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will the biggest loser survive without Jillian

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    [1]Apr 12, 2011
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    personally i think that bob and jillian are great together as trainers and their whole dynamic is what makes the show great, i don't the biggest loser will be nearly as good when she leaves.

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    [2]May 3, 2011
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    I love the biggest loser. I think that Jillian andBob are great together. If Jillian leaves I don't think that the show will last.

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    Did either of you watch Season 3 where Jillian wasn't the trainer? They had Kim Lyons as the trainer instead. It only lasted for 1 season. They brought Jillian back the very next season, giving us 3 trainers. And then it went back to just Bob and Jillian. I'm not sure if ratings took a hit when they tried to switch trainers or if it was just a contract thing with either Jillian or Kim, but it didn't last long.
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    [4]May 22, 2011
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    I think the show will survive without Jillian, but that doesn't mean that its just going to be a piece of cake without her. Yeah, we'll still have Bob and maybe Alison.

    But as fans, we haven't had enough time to adapt to Brett and Cara, and Cara still doesn't impress me. She brings nothing to the table besides her boxing. One of her contestants even had to ask her to get in his face before she would do so. She's the trainer and therefore she's the one that should decide to get in your face without having to tell her to. And I just loved how that same week she bragged about how she could be just as good as Bob and Jillian when she has shown not near the credibility, expertise, attitude and qualifications that they have. If she's so for getting in your face, why can't she just be another Jillian who will get in your face so much you can't stand it? Worst trainer ever. I do hope next season she cleans up her act and begins being a trainer rather than a boxer.

    Brett is not too bad, but he definitely could use some shaping up. Its amazing how he said "I didn't even know you could be 58% body fat, more than half your weight". He may not be a doctor, but being a Biggest Loser trainer is more than just the training and also about the medical knowledge. And punching them in the stomachs in the early weeks was just pointless. He hasn't been so bad since then, but he definitely has room for improvement.

    What makes Bob and Jillian so great is that while they have different approaches, they both share in common the expertise and ability to motivate, encourage, train and talk to the contestants. They have proven season after season that they know what being a Biggest Loser trainer is all about- not just acting like a fitness trainer but rather acting like a motivator and role model.

    Bob and Jillian make not only the best trainers, but also the best trainer duo. I even think they'd make a good couple.

    So think about it. The show can survive, but it definitely will drown in lower ratings.

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    [5]Dec 30, 2011
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    No wonder Jillian was best on show. But i dont think show goes with the trainer but the contestants who actually work for their dream to lose the weight and win the show the biggest loser

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