The Biggest Loser

Season 8 Episode 3

Episode 803

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2009 on NBC
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Tracey tries to protect herself and Coach Mo by making controversial decisions that end up antagonizing the other players and frustrating her trainers. A temptation gives one player control of the game and the Challenge offers immunity. When two teams fall below the yellow line, one team sacrifices itself for the other.moreless

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  • One of the best episodes ever as Tracey throws down the gauntlet in the early stages of the competition and emerges as That Contestant who will be looking for shortcuts instead of trying to win by working hardest.moreless

    Greetings! It's Biggest Loser time.

    Sweet! Sean's perplexing hair lives on.

    Oh man. Allison just said it's "Would You Rather Week." In my peer group this means debating over what would be worse: having no front teeth or an ill-fitting glass eye that falls out without warning. On Biggest Loser it means that a contestant can stand pat or step over a line in which case he/she earns a two-pound pass that can be used at the weigh in. The kicker, though, is if you take the pass you don't get to work out with the trainers, Bob and Jillian. Most of the contestants are astutely aware that if they were good at self-training, they wouldn't be on the show. They all decide not to cross the line...

    ...or do they? Tracey from Team Purple just crossed over. Her partner, Coach Mo, is ticked. I don't blame him! Here he carries her jock while she's hospitalized in Week 1 and she repays him by taking the selfish road and ensuring Coach Mo has to work out alone with no help from from the trainers. Tracey is the official "Biggest Loser" villain. The whole group just turned on her. And it's only Week Three! Back from commercial. Jillian scares the bejeezus out of me. Tracey just told the trainers, Bob and Jillian, that she took the two pound pass. They are staring holes into her. As they lecture-scream at her, Tracey (or should I say, Tracey's eyes) respond by getting wider…and wider…and wider…and like that, Evil Bug Eyes is born. Jillian Emmy Moment #1: Jillian proclaiming to the camera that she and Bob are the best weight loss experts in the world and "millions of people" want to spend just one day with them. I think her point is that Evil Bug Eyes was nuts to forfeit the right to train with them. "Not the brightest bulb," is how Jillian describes her.

    "At least Jillian is humble," notes my Roommate.

    Bob is taking Tracey to the woodshed for screwing over Coach Mo. Evil Bug Eyes is crying. After getting dressed down she recovers in time to advise Coach Mo that he needs to "go work out until his shirt is soaked." She sucks.

    Abby has a stress fracture that's going to affect her ability to work out. Sigh. This is unfortunate. The Green Team, Abby and Allen, are maybe the most likeable team on the show. But, if she can't work out at 100%, she'll never win. It's an unspoken rule. Ah, the first plug of the night: Yoplait yogurt. Bob has Abby try it. Abby is acting like it's the first time yogurt has ever touched her lips. "It's so delicious," she says. Uh huh…

    First plug is quickly followed by first temptation of the season. Antoine just asked the camera, "what could they tempt us with?" Hint: It starts with an F and ends in -ood. It's always pizza or a call home. Personally, I'd go with pizza. Hopefully that's not too much insight into my family dynamics.

    This time, it's cupcakes. The person who eats the most cupcakes in ten minutes will win the ability to select one person from each team whose weight will count at the final weigh in. They all seem pretty determined not to cave.

    Pink Team member, Rebecca, is funny. She just yelled "damn you!" at the cupcakes. Sean from the Red Team wants to rub a cupcake all over his body. Thanks for that mental image. Evil Bug Eyes is now officially discussing her two alter egos, "Patience" and "Crazy." They both talk to her, apparently, and tempt her to do things. If Patience doesn't win this debate and she goes for the cupcakes, I think Coach Mo may punch her in the face. Evil Bug Eyes caved and ate cupcakes! What a sugar slut. So did Antoine from the Red Team, which is surprising. Evil Bug Eyes won by eating four of them. Just to let you know she "really hates herself now." That's good, because so does every other person on the show. Coach Mo just leaned over and whispered to her "what were you thinking?" The Roommate and I cannot wait to see how Bob and Jillian react when they hear about the cupcake debacle…back from commercial break. Evil Bug Eyes admits what she did. Jillian Emmy Moment #2: she just declared she can't look directly upon Evil Bug Eyes lest she'll be tempted to come over and "throttle her with her bare hands." Um, please do. I would love to see a little Biggest Loser/Ultimate Fighting crossover. Evil Bug Eyes looks slightly in fear for her safety. God bless angry Jillian. (In case you don't hate Evil Bug Eyes yet please keep in mind that she isn't subjected to the same rigorous workouts as the other contestants because of her "health issues." Now she has a two pound weigh in advantage and the power to dictate whose weight is counted at the weigh in. Like they needed another reason to resent her.) The first challenge looks heinous and involves lugging weights up a steep ramp. Allen rocks it and wins immunity for the Green Team. Good. My favorite moment of any Biggest Loser episode: when Jillian makes people pull her on ropes. It's Last Chance Workout. Shay reminds us she's the biggest person here, thus filling the quota. Pretty sure she's contractually obligated to mention it once an episode. Evil Bug Eyes declares she hasn't figured out a strategy for who she will choose to weigh in tonight, but rest assured, "there will be one." Hey Evil Bug Eyes, rest assured someone's going to pee in your shampoo bottle tonight. The others hate you. Shay just drops some more inspiration on us, saying she's "ready to live." She is full of one-liners like this which makes her presence on the show all the more valuable. It's right before the weigh in. Tracey is like The Godfather. People are coming to her to kiss her ass and ask her who she's picking to weigh in. Tracey's mouth says "she hates" having this burden to bear but her super, duper, crazy eyes tell a different story. She loves jerking people's chains. When Rebecca and Amanda come talk to her she tells them that "these are the decisions you hate to make." Um, you volunteered for it. It's weigh in time. Two people are going home tonight. I will be SO annoyed if Rebecca gets bounced. Poor, poor Evil Bug Eyes. She's lamenting at the weigh in that she's been frustrated by the alienation she has experienced this week. I can't tell if she's for real at this point. I think alter ego "Crazy" officially clubbed alter ego "Patience" to death after the second commercial break. Jillian Emmy Moment #3: Coach Mo tells Allison he "supported" Evil Bug Eyes and her decisions this week. Jillian calls him out and says there's no way he supported Evil Bug Eyes. Jillian tells Evil Bug Eyes she's full of **** and Coach Mo needs to start looking out for himself because Evil Bug Eyes won't do it for him. I am a little bit in love with Jillian right now. But just a little bit. And only because she made Evil Bug Eyes pee herself. Weigh in results: Green Team had immunity, Lone Wolf Julio is safe, as are the Brown and Blue teams. As if the group couldn't loathe Evil Bug Eyes more…a few of the teams approached her and requested that she choose a certain member to weigh in to boost their chances of not getting cut…and of course she went ahead and picked the opposite team member. The contestants are furious! This is delicious. Evil Bug Eyes says she's only picking Amanda on the Pink Team (who has pulled consistently low numbers) because of "how hard she worked this week." Amanda does not look convinced. Oh man. If Rebecca and Amanda survive, they may gut Evil Bug Eyes in her sleep. Well, well, well. Pink Team is safe. GAME ON.

    Bummer. Red Team falls below the yellow line and could be eliminated. Now it's Daniel and Shay's turn. Team Orange needs to stick around. Evil Bug Eyes looks surprised when Daniel recounts, verbatim, the earlier convo they had when Daniel asked her to let him weight in on Team Orange's behalf. Evil Bug Eyes is like, huh? Wha? You're breaking up over here…and she is officially the Devil at this point, as she has Shay weigh in, and an inconsolable Shay misses the safety line by a pound. Team Orange is in jeopardy of going home. "She is a **** declares the Roommate in reference to Evil Bug Eyes. That's saying something. Roommate is quite mild mannered. Jillian declares the game playing at this early stage "crap." Rebecca is also losing her mind at this point yelling at Allison about how Evil Bug Eyes and all of her "I'm sorrys" are bogus. "This is one of the best Biggest Loser episodes, EVER," states the Roommate. Gee, guess what. With that two pound advantage, Evil Bug Eyes only has to lose two pounds to avoid elimination. You can tell everyone is actively rooting for her demise. Coach Mo only drops a pound. In a crazy twist, Evil Bug Eyes loses 11 whopping pounds but no one is happy for her. There is audible cussing. Even St. Abby shakes her head in disappointment. Coach Mo better be careful. With each meager attempt to prop up his partner he's losing credibility with the house. Amanda tells the camera no one is happy for Tracey because she's fundamentally evil (ok, that's paraphrasing). With the Red and Orange teams for up for elimination, guarantee you that Orange stays. Daniel is so likeable and Shay still needs to lose, like, 200 pounds. Plus she has a sad background and says things like she "is so unhappy inside" and she hates everything about herself. The producers of this show need her. The Red Team is basically amazing. They are volunteering to get voted off. The Roommate is officially tearing up as Antoine declares the greatest gift one can give is self-sacrifice and Sean yells at Shay (in a nice way) that she needs to stay in the house. The house gives them what they want. The Red Team is voted off. I'll miss Sean and his lady hair. Evil Bug Eyes is doing her best to cry. It's not working. You can tell everyone in the room loathes her. Antoine and Sean have continued to lose weight at home, which is great. But not as great as Sean and his wife deciding to name their unborn daughter Jillian. Good luck topping that next week.moreless
  • Choices! Choices! and Greed! Tracy decides to take the wheel and steers the Purple team off the Ranch into a little place call "Lonsomeville"

    I love the Biggest Losers for so many reasons. First it is about being healthy and exercise and trying to do the right thing.

    It is about being true to yourself and the reason you are the way you are.

    Tracy was portrayed as the whacko of the show. Crazy Tracy with her wild randomness and truckload of insecurities. She impulsively grabbed the 2lb lifeline without consulting her partner. She went loco when she heard the words "control the game". The trainers went at her. The other teams went at her. And in the end she pulled the biggest drop of everyone. The best thing I love about Biggest Loser is that your body and its freakish metabolism will dictate how much you lose. Neither great trainers. Best environment. Healthy diets. Great support group. Proves anything. Sometime you try hard and it pays off. Sometime you don't and it still pays off. Sometimes it doesn't.moreless

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