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  • The worst show on TV

    This is by far the worst show with the worst host I've ever had the misfortune to tune in on.

    Willy spends most of his time on his knees with his hands clasped in front of him as if he's in prayer with absolutely no control over his screaming guests who no one can understand.

    If ever a show needed cancellation, it's this one. Too bad there's no minus rating

    Sponsors take heed. I for one will NOT purchase any of your products as long as you sponsor this poor excuse of so-called entertainment.
  • worst show

    yelling of the guests is unbearable if you cant control it you need to get off show bill youre losing viewers

    i used to enjoy and would turn volume down its not worth it.

    try also to have some white guests on once in a while too

    your show is the most aggravating

    This is one of the worst reality talk shows I have ever seen and I watch a LOT of television! The sound of his voice goes through you like a knife. He has NO control of his guests. is it with his always getting on his knees???? Who does that??? Just an awful bottom feeder type of show. It should be taken off the air.
  • Tired of Black Foolishness on Trash Shows.

    You can't find any race that would come national tv and make fools out of themselves and appearing as the most stupidest people on earth on such a wide scale as black people. And don't realize or care how the world sees them as a race, then when called out on the BS, it racist. Like other races, good black folks are having to separate themselves from the buffoons that embarrass themselves daily. Its like a whole new race of ignorant , uncivilized people have evolved in the last couple generations of the breakdown of family. Either they don't know, or don't care that they are being exploited. Bill Cosby should be the guest counselor so he could say what others refuse to say.
  • Is this guy still on TV? Why?

    I agree he is the most boring and annoying host. Worst than Bethanny. He thinks he's "hip" using what the urban language of his guest. Can't control his guests. Send him back to radio. Can we start a petition to get him off?

    WORST SHOW EVER! He has no control & everyone is ALWAYS YELLING! You cant hear or understand a thing and you wonder who is running his show... the loud mouthed guests he always has on there run the show. if i could rate it a -100 i would
  • Welcome to Plantation TV

    Here we are with another "how do we capitalize on uneducated black folks?" show. When will we learn?This show is an embarrassment and anyone on it deserved to be humiliated. He makes fun of his guests and perpetuates negative stereotypes of African Americans. Yet the majority of his guests are black. I don't get it! While shows like Queen and Arsenio Hall are cancelled. Let's end this madness! Stop making this idiot rich on the shame of black people.
  • Get control of your show

    Who put this guy on TV? He has no control of the guests on his show its just a bunch of yelling. L A M E
  • Horriable

    Needs to be canceled ASAP! He's a horriable host. It seems like he gets the most retchet ppl he can find which are untameable. Leave reality tv to maury,steve and jerry an all others besides Bill!
  • This show is Garbage!!!

    African American on this show. Today's show March 23, 2015 titled "Deadbeat Moms" two families, both African American. The first family- mom, grand mom and daughter engaged in drugs and prostitution, generational foster care system recipients. Second family- mom with eight kids who left them with her parents. The entire stage full of black families, as if there's no other race that fell into what Bill Cunningham show believes is "Deadbeat Mom" category. At the end of the show, A Caucasian women is on stage to tell these black deadbeat moms how to be better parents/ people. This is Ridiculous!! Every time I happened to turn to this show, African American people is shown in the worst way. In spite of what this show would have you believe, majority of African Americans are not like this. If I could rate this show a Zero and still have my review posted I would!
  • Bill Cunningham is a racist

    He has so many terrible representatives of black people because he's a racist and his goal is portraying them in the worst possible light . Wikipedia said that on his October 28, 2008 WLW show, Cunningham discussed the life of Obama's father Barack Obama, Sr. and then remarked: His father was a typical black father who, right after the birth, left the baby. That's what black fathers do. They simply leave.

    This show quickly digresses too Nasty Negro people SCREAMING AT EACH THE SAME TIME, This is not fun for very these ghetto folks who are weakly educated, they can't listen to one another for two seconds, before they start SCREAMING again, (NO NOT YELLING) these ignorant people try to OUT SCREAM to win an argument.

    invariably I change can't bear all the yelling and stupidity that brings these people to the show.

    They'll never run out of these crappy people, the country is full of them--they probably watch the show!

    It clearly illustrates this subculture that fills our cities.
  • cone my black people

    Have noticed he only have black folks on his show I haven't seen not one white Pearson on there. All he's doing is exploiting black black people handle yo own problems where ever you at your making yourself look like clown in front of the whole world
  • Seriously people?

    Do you idiots realize that this rich tailored white guy named BILL CUNNINGHAM is making a lot of money off of black folks with drama! Going onto a show similar to MAURYS displaying your baby mama baby daddy drama and anger problems only makes you look like a dang FOOL! Nothing in these shows says class or education, but pure IGNORANCE! Wake up people!! The audience (millions!) is there to watch you guys make fools of yourselves, not to support you! You are using yourselves as negative entertainment for more educated and rich individuals who are glad they're not in your shoes! Bill Cunningham noticed how easy it is for Maury to just sit there encouraging his guests to exploit their dramatic lives, to gain viewers, to make lots of money! And what are the guests doing? Taking off from their jobs to pay him!! Get some CLASS, get some MORALS, get some COMMON SENSE, get some more EDUCATION, and better your lives, rather than entertaining the ones who are!
  • Please please replace Bill Cunningham

    For the life of me, I don't know how this guy is still on the air. He does not have a psychology degree which is really obvious. Instead I feel he behaves more like an attorney because he makes comments the benefit himself and never his guests. The guests are so out of control you can never understand what they're saying because they're talking over each other. So many times he misses important opportunity to turn this show into something decent and interesting but instead he appears not to be listening. Many I times I will notice someone might say something important and then expect this dummy to say something and he misses it. End up slapping my forehead like what is wrong with this guy. I've never gone out of my way to try and express such a negative opinion, but he is just way too painful. The college degree does not mean your smart. Is he sleeping with the network's wife??? Surely I can't be the only one that notices what an idiot this guy is.
  • I can't stand this show!! You can't understand anything anyone is saying because there's too much yelling all the time

    First of all, I can't rate this program because there's not a number low enough as to what I think this program should be, even though i couldn't post my review without it. It's definitely not a 1 through 10 it is a negative in my opinion. Why would you want individuals on your program that do nothing but yell and scream in a manner in which you can't even tell what they're saying. I believe your show should be taken off the air. I will not support the content of your show, as It appears you only like one race on the show. That's discrimination. I see I'm not the only individual who feels this way.
  • My opinion

    For the most part, this show is absolutely chaotic. None of Bill's guests seem to reapect him. Everyone talks over him & no one ever lets him completely finish his sentence. Im confused whether his show is supposed to be trashy, like the Maury show, or more educated & calm like the Steve Wilkos show. Bill is supposed to be the boss of his show, but it seems to show that his guests seems to take the show for themselves & speak whenever they want to. Either way, he receives no type of respect. Maury has tons of discusting people come on his show, but his show is in HIS control. When he speaks, the guests are to be quiet & thats how is supposed to be. The Bill Cunningham show is a horrible show & should be CANCELLED

    There is so much noise on this show I rather watch Jerry Springer that I hate. You can't understand anything.. There is better shows to replace this one. GET REAL
  • Stupid Show

    Unless I skip shows every now and then, I see nothing on this show but black people. As if other races don't have issues. You'd think he'd want to mix it up a little. He needs to be on his own show. Oh dumb idiot. Worse show ever! Even Jerry Springer have all races. He makes blacks look so uneducated, dumb and stupid. I know I'm not the only one who noticed this. I hope his show gets cancelled, sued or both.
  • Most ineffective talk show host EVER

    I have never in my life watched a talk show as bad as The Bill Cunningham Show. What upsets me the most is that people bring extremely serious, and life altering issues to this show, and receive absolutely NO helpful advice! Bill makes light of incredibly painful issues, and you can visibly watch how he laughs at these people and exploits them. The guests come on, and you don't even know what the problem is half the time because he allows them to scream at each other for minutes on end with no attempt to control the situation. When you look at a show like where they truly try to help people, and dig to the root cause of the issues, it makes a show like this look extremely irresponsible, sensationalized, and exploitative. Clearly Bill is no but he could at least create a system where the guests speak effectively, and try to come to the beginning of a real solution. I just witnessed him say to a guest "Okay, so your mom beat you with an extension cord, she just said shes sorry so why don't you accept her apology and we all move on!". Even the guest was baffled as she turned to look at him and had to pathetically remind HIM that forgiveness is a process. He does the same thing each show. He lets everyone scream and talk over each other, then he gets on his knees and starts holding hands with people telling them to either apologize to someone or forgive them, and then even though not a damn thing has been resolved he expects them to just live happily ever after because he forced them into disingenuous apologies. If he wants to conduct such a painfully ridiculous show than he shouldn't have people on there with serious sexual abuse issues, or domestic abuse etc. This show has really bothered and offended me for a long time, and I am relieved to see that many other people feel the same way. Serious changes need to be made in order for this show to be effective in what it claims to do. Sadly I don't think Bill is ever going to be able to provide even the smallest iota of helpful change. As long as he has decent ratings, and his checks keep coming, I highly doubt he cares what the ramifications are for his guests.
  • Just sayin'!!

    Bill has NO control over his guests. The show is about ignorant people that only want to talk over one another. What a waste of valuable TV space. I tried, I tried to watch on several occassions. Guess I'm going to have to leave this programming to the ignorant people out there. . Ignorant guests, ignorant viewers. What does he care tho, he's making the bucks! Boo, hiss!
  • How is he on tv?

    I happened to see the Bill Cunningham show today, and he's the worst tv talk show host I ever witnessed. He constantly interrupts guests with a grating irritating voice. He jumps on the floor in front of them in appropriately. Has anyone ever shown him footage of himself? Probably the show could be much improved if he ever witnessed how bad he is. He needs to step back and calm down.

    I have tried very hard to like the show, but the turn-off for me has been the way he has chosen to use the term "BABY-DADDY". Ebonics is not very becoming on him. I am very disappointed that he is making fun of his guest right in their faces. I am in agreement with you JeNNx3x6x11 he does treat his guest with the utmost disrespect. He does not have any empathy for the very real and painful situations that these people are bringing to his show. I thought Jerry Springer was bad, but at least Jerry does pretend to have empathy. When having conversations with my colleagues, we all agree that he comes across as an uncaring and racist person. Unbelievable!
  • Chaos, Control:

    Bill! Your show is out of control, and you are not there for solutions, you need better control of your guest, and you love that confusion and chaos. I hate your show! Get some order in your game this is not working, I give you 1 to 2 years and your show will be over. Sorry out of control !!!
  • horrible host

    The worst host on TV in the last decade. Constantly interrupts guests, prompts and leads them to answers he wants to hear and is obviously just (unsuccessfully) trying to make it as "sensational" as possible. Guests basically repeat what he suggests, so by the time they say it, we hear it twice and it no longer has any impact. LET THEM FINISH TALKING at least when they try to answer questions
  • Bill put the cheese on your own cracker

    NO CONTROL JUST SCREAMING AND YELLING ALL AT THE SAME TIME THIS show should be canceled .Bill cannot help these people he cannot help himself he is laughing at them disgusting

  • Horrible

    If I ever met Billy in person I would finally be able to tell him "Get off the freaking floor!" This show would be just as effective with the volume muted seeing as how you cannot hear anything through all that yelling. This man has zero respect from his guests and zero control of his own show . Did I forget to mention that I cannot even look at him personally without getting wierded out. He's such an icky, odd looking man. I cannot be the only person who thinks these
  • a horrible show & creepy looking host

    This is the worst show since ever!!! Please explain how it is even on the air. Nothing but ghetto language "baby daddy" is repeated by bill like it's the only word in his vocabulary. Nothing but yelling and very stupid topics. The show is worthless, there is nothing positive about it. Bill Cunnigham looks creepy. There is something about his face that makes me physically ill. It's like he has that stupid joker type smile on his face that looks gross. Please take this crap off the air.
  • Try being a GAME SHOW host!

    I just don't understand "WHY"!!! Why do you not have control of your show? I mean you can't understand what the story is about! Your guest run circles around you! they don't have any respect for you to just ask a simple question! Your guest can't shut up long enough to have an open forum about the topic for what they're on the show in the first place! I mean really Bill, no this is not for you, I mean this talk show business..... I'm not sure if it is you? or the lack of support from your staff. But I can't take your show serious like Jerry.... But you seem to be nice GUY, so try your hand at GAME SHOWS!
  • Keep your ear plugs and headache medicine nearby!

    I literally have a headache after 20 minutes of watching this mess! Do we really need a show that 's more ratchet and ghetto than Jerry Springer? The only reason this show is still on the air is because it makes me and my kind (African American) look bad.
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