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  • Repeats why on the Bill Cunningham show

    Why are there only repeats on the Bill Cunningham shows how can they still produce that show with no new shows what is going on
  • Why does Bill do this

    I have been watching this show for awhile now. Why is Bill touching his guest. Why can't he keep his hands to himself. It's ok to touch but not all the time. I think this show worthless. The guest is always yelling and screaming. What is the sense in that, can't they control them selves. And they cuss a lot to. Maybe one of these days this show will no longer be on the air. I will be so happy when that happens.
  • Why Black Folks?

    This man cares NOTHING for you. Just google his name. He claims that "Black fathers leave, that what they One of his quotes. Maury is bad but not this bad. It really upsets me how we enable people who disrespect us and we could care less. Probably because we barely respect ourselves.
  • the bill cunningham show love you bill

    love the bill cunningham show yes i love it i miss going i only miss 3 show
  • January 28,3015 Show Angry Daughters

    You had a young man in the audience that asked the mother of the two daughters how does it make you feel to have your daughters in prison. That was a very disgusting question. It doesn't matter where you have your child as long as you don't abort it. I have to say you have a bonehead audience. My three sons were born in the hospital but it doesn't make me better than that mother. Of course, she had to give them up. She couldn't raise them in prison. What was he thinking.
  • Love his show

    I think out of all the tv talk shows host, Bill is the BEST, he loves and believes in God, and I think he truly takes each guess into his heart and prays for them. I think he does great job controlling his guess.
  • I watch what I want

    I like the show if you don't then change the channel...
  • Your guests

    When are you going to control three guests speaking all at the same time? You can't hear a word they're saying and this happens every day of the week. Very boring topics and typical of zero control over them. And quit telling them one at a time because they never listen to a word you say. Springer is better only because he doesn't gaf and lets them go at it.
  • Don't tie the knot with that nut

    The man Kerry is from the Irish Channel in New Orleans,La and he is a nut and she should not marry him . He is abusive to women and has raped his own daughter and she has two children for him. He is not a good man at all.

  • I really like the show but to much yelling can't even tell what's going on poor control of your show

    Horrible control of his show to much screeming and yelling just total chaos ......
  • How is he on tv?

    I happened to see the Bill Cunningham show today, and he's the worst tv talk show host I ever witnessed. He constantly interrupts guests with a grating irritating voice. He jumps on the floor in front of them in appropriately. Has anyone ever shown him footage of himself? Probably the show could be much improved if he ever witnessed how bad he is. He needs to step back and calm down.
  • ***ed show

    This man is a piece of shit. Is he supposed to help people or laugh at them?
  • Not important

    Why is your show only about ***s? You are a white man do you not know how to have shows of your own race? I hate your show because of that very reason you *** lover. When is this stupid show gonna be taken off the air? I'm gonna make a comment to WB Channel 33 about this not the only one that hates this show. Idiot ***!!!!!
  • Bill put the cheese on your own cracker

    NO CONTROL JUST SCREAMING AND YELLING ALL AT THE SAME TIME THIS show should be canceled .Bill cannot help these people he cannot help himself he is laughing at them disgusting

  • Horrible

    If I ever met Billy in person I would finally be able to tell him "Get off the freaking floor!" This show would be just as effective with the volume muted seeing as how you cannot hear anything through all that yelling. This man has zero respect from his guests and zero control of his own show . Did I forget to mention that I cannot even look at him personally without getting wierded out. He's such an icky, odd looking man. I cannot be the only person who thinks these
  • the bill cunningham show

    I don't think that one show is any worse than the little I see the show it's always have the lowest people on your show and the fact that my dog stepped on my remote while I was cooking dinner and the channel was changed to the bill cunningham show and I listened to the nonsense that was coming out the nearly tripped over myself to change the channel. Your stupid hair cut and kneeling on the All you folks that take your dirty laundry to this asdholes show you all look dumb show is worthless
  • Horriable

    Needs to be canceled ASAP! He's a horriable host. It seems like he gets the most retchet ppl he can find which are untameable. Leave reality tv to maury,steve and jerry an all others besides Bill!
  • texas49er

    I just got through watching your show that aired on 03/06/2012 and I feel it necessary to tell you that I had to quit watching the show in the beginning of it, because the guest were so out of control and Mr. Cunningham couldn't get a word in. I can't deal with all that chaos!!! There has to be some control. It's quiet disturbing to try and listen and not understand anything anyone is saying. Personally, I loose the whole momentum to what is being said as it makes no sense to me. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! keep your guests undercontrol or at least interview them separately and then put them together so that we can at least know what the subject matter is about, otherwise, as much as I would like to see your show; I'll have to quit watching it altogether. Thank you.
  • I hate yelling!!

    I can not stand this show all it is is a bunch of AA screaming! Bill can not control his audience, they pay him no attention! I never have a clue to whats going on & it gives me a headache!

    I have tried very hard to like the show, but the turn-off for me has been the way he has chosen to use the term "BABY-DADDY". Ebonics is not very becoming on him. I am very disappointed that he is making fun of his guest right in their faces. I am in agreement with you JeNNx3x6x11 he does treat his guest with the utmost disrespect. He does not have any empathy for the very real and painful situations that these people are bringing to his show. I thought Jerry Springer was bad, but at least Jerry does pretend to have empathy. When having conversations with my colleagues, we all agree that he comes across as an uncaring and racist person. Unbelievable!
  • The great American really

    I was unfortunate enough to listen to Bill last night for about 10 minutes while driving to get a pizza. He has the nerve to bill himself as "The Great American" and as all right wing radio talk show hosts he has never served in the military. I am the same age and all my great Americans were in Vietnam getting shot at every day. Anyway Mr Bill was ranting that we should not allow a bunch of teenagers to change our gun laws. His solution arm all the teachers that could become sufficient had handling a .38. He admitted that a .38 was no match for an AK but maybe a teacher could get off a shot and scare, wound or even kill a would be shooter, or maybe they'd kill another student. How about we ban assault weapons Bill unless you have a special need for one which I doubt there is. Bill doesn't think these young people have the intelligence and age to understand how important the 2nd Amendment is. Well Bill our generation has done a lousy job in protecting our children - 20 years ago you couldn't buy these weapons now anyone with the cash can get one. Is it about the 2nd Amendment or money - I believe it's the latter.
  • I am planning to stop watching this show

    The producers of the show should tell the quests "If you talk when someone else is talking, we won't pay your hotel or transportation back home"

    You can't hear what's going on when everyone is screaming at the same time. They don't do this on Steve Wilkos or Maury. Not even on Jerry Springer. This show has no class, and when I see Bill running from the audience or kneeing I typically turn the station.
  • Real life ventriloquist dummy!

    This dude seriously looks like a puppet!! Besides being the worst talk show host, having zero control over his "guest" (I say guest like that because I wouldn't call someone who screams and talks over one another isn't a guest), no respect for host or guest and could go on forever. I've never felt the way or have even ever written a review on any TV show or host for that matter. I'm white and I see how messed up and racist he is as well. Who put this guy on the air? Also, how did he even get into the business? I wouldn't want this goofy looking guy anywhere near my network. I feel sorry for his family! Not only is he completely the ugliest, creepy, racist person I've seen, but he is horrible at what he does. I'm done venting...
  • All that is wrong in 60 minutes

    This is a horrid show. A nightmare. How this stays on the air is beside is what is wrong with pop culture in America. SHAME on Bill Cunningham.
  • Mind control television

    This show serves 2 purposes .First and foremost its to destroy the images of the black family, like all we do is have babies out of wedlock and fight each other. A perfect endorsement for abortion. 2 it makes poor white people have someone to feel superior too, even though they are in no better condition then the people on the show. While the producers of this show and the advertisers laugh straight to the bank. the show has no other purpose. Don't support any of the advertisers and watch how quick this show is canceled. Wake up people.
  • Bill are you a BABY DADDY?

    I want to know if Bill is referred to as a baby daddy by his wife, it seems to be his favorite phrase other then put the cheese on the cracker. I have 3 children , I am African American and my children's FATHER is just that their FATHER. I don't know if he says baby daddy in every other sentence because he thinks it makes his DORKYNESS look cool or if his racist behind is trying to say that minorities all call their children's father(BABY DADDY). The people that like this show are either crazy or as racist as Bill. This show has no control and has no business on the air, please take it off, we have enough racism without Bill's show, it's time for people to come together in the name of LOVE, so let's put the cheese on the cracker Bill rating is -100
  • suck ass show

    This show is so annoying. The people on the show. U can't understand them. They all scream over and at each other. The host has no control. I change the station as soon as I see that its on. This show is awful..

  • 1.0
    First off Fire Marshal Bill needs to stop trying so hard to fit in! He is creepy!!! The guests are annoying to say theHE least This is not a talk show it's a yelling show! You can't understand what anyone is saying and it's sooooo GHETTO!!! I HATE THIS HOST AND THE SHOW!!! WHAT A WASTE OF AIRTIME!!! I'M GONNA STOP MY SELF BEFORE I SAY SOMETHING OUT OF LINE! RANT OVER!!!
  • a horrible show & creepy looking host

    This is the worst show since ever!!! Please explain how it is even on the air. Nothing but ghetto language "baby daddy" is repeated by bill like it's the only word in his vocabulary. Nothing but yelling and very stupid topics. The show is worthless, there is nothing positive about it. Bill Cunnigham looks creepy. There is something about his face that makes me physically ill. It's like he has that stupid joker type smile on his face that looks gross. Please take this crap off the air.
  • horrible host

    This idiot Bill had 2 ladies on the show trying to find out who their father was and he asks them do they believe they have the same baby daddy... Wtf??? Someone please tell him what a baby daddy is and tell him that all black ppl don't refer to their fathers or child's father as a baby daddy
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