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  • Please

    HOw to join this program
  • A 50 season our last chance literally

    More would be with us we are moms and dads and grandpas
  • Doctor Advisors on The Biggest Loser are Quacks

    Just watched the Sports Athletes 2nd show and saw a "Doctor" threaten one of the contestants. The Quack "Brow-beats" and intimidates the poor Contestant to "try on a wheelchair because that's where you belong"!!!! GREAT COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, & ADVICE!!! The Biggest Loser has historically used the UCLA Medical Center for their Physiciansdoes this mean that UCLAMC has stooped to a new low? Maybe they should have the Contestants sit in at a Kidney Dialysis Center and have a Fistula put in, or watch a Leg-less Double Amputee Diabetic in pain from necrosis and try to get out of a wheelchair, or even visit the County Morgue and help the UCLA Doctors determine causes of death for Fat People! Wow, anything to make a dollar! Go Bruins!
  • Boring

    I thought this season (15) was very boring and bland, more like a documentary. I got no inspiration at all, no new ideas to try. Although I don't like the contestants when they are immature and nasty to each other, I did like seeing the groups get to know each other, interact in the house, the challenges and temptations etc. The only bit I did like is that it was the person who lost the least % weight that was eliminated which is fairer, it would be more fair if it was the person from the whole group as opposed to a team. Competition between teams for advantages etc. is good but for weight loss everyone should be counted. I shall watch the first one of the next season and if it is the same I shall stop watching. My rating is for season 15.
  • DramaFree!!!

    It has been so refreshing to go a whole season and not have to see any drama king or queens!!!! To tune in each week and see this years contestants truely care about each other and their journeys has helped keep me focused on my weight loss journey. I have lost 75lbs in the last year and a half and it has been a challenge doing it from my living room, but I know I have another 100lbs to go to my goal weight. So thank you Biggest Loser for being able to watch these amazing people on their journeys thus enabling me to continue on mine. Good luck to each and every one of you. Julie Whitcomb, .
  • Glad to see someone try to help with the obesity problem in America

    I think we can all take an example from this show. It did a hard but decent job trying to get people back into shape after they let themselves go too much. If we all tried like the trainers had one, then the obesity problem here would not be so bad.
  • A past fan

    Jillian is the reason I do not watch this show any more! She is so fake and just plain sickening! Besides needing some new trainers this show really needs a facelift because it's the same old thing every season.
  • The biggest sham

    This show has gone from a relatively helpful and insightful program to just another reality TV infomercial. They lost me at season 13, then invited me back for season 14. This season is the biggest joke, complete with manufactured "scandals" and infinite product placement. It's an insult to the intelligence. Not only will I not be watching it from this day forward, but I will never buy anything advertised on it.
  • Jillian Michaels

    There is something to be said about positive reinforcement. Jillian Michaels obviously has never heard of it. The other trainers use it and get the same results, or perhaps better results. Negative reinforcement only tends to make the recipient feel belittled, and how does that help one's confidence? I wish Jillian never came back to the show. She is the main reason why I will stop watching as of tonight. I can't stand her "training methods" if that is what she calls it. I don't think guards in prison camps talk to their prisoners and treat them as meanly as she treats her group. Jillian, you may be pretty on the outside, but you are as ugly as dirt on the inside. Talk about the biggest loser.... Jillian, you are a big loser......
  • Not all pit bulls are attack Jillian for the stereotype

    Jillian is back. While she may be a good trainer, I don't think she knows her dog breeds very well. During one of her workout sessions she claimed she wanted to make her contestants into "attack dogs" she wanted her contestants to be "pit bulls". Despite the inappropriate comment linking pit bull to attack dog, I take issue with the fact that many pit bulls I know are actually more lap dogs than attack dogs. If she wanted to compare her contestants to a breed that is known for long bouts of exercising, pit bulls surely are not that breed. Why not try golden retriever? They at least like to chase balls.

    In an episode with strong messaging against bullying, I wish Jillian and the Biggest Loser would consider not bullying the pit bull breed and focus on getting contestants healthy.
  • Terrible

    I absolutely hate this show. This is really just a discouraging let down for everyone who gets voted off in the first few weeks. If they really wanted to see who the biggest loser was then they would let everyone stay on the show until the very end and then see who lost the most. These people don't care about the people's well beings, they just care about publicity and rating. I mean really? come on people! People are trying to hard to fulfill promises to there families that they would not able to fulfill without this show and they just get voted off and discouraged when their journey comes up short. If you really cared about the people's well beings, you wouldn't have any eliminations. Just sayin.
  • big people

    This is a great show! The emotional bickering is not so good. However, before Biggest Loser, who would have thought that the morbidly obese could be pushed so hard physically? It is an encouragement to anyone who is overweight. If it is guilty of discrimination it is this; no one who can not reach deep down within themselves will ever win.
  • Awesome concept!

    You'll learn about health and challenge. Entertaining!
  • Brilliant

    Conda is brillant, she got 2 contestants to quit. Talk about stupid guys, maybe she promised them money if they quit.
  • Wrong.....

    I started watching and was getting inspired until Kim & Conda acted so disgusting showing their pety, gossiping, jr. high behavior! Not to mention racism and just down right meaness.

    So sick and tired of them whining about being single mom's...........hey who cares!!!!!!!!! They should be sent home for causing the drama and the show to lose ratings!
  • I thought this show was about inspiration, not negativity.

    I started watching this show last year and really enjoyed it, but this season has become to negative for me to handle. I guess reality shows believe drama get viewers, but this year me and my family stopped watching this show. We do not need negativity like that. We started watching the show for inspiration now we are stopping because the drama has gone to far. My hope is that next season they can only let people on who are positive and ready for change and will not bring drama.... then maybe we will start watching again.
  • This season sucks!

    I watched Biggest Loser for the first time last season and really liked it. It was entertaining and inspiring. This season has been awful. With a few exceptions (most of whom have already been eliminated), the contestants have been racist, whiny, immature, and, in a season of "no excuses," has been full of them. I think the trainers have been amazingly patient with this bunch of "losers."

    They act like a bunch of mean spirited high-school students. Daphne and Adrian have been sent packing. I'm sure that they will continue the process at home! Dance Moms will replace this tragedy in my home at that television viewing time.

    This season of "the biggest looser" is so disappointing. At the start of this season I was very excited, last season was my first time watching (thanks mostly to DVR). Nonetheless, early on, I noticed the contestants being very ungrateful and full of complaints. I tried to be understanding being a person who goes through battles with weight loss. But here we sit 8 weeks in and this show is garbage! When the blue team came back or should we call it what it is "the real Black Team" they were met with resistance!! I NEVER understood why at first but now I do and it's sad. This show has only one African American and he is the trainer who allowed the ciaos to continue and he never stepped up to defuse the situation. He allowed those people on the red team to from a diatribe against Adrian. Adrian lost the weight and they still voted him off. The people on this show do not keep whats important in mind, they are there to make friends or should I say alliances that will guarantee them another week, they pass judgment as if they have room to. I see the evil looks from Kim and the condescending communication from Conda when it came to Adrian and it was deplorable. Then comes the week of Daphne. She lost 12lbs winning the weigh in for her team. The very next week she switched the team, though she didn't make a smart switch the game is supposed to be a secret. But it didn't matter what she did, she was the next to go because the show wants to be the "the biggest white looser" they don't want black Americans to be represented on this show, black Americans should not watch this show! Or any American that will not tolerate discrimination.
  • shame

    I think that peoples issues such as daphne's medical issues should be shared with everyone. I hope when the players watch this season they feel ashamed. Hard work should pay off. I liked the show better when the two below the yellow line were up for elimination. Women in my family are obese. I tipped the scale at 250 at 17. 5'7 and 200 recently and I am one of the smallest in my family. My kids love fruits and vegetables and at 4 and 7 they have been taught the importance of being fit and healthy. I am in the 180's and going down. This show was so inspirational to me and my kids like it but it is all games and politics now. A popularity contest. It no longer reflects that hard work pays off dedication wins out. I don't care to watch another tv show where being popular gets you further than hard work and really trying to change your life. All the black team should be ashamed. Thousands of people would have lost weight this week if they were there. And they threw away an opportunity to make a change. They obviously don't really want to change.
  • So sad to watch!!!!!!!!!!

    This show has really gone in the trash, Adrian and Daphne never had a chance. And why they fought to get there I think much more then most of the people on the ranch has. There weight loss sucks to much drama, And Conda should be gone.I hope that Adrian And Daphne has support from the show at home because the show really done them wrong. Carolyn Artrip
  • Most pathetic contestants the Biggest Loser has ever had!!!

    I can just not believe how stupid these people are. Conda its such a manipulating witch. And they all just do whatever she says like they have no brains at all. they all admitted to throwing the weigh in and the show and trainers never even stepped in. These stupid challenges that promise its a secret is bull crap they did the same thing to arthur. Yes Daphne switched the teams big deal that is the game and their all acting like what she did was treason. when what they did was 100 % more f'd up. Adrian and daphne didnt have a chance in hell on the ranch. This is the worst cast that has ever been on the ranch. you have known each other 6 weeks and you act like you cant be without them. Anyone new who comes along they want there heads chopped off. this isnt 1560 England. I have watched every season and now im so sick to my stomach i hope when people see conda and these others on the street and treat them and give them the same kindness Conda has showed daphne and adrian and the others. Conda has had 4 people kicked off now by turning everyone against them. All because that fat B*tch cant lose weight because she is lazy. She has turned the whole ranch upside down just so she can last a little longer. Cause we all know she isnt going to win. when are everyone going to open there eyes and see that she has played them for pansies and controlled them like puppets. come on people get some spines and kick her butt to the curb. Because she has no right to be there. I feel bad for her kid because who the heck would want a mother like her! I say off with her Since she wants to play nasty I cant wait till Karma comes back at her. I hope she gains 100 lbs :)
  • Conda IS the "Biggest Loser"

    As just about everyone else here has stated, this season's Biggest Loser program is a huge disappointment. I finally got my mom to watch it and there's no way I can defend how terrible the conduct is on this show. The behavior of these individuals is disgusting starting with Conda. Lord help whoever stands in this girl's way. She is a conniving witch who does not fool me for a minute but seems to be able to fool the other idiots who stand behind her. I don't know how she convinces her teammates, first the red team and now the black to do as she wishes. On TV she seems completely transparent to me but doesn't anyone there at the ranch see through this person except Adrian and Daphne? Or maybe, this is a ploy being pulled by the producers, who knows? Whatever the case may be, this season of the Biggest Loser is just that....."The Biggest Losers"! The younger bunch of these contestants are incredibly mean, petty, and stupid. Of course they think they know it all and seem to have the world by the tail but unbeknownst to them, they appear foolish, childish and selfish.

    On tonight's show I believe that Daphne was acting on pure emotion and revenge but the way the brother/sister team was treated when they came back was simply disgusting and pure evil so how could you blame her for "her" rash act?

    I'm just wondering if this is the coming trend for this series because if it is, I won't be watching it or recommending it anymore. The past seasons have been inspiring, heart-warming and informative. This season is just the opposite and it reminds me of how Survivor started and how it transgressed to another silly soap opera like show.

    If the producers read these reviews, I beg you to return to the old format that actually touches and inspires people. My husband is a tall string bean who has become a loyal watcher because he has been so inspired by the hard work and effort of these stricken individuals. This season is a cheap imitation of the past seasons and a insult to past contestants.

  • I am done

    Worst show ever. This used to be my favor show, not any more. It is unjust and unfair. Too much poison with Conda for me to bear. They are letting her control the show. I think her and Kim are very prejudice and should be taken off the show. I will not be watching this season any more. Hope the rating drop.
  • The first time I've hated watching this show.>.<

    The Biggest Loser is the only reality show that I really loved because it was the only thing that didn't revolve around drama and people just acting stupid; it displayed a very good and inspirational message and I even owe my own weight loss success to a certain Ms. Michaels (granted she was in DVD form). I've religiously watched this show from season 9 and never really had any contestant I didn't like, however this season is the worst I have seen yet. There is one contestant that makes watching this show painful for me and that is Conda. It seems that everytime she doesn't like someone she causes so much drama until that person ends up going home; first it was Mike, then Adrian, now this week Daphne. It seems that if you get on Conda's bad side you are automatically sent home because she uses her mind control bitch powers to get into everyone's head and get them on her side. Adrian wasn't given a chance when he came into the house and because the Red Team expected WAY too much out of him his first two weeks and because he didn't "impress" Conda he got sent home. Then this week, yes Daphne made a poor decision on her part to split the teams and lie about it, but after she confessed no one was able to move passed it! Instead the Black Team throws the weigh-in just to send Daphne home, and according to Emily it was Conda who came up with that plan. The producers of this show need to get back to where they were and portraying a positive message to the rest of the world, and the present contestants need to get their heads out of their asses and send the real problem home. Sorry to Jeremy, but that's what needs to be done.

    P.S. This sh*t never happened when Jillian was on the show. They need to bring her back along with the original meaning of the show.
  • very disappointed

    tonight was the worst of all. Maybe Daphne wasn't right,but I can understand where she was coming from. Where in the world did the show come from, letting this food thing get out of hand. Is this what they need to make it more interesting? is this what the whole thing is about, making the group feel they have to eat to stay in the game? Conda get a life! and Bob you were my favorite, What happened? You didn't even try and help Daphne, you preached! confession and then stepped back, what was that last remark, "Be kind" is that all you got to say! you knew they would hang her. Shame on you Bob and Conda!

    last night (2/7/12) - I was routing for the red team until last night. To watch how things unfolded these last few weeks is shameful. I blame not only the players but the producers, Dolvett and I'm so upset I can't remember the woman's name that does all the talking for the show - she allowed it to happen. To tell a grown man to "shut up and listen". How disrespectful. Adrian and his sister didn't have a chance. Red team expected him to do in one week what it took them 5 weeks to do and he lost more weight in those two weeks then most of his team. He was not the only one that lost 2 pounds on the red team; he lost more then others this week. They never helped him only hated him "shut up and listen" come on. .Conda and Kim need to go. NO ONE stood up nor helped Adrian all they wanted him to do is "shut up and listen". Everyone on the show is a disappointment. I'm rooting for ANYONE (especially Adrian's Sister) on the black team. Though I won't be watching anymore episodes; I am just praying for Adrian sister to win and Adrian to win the $100,000. I'm gonna shut up and stop watching the Biggest Looser cause they're all loosers except for Adrian's sister.
  • Inspiration has disappeared

    I have watched every season of The Biggest Loser and it the contestants and trainers have inspired me to get up and move. Their personal struggles and triumps left me feeling good when I turned off my TV after the show. This season I almost feel uncomfortable sitting in my living room listening to the snide remarks, sarcasm, talking behind the backs of people and putting words into their mouths. It is like snooping on a family going through a bad divorce. Normally drama does get media interest but The Biggest Loser has been built on how it inspires others not tear them down. That is what has appealed to viewers in the past. Kind of like the success of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". Can you see what would happen to their ratings if Ty Pennington were to go back to the bus and make fun of the families involved. I think the red team should have been more compassionate towards the Aqua team because they themselves were in that same situation four weeks earlier and honestly they still have a long ways to go. You can also sense the dissension between Bob and Dolvett and for me the inspiration has died.
  • Disappointed

    As I watched last night (2/7/12) I was getting madder and madder - not only at the Red Team but that the trainers and staff are allowing this kind of behavior! I'm not sure that I will continue to watch either as this season has gone way too far. I felt very sorry for Adrian and that team did not give him a chance - shame on them. Especially Conda and Kim but also some of those men should have stepped in. What a disappointment they all are. I'm rooting for ANYONE on the black team.
  • Too much drama

    I have watched my last Bggest Loser program. I found the show tonight very disappointing. Poor Adrian, he did not stand a chance with those witches. That Condo and Kim, should be disqualified and sent home on their behavior alone. My heart broke for Adrian, and you know exactly if the red team is up for elimination next week that he will be going home. He did nothing wrong but lose 34 pounds and made it back to the ranch only to be ridiculed the entire time. I personally would not want to be a contestant on your program for what you go through with the other contestants. How can you lose weight when you are criticized to the point that you cannot even give it your best. Too much drama and no one has any control. Weight loss is suppose to be the goal!!
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