The Bill Cosby Show

NBC (ended 1971)


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  • Excellent show, which was before its time. The director did a great job, ... and the audience, I am sure, will still be amazed by the characters, story-lines, and overall impression it leaves.

    I loved this show, and only recently was 'caught up' watching it. Checking it out, I would say, it was very good, ... with Bill Cosby very cool, and amazing person. You can tell his genius is there, ... even back in the late 1960's. Watch this if you want to learn something! In my view, the people who might watch this will learn about science, good ethics & skills, and how people lived and behaved, --- nothing too unusual, back in the late 60's. I thought about buying the entire series, ... and will do so when I have a chance to go through all 50+ episodes that were produced.

  • A most under appreciated gem of a series!

    After the cancellation of "I Spy" Bill Cosby formed his own production company, "Jemmin Inc." which like the show's theme song lyrics were inspired by Cosby's grandfather tendency to mumble nonsensical words. The series reflected Bill Cosby's philosophy, intelligence, humour, uplifting, equality, positive imagery and minimal racial references. As Coach Chet Kincaid at a racially diverse high school set in South-Central Los Angeles Bill Cosby was able to both entertain and educate, a landmark concept for 1969.

    Sadly, the series was doomed for cancellation because of Bill's adamant refusal to add a laugh track and the network's insistence that he do. I happen to agree with Cos, laugh tracks are not necessary because viewers do not need to be prompted when to laugh. Can you imagine hearing a laugh track for a comedy film?

    Another asset of this splendid series is the use of obscure African American actors throughout its run, legends like Jackie "Moms" Mabley, Jimmy Witherspoon, Rex Ingram and Roy Glenn. The show also featured future mega stars like Cicely Tyson and Louis Gosset Jr. in guest roles.

    At a time when most of the United States was still not accustomed to seeing Black actors in positive roles, The Bill Cosby Show ranks with "I Spy", "Mission Impossible" and "Julia" as the most ground breaking series of the 1960s before the explosion of situation comedies featuring African Americans in the 1970s.
  • The family to end all families. These people really pulled off their characters.

    Bill Cosby is a genius. He created a sitcom that not only broke racial barriers, but also appealed to everyone. The children were encouraged to have ambition and to be all they could be. The rules were tight but everyone in the house was tought the value of family and they really seem to enjoy each other. And how about that Mrs. H. She was a lawyer who spent the most time eith her kids of any paent on television. Another odd part was they were always getting freaky. Anytime they had the chance, they were shaggin. This was and still is a model family.
  • A Great show even though i haven't seen it I know it would be good because Bill Cosby is in it and so many other good actors

    The Bill Cosby show is about Bill Cosby playing the role of Chet Kincaid, a physical education teacher at a Los Angeles high school. The Chet Kincaid character was a bachelor, an average cool guy trying to earn a living, and help people out along the way. Many of the episodes involved Chet in various situations at the high school with his students and fellow teachers. In some episodes, Chet was asked to substitute, and fill in as algebra or english teacher. In one hilarious episode, Chet was the drivers ed instructor trying to teach a nervous student how to drive. In other episodes he is involved with younger children, and some episodes involve family and adult characters. Different guest stars also appeared in various episodes throught the series.