The Bill Engvall Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Feel Free to Say No

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2007 on TBS

Episode Recap

Bill is at work and his first clients are a young couple in which the man needs to learn to be more understanding and sympathetic to his pregnant wife. The second set of clients are an older couple with a young out of control son. Bill questions what the parents are feeding the child and they list all this sugary foods, like cocoa puffs. Bill suggests that their first step is to change his diet and give him fruits and vegetables. The mother asks but what about when he wants his Cocoa puffs, bill suggests they tell him no. Which Bill does with success when the boy is out of control in his office. As the family leaves, the boy bites Bill and the mother makes an excuse. Bill's mother, Edda, shows up at the office wanting money for a new computer. Bill questions whether or not she wants the money to gamble with and what is she going to do with a computer. He writes her a check. Bob, Bill's friend, comes by and discusses that arguments should always occur when you're a naked, because they won't last as long.

When Bill goes home, Susan is working on making dinner, cookies for tonight's parent night at school and doing laundry. She tells Bill that Lauren was in a car accident, Trent received a progress report that was not good and Bryan's pet snake got lose, which made the dog, Raffles run away. She tells Bill that they are going to school and he states that he is not going. They begin to argue and Bill tells her that they should continue this upstairs as Bob shared with him that arguments will last a shorter period of time if they are naked. So Susan and Bill head upstairs undress and continue agreeing about Bill going to the school. Lauren knocks and walks in and finds herself facing her naked father, as Susan hide behind him. She reacts in disgust and shuts the door quickly.

Bill and Susan come downstairs and Susan gets dinner on the table. Bill talks with Lauren about the accident and it seems she did not notice the break lights on the car in front of her. As they begin dinner, the boys show their differences when asked to say grace and Susan has to take over. The family enjoys some conversation and Susan asks the kids to clean up from dinner and get their stuff done. Lauren is left in charge.

Bill and Susan go to the school and meet Mr. Pratt, Trent's teacher. He upsets Bill when he questions whether or not they have had Trent tested. Bill questions him about choosing better/more interesting books for these young people to read. When they get home, Bill sees the snake slither across the kitchen floor, but Bryon states that he found the snake and put him in the aquarium. Susan has Bill go upset to read Trent's paper and he discovers that Bryon had not found the snake, so Bill send him out to look. Trent has written a one page, double sided report. He stated that it is supposed to be five pages typewritten doubled space, but that the teacher stated it could be handwritten and he felt that this is comparable. Bill takes him downstairs and begins helping him on the report. By the next morning, Bill has finished the report and Trent is long gone.

Bill gets a call from Trent that he received an "F" on his paper. Bob is in his office and needs a ride. It seems that Bob put diesel gasoline in his new 70,000 corvette because he was distracted. Bob and Bill head to the school to talk with Mr. Pratt. The teacher explains that it is school policy to fail a student for plagiarism, which includes using a parent's work. He gives Bill the option of looking him in the eyes and telling him that Trent worked on the paper and completed the majority of it by himself, which Bill can not do. Bill pleads with the teacher to not punish Trent for his mistake and to work something out.

Bill and Susan take Trent outside and discuss what happened at school. Bill explains that by Trent turning in Bill's work as his own that "F" stands. By that Mr. Pratt is willing to change the grade based on his next paper. Trent is unhappy that he has to write another paper. Bryon finds his snake, Raffles returns home and Bill and Susan discuss their parenting and sticking to the rules better. Bill had left his computer on and his mother pops up on the screen while he is in bed snuggling with Susan. She notes that his behind if facing the screen and begins reminiscing about when she treated him for a diaper rash. Bill slowly lowers the screen telling his mother that she need to reboot her computer, which she has not clue what he is talking about. Bill and Susan begin kissing and snuggling.