The Biggest Loser - Season 2

Thursday 8:00 PM on NBC Premiered Oct 19, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Special Edition #9: The Tofanellis vs. The Stephens (1)
    The Biggest Loser: Special Edition returns to families vs. families when the Tofanelli family from Peachtree City, GA compete against the Stephens family from Detroit, MI. Both teams suffer from medical problems caused by their obesity, and are hopeful that their trainers Bob and Jillian will make a difference in their health. They will go to the ranch and will then be sent home afterwards to apply what they've learned into their daily lives.moreless
  • Special Edition #8: Military Wives (2)
    As the Navy wives vs. Marine wives challenge continues, both teams return to their regular daily lives after spending some time at the ranch, and must now apply what they've learned at the ranch into their lives at home. They will need to prepare themselves for the final weigh-in, where one team will win $50,000.moreless
  • Special Edition #7: Military Wives (1)
    Caroline Rhea continues hosting The Biggest Loser: Special Edition. This time with Navy wives challenging Marine wives for an opportunity to lose weight, with the help of their trainers Bob and Jillian. Both teams will face difficult challenges and temptations before the final weigh-in.
  • Special Edition #6: Engaged Couples - I & II
    Two more engaged couples - Bruce & Kimmi from Los Angeles vs. Nick & Lael from Hawaii battle it out for an opportunity to win a $50,000 dream wedding. Both couples will get to spend 12 days at the ranch with trainers Bob and Jillian. After the 12 days are up, both couples will weigh-in once more for a chance to win a honeymoon vacation. Once they return after being sent back home to apply what they've learned, they'll weigh-in for the final time to determine which couple will be The Biggest Losers and winners of the $50,000 dream wedding.moreless
  • Special Edition #5: Italian vs. Diner (2)
    The weight-loss struggle between both families continue as they return home after spending time at the ranch with trainers Bob and Jillian. Their houses have both been equipped with a new refrigerator full of healthy foods. A bit of tension also arises between Bob and Jillian and the families they've been helping due to some unwise decisions and some disappointing results. The Biggest Losers and the winners of the $50,000 grand prize are also revealed at the final weigh-in.moreless
  • Special Edition #4: Italian vs. Diner (1)
    It's back to families vs. families when a "little Italy family" from Bronx, NY competes against a "'50s diner family" from Peoria, IL. Since they're both restaurateur families, they've been constantly surrounded by food at work. And because of their weight problems, both families' teenage daughters have been teased at school. Bob and Jillian return to change all that and help both families lose weight and accomplish their dreams. Season One runner-up Gary Deckman also returns for a surprise visit to help motivate them.moreless
  • Special Edition #3: Engaged Couples (2)
    Engaged couples Steve & Sarah and Edwin & Rasha continue their weight-loss struggle. They must now plan their wedding days in addition to the lifestyle change they each learned at the ranch. Many surprises await each couple, including a visit from a season one contestant. The couple with the highest percentage of weight-loss will finally be revealed and be declared the Biggest Losers and the winners of the $50,000 dream wedding grand prize.moreless
  • Special Edition #2: Engaged Couples (1)
    The special edition version continues this time with two engaged couples -- Steve & Sarah vs. Edwin & Rasha. Both couples will have a chance to lose weight at the ranch with the help of trainers Bob and Jillian before their wedding days. In addition, they'll have a chance to find $10,000 worth of wedding bands by eating wedding cake, as well as looking through limos to find some hidden money.moreless
  • Special Edition #1: The Muhas vs. The Samuels
    As part of a two-hour special, Caroline Rhea returns, along with trainers Bob and Jillian, to help the Muha and Samuel families lose weight, where one of the families will win $50,000. With the help of their trainers, both families will face their challenge, and the family with the highest percentage of weight loss will be declared the winners.moreless
  • Episode 212: Season Two Finale
    Caroline Rhea hosts the live season finale, where "The Biggest Loser" will be chosen out of the three remaining contestants. The results of all their hard work will finally be revealed, with "The Biggest Loser" also walking away with $250,000, as well as a healthier lifestyle. One of the ten previously eliminated contestants will also be chosen as the "Winner of the Losers," who will walk away with $100,000.moreless
  • Episode 211: Scary Scale
    Final episode before the live season finale, where the remaining four contestants discover how far they've come since their first day on the ranch. Time for one last challenge, in which the contestants will have to carry their weight in quarters, with the winner getting to keep his/her quarters.
  • Episode 210: Last One in the Pool is a Winner
    Before participating in the weekly challenge, the remaining men share their dreams with everyone else. This week, the challenge will prove to be one of the hardest ones yet. The contestants must hang on with their arms and legs to a tube hanging above a swimming pool. Can the remaining five contestants handle it?moreless
  • Episode 209: Jump Start
    Caroline informs the remaining six contestants that the duos are gone from here on out. Now, they will all be competing against each other by themselves. Aside from this change in the game, one contestant will shock everyone with their new look. Meanwhile, two other contestants will end up having a fight between each other.moreless
  • Episode 208: Fancy Footwork from Pedicures to Pedicabs
    In order to participate in a professional photo shoot, all seven remaining contestants receive a Beverly Hills-style make-over. Afterwards, a special surprise awaits the seven contestants at the pedicab race when their family members arrive for a surprise visit, as they become the cargo for the race. The winner will not only receive immunity for the week, but he/she will also get to spend an evening with their family.moreless
  • Episode 207: Let's Do the Twist!
    As eight contestants remain, everything changes with twists at every corner. The teams are no more, contestants are forced to work with their enemies, and even the weigh-in will have a special twist this time around. All this leads up to the most shocking elimination yet. Who will it be?
  • Episode 206: High Anxiety
    Because of the Blue Team's subpar performance on previous weekly challenges, the team decides to push themselves during workouts, as well as try harder to get along with each other. Meanwhile, Jillian pushes her team to go on their most dangerous workout yet. Can they handle it?
  • Episode 205: Losing Teammates Instead of Weight Drags Down One Team
    As the teams continue to lose teammates, one team begins to lose their confidence. So, their trainer brings in a special visitor from the past to talk to them and help them regain their confidence once again. But will this be enough to get the team back on track, or will the team continue to fall apart, despite their trainer's efforts?moreless
  • Episode 204: What Happens in Vegas Buffets in Vegas
    When the teams get a chance to go to Las Vegas, they'll have to endure some very tempting temptations. They will have to make some very tough decisions while they're there. Will they be able to resist, or will they lose it all for some cash?
  • Episode 203: Hurt Bodies and Feelings
    Twelve contestants remain, as they continue to endure the pain from their injuries and the disputes from their trainers. They'll have to decide whether to continue on with the next physical challenge and resist the food temptations that continue to tempt them. Can they do it?
  • Episode 202: Straight and Narrow is Tough
    The contestants' diets are put to the test when they are told that if they eat some high-calorie treats, they will be given a letter from home. Who will be able to resist the temptation? Plus, who will win the next challenge, which deals with balance, and who will be voted off of their team?moreless
  • Episode 201: Season Two Begins
    Caroline Rhea returns to welcome fourteen new players to The Biggest Loser and to host them at their stay at the new ranch. After being faced with a room of tempting food, the players discover a twist in the game - this time it's men vs. women! The women, who will always wear Red, will be trained by Jillian Michaels, while the Blue team, the men, will be put to the test by Bob Harper. Later, the new teams compete in the first challenge of the season - a competition that takes place in a jet so that the contestants can experience what it feels like to weigh nothing! At the end of this 90-minute episode, one of the hopefuls will be voted off of their team. Who will survive the battle of the sexes Biggest Loser style?moreless
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