The Bill Engvall Show

Season 1 Episode 8

Go Ahead, See If I Karaoke

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2007 on TBS



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    • Susan: Bill, isn't it a little sexist of you to think that every guy is just after that.
      Bill: No, because I'm a guy and that's what I'm after (pause) only from you, of course.

    • Bill:(To Casey) That's my only daughter right there and she is precious to me. So if you've got any ideas about making out or hooking up or whatever you call it these days. I just want you to know I have no problem going back to prison.

    • Lauren: You know how sometimes you just look at a person and you know that their …cute.

    • Lauren: You know what does not make any sense. Girls really have it together and boys are just a mess. And somehow they end up running everything in the world.
      Susan: That's because they are willing to kill people ,darling.

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