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The Bill Cunningham Show

Weekdays 3:00 PM on The CW Premiered Sep 19, 2011 In Season


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  • Seriously people?

    Do you idiots realize that this rich tailored white guy named BILL CUNNINGHAM is making a lot of money off of black folks with drama! Going onto a show similar to MAURYS displaying your baby mama baby daddy drama and anger problems only makes you look like a dang FOOL! Nothing in these shows says class or education, but pure IGNORANCE! Wake up people!! The audience (millions!) is there to watch you guys make fools of yourselves, not to support you! You are using yourselves as negative entertainment for more educated and rich individuals who are glad they're not in your shoes! Bill Cunningham noticed how easy it is for Maury to just sit there encouraging his guests to exploit their dramatic lives, to gain viewers, to make lots of money! And what are the guests doing? Taking off from their jobs to pay him!! Get some CLASS, get some MORALS, get some COMMON SENSE, get some more EDUCATION, and better your lives, rather than entertaining the ones who are!