The Bill Engvall Show

Season 1 Episode 8

Go Ahead, See If I Karaoke

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2007 on TBS

Episode Recap

The family is getting started in the morning and Bill is discussing with Lauren if she got her oil changed. She states that she forgot where he had told her to go. He replies any place that ends in lube. The boys come down and sit down to eat. Susan notes that they need to get going, Trent puts his French toast in his bag and they leave for school. Bill tells Susan that they have plans with Paul, Bob and Kiki in Denver.

Lauren is in the garage and the owner is listing what needs to be down on the car. Lauren tells him that her dad told her to get an oil change and his response is that her dad would want her to be safe. One of the mechanics tells her that she really doesn't need all that stuff done to the car. He offers to do the oil change and asks for her number, which she writes on his hand.

At home, Susan brings in the first vegetables from her grade, a marble sized tomato and a very slim small carrot. Trent makes fun of her and she states that one of them will be eating the fresh vegetables from her garden. As she washes the tomato, it slips and goes down the drain. Lauren comes in and asks if anyone called, Susan says no. A moment later, Trent tells her a boy called, she asks who. He says he can't remember and then Lauren asks, "Casey?" Trent says yes and then goes looking for the number. Lauren is excited as she goes up stairs with the number. Bill comes home with tomatoes from the neighbor's garden. Susan tells Bill about the new boy in Lauren's life. Susan goes to wash her carrot and it breaks off the stalk and goes down the drain.

Upstairs, Trent and Bryan are discussing Bryan's snake. Lauren wants to go out with Casey and Bryan bribes her. Trent did not realize that their parents were gone. When Casey arrives Lauren leaves.

In Denver, they are at a Chinese Karaoke club and are drinking 10-year-old saki. Paul toasts to his good friends and then gets up to go over to another table to flirt with 3 women. Bob and Kiki sing karaoke, Bill sings karaoke and they continue drinking. Then Paul and his lady friends are up and singing, "Stop in the name of Love" and Susan gives Bill a very passionate kiss.

At home, Trent is asking Bryon about the eggs and where the snake keeps them. Bryon notes that he is a little confused about where the eggs are and Trent offers to squeeze them out of Priscilla (snake). Bryon decides he needs to call his partner, Jeremy over to evaluate the matter.

Back at the club, Bill toast Susan, "Here's to my wife; without her I don't know where I would be……Probably fishing". Paul states he needs get going; he has a big hair replacement tomorrow. Bob and Kiki want to get going and get home to finish the night. Susan states that that can't leave until she sings, "It ain't over until the fat lady sings"> She heads up on stage and begins to sing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". Within a few seconds, she asks Bill for her glasses. She really gets into singing and dancing. She takes of her coat, swinging it and throws it at Bill.

At home, Lauren is sneaking in the house and as she enters the living, the kitchen door opens and in comes Bill and Susan. Lauren hides behind the curtains and Bill And Susan end up on the couch and Susan is very frisky. Lauren is sneaking towards the stirs when she brushes the closet. She pops up onto the staircase and leans back, only exposing her head. She pretends that she was upstairs and heard a noise .She states that she is now going to head back to bed. Susan gets Bill to carry her upstairs.

The next morning, Susan is hung over and has a headache and Bill comes downstairs very happy. He notes that last night was great. He helps Susan fold the laundry as there are reminiscing, although Susan refold everything Bill does. He finds a pair of sexy thongs and asks Susan why he has never seen her wearing these. Susan explains that they are his daughter's, Bill drops them quickly. They discuss the fact that Lauren is growing up and Bill needs to accept this fact. He asks Susan when this started with Lauren and her response, "Remember when the doctor said it was a girl, it started there". They hear and noise upstairs and Bill heads up to check on the boys. Bryan's friend Jeremy is over and they tells Bill about their plans. First they explain that Priscilla was not a girl but a boy and Conan was a girl, not a boy. Conan laid their eggs, which means step one is completed. They are planning on dominating the world and Bill tells them to do it quietly because mom has a headache. Bill hears a car and goes running after Lauren. He wants to meet her date and when she is hesitate h points out that either he comes in or she does not go out. Casey is introduced to the family. Bill pulls Casey aside by offering to treat and threatens Casey about treating his daughter right. After they leave Bill asks the family what they think. Trent states, "Cool car", Bryan thinks he is just cool. Jeremy thinks he is a criminal. Bill is concerned but Susan points out that cute only lasts about 3 weeks.

Bill is anxiously awaiting Lauren's return home form this date. When she comes in, she is upset and states that Casey broke up with her because of her dad. She states that Casey did not want to cause trouble and she was only going to the movies, having fun and asks dad if he remembers fun. She states that she could be one of those girls that don't tell her parents who she is seeing. Bill wants to go after her and Susan shakes her head. Bill comments that she will get over it and again Susan shakes her head.

Later, Lauren is sitting outside on the porch and Bill comes out. He brings her old stuff animal, Pokey Bunny to cheer her up. He apologizes for overreacting and Lauren states that she is not mad because he overacted, but because he judged Casey on his looks. She states that he needs to trust her judgment, after all he taught her well. She tells him she needs a little more time to be mad at him. He tells her eh loves her and gives her a kiss on the forehead; she tells him that she loves him too. He then takes off his jacket, wraps it around her and goes into the house.