The Biggest Loser

Season 7 Episode 4

Episode 704

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

A caption introduces the episode by telling us that Jillian's team had agreed to vote off Joelle last week and didn't.

Bob's team is disappointed and angry. And a little embarrassed as Joelle now knows they all wanted her gone and she's still in the game. Blaine tries to talk to them about his team's decision, but Filipe will hear none of it. He feels their opinion was asked in order to determine which threatened contestant was the bigger threat.

The at-home players struggle with things that distract them. Aubrey deals with crying children; Laura indulges her night-clubbing. Sione hits the gym and explains that he used to make excuses about not having time to workout, but he had time to watch hours of television. Daniel's teammate David lights up a cigarette.

Bob is shocked to see Joelle still on the Ranch. She explains that she realizes her team wanted her gone, but she welcomes the opportunity to prove herself. Kristin and Helen confide to Bob that they are frustrated that Joelle takes so much time away from the team. Bo tells them that there's nothing wrong with them encouraging Joelle, but not let it distract them from helping themselves. He also has to tell Kristin to let her anger toward Joelle go.

In the gym, Joelle finishes a treadmill exercise.

With five days left until the partners return, the contestants are taken to a football field where Alison reminds them that this is Superbowl week. She also reveals that Blaine will be going home for three days as his wife is going to have a baby. He will return for the weigh-in and his weight will count.

The rest of them will be participating in a contest involving Superbowl snacks. They will be shown three traditional snacks and will have the opportunity to guess the calorie count. The contestants who come closest without going over will win that round and the three winners will compete in a final round. The winner of that round will win a meal cooked for their partner by celebrity chef Curtis Stone, as well as a three-pound pass at the weigh-in.

The first snack is a plate of chicken wings with celery and ranch dressing. Dan wins by coming closest to the 800 calorie count.

The second is a bread bowl with chili in it. Kristin wins the round (actual calories - 1165).

Finally, Helen wins the third round which features 7-Layer Dip at a grand total of 1755 calories.

Curtis shows the three winners how to use rosemary sprigs to skewer chicken breast pieces and dip them in a glaze of honey and mustard. The final test is to determine how many calories one serving (five pieces of chicken) totals. Dan wins by guessing 220 when the total was 230.

Curtis arrives in Raleigh, NC. with the news that Dan has won David a three-pound pass at the weigh-in. David admits that he has a hard time cooking at home and has been to his favorite restaurant three times since he's been home.

Curtis takes him to Wal*Mart and shows him how some of his favorites are made by foods in the fruit and vegetable aisle. At home, he grills a huge chicken patty and serves it on a plate of greens to give David the equivalent of a fast food meal but more nutritious.

At the Ranch, Bob has his team jump on platform boxes.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, Blaine's wife gives birth to a son named Breckin.

This week's challenge involves the contestants running across a football field and grabbing footballs to put in the bin of another player. Once that player gets 5 footballs in his or her bin, they are out of the challenge. Incredibly, Joelle goes neck and neck with Helen for the prize of immunity at the next weigh-in for her team. In order, Filipe, Tara, Dana, Kristin, Mnadi, Dan and Mike are dropped. Helen ultimately wins and calls Shanon about the immunity.

Bob introduces his team to FiberOne cereal which contains 14 grams of the recommended daily fiber intake. Blaine returns after having to say goodbye to his family.

Jillian appears at the Last Chance Workout. She explains to the camera that Dan talks a lot but doesn't follow through. He has difficulty staying on the treadmill because he is afraid to think of himself as ever being thin. He imagines terrible things happening to him if he keeps on it. She has to pursuade him to keep going and he manages to keep going until he realizes he can do it.

At the weigh-in, the partners turn up. They will be weighed the next day. The brown and black teams will be weighed as teams, the others as individuals.

The final weight loss totals are:

Helen: 6 lbs

Ron: 7 lbs

Mike: 9 lbs

Blaine: 11 lbs

Dane: 15 lbs

Filipe: 13 lbs

Tara: 12 lbs

Kristin: 12 lbs

Mandi: 10 lbs

Dan: 12 lbs

Joelle: 12 lbs.

Both Ron and Mike blame themselves for disappointing the other. The brown and orange teams come up for elimination based upon percentage of weight loss.

While Dan explains that he will abide by whatever decision is made, David stuns several contestants by admitting that he doesn't want to be on the Ranch and assures them that he has lost weight, but that he feels they will be better off at home.

At the weigh-in, Tara decides to vote for the Brown Team solely as a challenge to David. She is furious that Daniel has worked so hard here and that David is ready to throw in the towel and go home. David explains that he feels trapped at the Ranch, but Filipe tells him they all feel trapped. They are all here without loved ones.

In the end, however, The pink, purple, silver and blue teams vote for Dan and David which spares Ron and Mike from elimination.

At home, we find out that Daniel has stopped taking medication for his type-2 diabetes and has lost a total of 101 lbs. David says thta his life is changing, he has quit smoking and has lost 46 lbs.