The Biggest Loser

Season 8 Episode 2

Episode 802

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Allison told the contestants that if all 15 players lose a combined total of 150lbs and all of them will get another more week on campus if not two people will be going home. Jillian figures that they minus well pick two people to leave now.

Mo went to the hospital to visit his partner Tracy who wasn't talking or moving when he last saw her. He was afraid she wouldn't remember who he was and she was happy to see him. He told her he weighed in for them and she could come back; she told him she would see him tomorrow. Shay was concerned that Julio wasn't picking up his part in the weight loss. She doesn't believe him when he says he met his burn and says if they don't make it he deserves to go home.

Tracy showed up and everyone hugged her and asked her how she was doing. She told them weak and she started crying and told them she was thinking about them and was brought to light how serious her weight issues are. She met with Bob and told him she is thankful to be here and Bob told her to get her nutrition completely in check because her doctors said she couldn't be working out as hard as the rest of them.

They met Alison at the California health and longevity institute and told them they would learn nutrition facts from Curtis Stone (celebrity chef). Alison told then she would quiz them if and they could get up to 15 lbs advantage. If the teams get 5 of 8 correctly they would all get 15 lbs off their weight. They got the first four answers in a row is correct then the next two wrong, and finally got the 5th answer right.

Ultimate team challenge, 4 rafts (on water) separated by balance beams the team must safely make it across the balance beams from one to the next if someone falls in the challenge its over for all of them. Each balance beam is smaller than the one before, if they make it to the first raft 5 lbs off, if they make it to the second raft 5 lbs, if they make it to the third raft they get phone calls from home, if they make it to the fourth raft they get 10 lbs, if they all complete the challenge 20 lbs advantage as well as phone calls from home for all of them.

The all made it and earned 20 lbs advantage and phone calls from home. They were all talking about the day and the challenges and then Bob and Jillian came in and told them that they still had 115lbs to lose and didn't want them to have a false confidence. They told them to go to the gym and the two of them talked a plan for the training. Bob worked with Julio and he had an immediate excuse for his upcoming work out. Jillian said the gym is like a truth serum and she could beat on them till their defenses are down and she can get stuff out of them. Jillian hoped the beating that her and Bob gave them was enough for all of them to stay.

Pink team (Amanda 4 and Rebecca 6 lbs) weighed in at 10 lbs loss.

Purple Team (Tracy 10 lbs and Mo 9 lbs) weighed in at 19 lbs loss.

Red Team (Antoine 8 lbs and Sean 11 lbs) weighed in at 19 lbs loss.

Green Team (Allen 10 lbs and Abby 11 lbs) weighed in at 21 lbs loss.

Brown Team (Liz 10 lbs and Danny 12 lbs) weighed in at 22 lbs loss.

Blue Team (Rudy 14 lbs and Dina 8 lbs) weighed in at 22 lbs loss.

Julio weighed in at 19 lbs loss. They made the 115 lbs needed after this.

Orange Team (Daniel 7 lbs and Shay 16 lbs) weighed in at 23 lbs loss.

They lost 155 lbs in week 2 and on elimination.

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