The Bill Dana Show

Season 1 Episode 7

Honeymoon Suite

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 10, 1963 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jose's cousin, Peter Peterson, and his new bride, Amelia, are on their honeymoon, and Jose wants them to stay in the honeymoon suite, which costs $50 a day. Jose asks Eddie if he could loan him the money, but Eddie says Jose should have asked him last week when Eddie was loaded. Jose asks him where he got that kind of money, and Eddie says he borrowed it from Jose. Jose says no wonder he's broke. He asks Phillips for an advance on his salary, but that gets nowhere. Eddie facetiously says the only way Jose could get his cousin and her bride in the honeymoon suite is to sneak them in, but Jose thinks it's a good idea.

Jose takes the newlyweds to his own room in the basement until the honeymoon suite is ready, then he takes them to the suite by way of the freight elevator. They are unaware that Jose has to sneak them in, and wonder why they have to take that route. When they get to the suite, Jose shows them all the amenities, but they're politely trying to get him out so they can have the evening to themselves.

An elderly couple, the Hanleys, arrive and are told there are no vacancies, but the honeymoon suite is available. Mrs. Hanley says it'll be like a second honeymoon, then Mr. Hanley looks at her, pauses for a moment and says they'll take it anyway. It's Jose's turn, but, remembering his cousin and his bride are in the honeymoon suite, he hesitates, until Phillips orders him to take the Hanleys to the suite. Instead he takes them to his own room in the basement and tries to pass it off as the honeymoon suite. The Hanleys are angry and are about to check out, but Eddie takes them to the honeymoon suite, which has two bedrooms, while trying to keep the Hanleys and the Petersons from seeing each other. Jose is already there and the Petersons have gone to their room when Eddie, the Hanleys, and Mr. Phillips arrive. The two couples keep going in and out of their respective bedrooms, so far without seeing each other, then Jose sneaks in and locks the bedroom he thinks the young couple are in. But they're right behind him, and the Hanleys are in there instead. Jose gets the Petersons to go in that bedroom, and locks it. The two couples demand that Jose let them out, which he does. An angry Mr. Hanley threatens to call Mr. Phillips. Amelia realizes it isn't really her and her husband's suite, and Jose sadly admits it isn't, saying he only wanted to help. He offers Amelia and Peter his own room for the night.

He's in his room packing his bags, thinking he'll have to quit, and waiting for the Petersons. Eddie is also there, trying in vain to give Jose some encouragement Instead of the Petersons, the Hanleys arrive. Mrs. Hanley says the honeymoon suite is nothing to a couple of old codgers like them, so they let the Petersons stay there. Mrs. Hanley says they won't tell Mr. Phillips, and Mr. Hanley, with some prodding from his wife, says wild horses couldn't drag it out of him.

Jose has been sleeping standing up in the lobby while the Hanleys were in his room. Mr. Phillips wakes him and Jose says he wanted to get an early start. Phillips scolds Jose because the Hanleys were disappointed last night and almost went to another hotel, saying Jose's job is to see that all customers are satisfied. Then the Petersons step off the elevator on their way out, and Amelia kisses Jose, and Peter thanks him. Phillips asks what that was about, and Jose says it's another satisfied customer.

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