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I am supposed to be the editor

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    I was editor for The Bill Cosby Show until's hostile takeover of TV Tome. I am the one who provided the show summary and synopsis for all the episodes. My status as editor should have transferred over with, but these clowns failed to do it. One correction I haven't been able to make- Gavin McLeod is mentioned as a guest star in episode 12 when actually the guest star is Alan Oppenheimer. is a joke. In order to post any contributions to a show or be an editor, you have to "qualify" first and earn your points. What a pile of crap that is. TV Tome was so much better, and the guy who ran it made me editor of The Bill Cosby Show with no questions asked. So for everyones information, I am the one who made this informative Bill Cosby Show page what it is today.

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