The Bill Engvall Show

Season 2 Episode 1

But That's Not Fair

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jun 12, 2008 on TBS

Episode Recap

Bill is out in the garage looking for a BB gun and realizes that the garage is a mess. He is on a cell phone with Paul and all of a sudden he loses the call. Susan comes out and Bill mentions that they do not get good reception in the garage, as she gives him her cell phone. He gets Paul back on the phone only to lose him a few second s later. Bill goes into the house and sees Susan setting the table. They discuss that this is Lauren's chore and then they discuss that none of the kids are doing their chores. As the kids sit down at dinner, Bill mentions to Lauren that Susan set the table. This does not seem to faze her and then he discusses that Bryan and Trent are not doing their chores either. He tells them that they need to clean the garage.

The next day Bill goes to the cell phone store to complain about his phone and the reception issues. He comes home and tells Susan that he got a new case and free antenna stickers. Susan shows him the new phone that she got when she went in and complained. They talk about how she got her new phone, using her assets. Bill decides to head back to the store. The kids are in the garage and Bryan finds an old "Thigh Master", an exercise thing from the 80's and thinks it was a back brace. Lauren questions why they are cleaning the garage when most of the stuff is their parents mess. She talks the boys into uniting together and not cleaning the garage.

Bill is back at the cell phone store and states that he wants the upgraded phone, just like his wife. When the manager refuses, Bill states that they can cancel their account. He explains that the district manager will be in tomorrow and Bill agrees to come back then.

As Bill arrives home, Susan is watching a movie on her phone. As the family sits down for Bill asks about the garage. Lauren states that they are not cleaning the garage and they point out that there is nothing in it for them. They state that they will clean the garage if they get paid, until then we are on "Strike". Bill points out that his is not a Democracy and he takes Trent and Lauren's cell phones and Bryan's calculator. He then takes their dinner plates and informs them that he locking them out of their rooms. He states that all privileges (phones, food computer, etc) are "Revoked" until the garage is cleaned. Susan nods her head in agreement with Bill.

Bill enters the bedroom with laundry baskets full of food and states he cleaned out the panty. Susan asks about the light bulbs and he even took the light bulbs out of the kitchen. The kids are sitting in the living discussing this situation and they believe that dad is ready to cave in and will be coming down the stairs any minute to make them something to eat. Upstairs Susan is physically preventing Bill from leaving their bedroom and he is feeling guilty and wants to give in. Susan convinces him to wait until the morning. Bill is lying in bed wide awake and Susan is sound asleep. He wakes her up and wants to check on the kids. As they get up, it is revealed that Susan tied her and Bill's hand together to keep him in bed. As they go downstairs, the kids are nowhere to be found and Bill worries that they ran away. They hear something and go and peek in the garage, they find that the kids are cleaning the garage. They quietly slip out without being seen and Bill gloats to Susan. Bill makes waffles for breakfast and the kids agree to do the chores.

Later Bill is enjoying his new room in the garage, a sofa, TV and table have been added and Susan comes out looking for her phone. Bill explains that when he talked with the district manager, he switched out the new phone for her old one. He notes that he gave her an antenna extended for free. Susan tells Bill she wants her phone back and sends him back to the store.
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