The Bill Engvall Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Feel Free to Say No

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2007 on TBS



  • Quotes

    • (Sitting down for dinner)
      Bill: Trent, would you like to say grace?
      Trent: All right, let's bow our heads……Good bread good meat….
      Lauren: (Interrupting) Why do you continue to think that's funny?
      Trent: Good God let's eat.
      Bill: No, no, no. Bryan, please.
      Bryan: Dear God, assuming you actually exist, please don't let our vegetables be genetically altered….(Lauren slaps her hand to her head in disgust)
      Susan: (Interrupting) Thanks you Lord for the food which we are about to quickly eat. Amen.