a good season premire. 7/10.
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