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Submission Guidelines

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    Please follow all the guidelines set up by the TV.com staff. The following is a brief summary of the basic guidelines. Please PM me if you have any questions about submissions.

    Episode Summaries: This information should be brief and include the overall bases of the episode. Please do not include any spoilers or outcomes in the summaries. This should be actual information, no opinions and should be in your own words.

    *If you are adding a new episode, please make sure you include the URL source in the comments section. Also you must have two of the following: title, airdate or summary. You must also put in the season and lifetime numbers.

    Episode Recaps: This information should be as comprehensive as possible, containing all plot elements and outcomes from that episode. This should be factual information, no opinions or predictions and should be in your own words. This should follow the flow of the episode.

    Stars: These are the actors that appear in all episodes of the season and/or are in the main credits of the show.

    Recurring Stars: A guest star who appears in more than one non-back-to-back episode playing the same character. If a guest star only recurs in a few consecutive episodes of a story arc, I don't consider that as recurring. But if they appear again in a somewhat later episode, then that is recurring.

    *All stars and recurring stars are available to be imported.

    *Please add all stars in one submission. If you add guest stars in multiple submissions please explain why or they will be rejected. This also goes with all crew members.

    Quotes: These should be exact statements made be the characters in that episode. All quotes must be in the approved format:

    *Name: Quote. Action/background/context should be in parentheses and italics. If place ( ) between name and quote, please place after the colon.

    Trivia: Trivia is specific to events that aired or are contained in the episode. It is specific to the episode. *Example: Something that changes from one scene to another that should not have changed. An actor who making a statement but their lips are not moving.

    Notes: These are events that are off camera and deal with the actors, producers etc. *Example: An actor walking off a set would be a note.

    Allusions: This is a direct or passing reference to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book. Make sure to always reference the original media and if necessary explain it. Please note how this ties into the actual episode. Just because it resembles another piece of media does not make it an allusion, it should allude to something relevant to this episode and the action on screen.

    Please include sources for the information you are submitting. Any submissions copied from another website will be rejected.
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