The Bill Engvall Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Have You Seen My Muffins, Man?

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Aug 07, 2007 on TBS

Episode Recap

One night before bed, Bill and Susan discuss money and Bill discovers that Susan had set aside money when they got married. She explains that she just wants her own spending money and that sthis was money was left over from when she was working. The next morning, Susan writes Bill a check for the remainder of the monies in the account. Then she announces that she is going to get a job. The kids help her to decide that she should sell her muffins. She decides that would be a god idea and begins work.

The first day she ends up at Bill's office building to visit him. Someone asks her about the muffins and pretty soon she is the hit of the building. The building manager asks her to come back tomorrow. She continues making and selling the muffins, but ends up spending less and less time at home with the family. Bill tries to pick up the household duties, but has a lot of difficulty with these tasks. He tries to get the kids involved, but they are not interested. Bryan and Trent begin working n Bryan's science fair project. He wants to build a rocket so he can beat his rival. Trent is helping/watching him.

One morning Bill finds Susan sleeping over a bowl of muffin batter and expresses his concern. Lauren has attempted her own laundry and has turned her white shirt pink. While they are talking a rocket whizzes by them and Susan questions if that was real. The phone rings and it is the building manager. Trent comes into the home looking for the rocket.

After the call, Susan goes upstairs and talks to Bill. She explains that she was offered the chance to put bakeries in each one of Mr. Levinson's four buildings. Bill tells her that this is great news. She continues by saying that she has met or exceeded all of her expectations and has decided to quit. Bill expresses his joy in her decision. She questions why he did not tell her before how he felt and he states that he was trying to support her. She shares with Bill that she wanted to feel that she was contributing something.

When she comes downstairs a little while later, Bill and the kids have set up a mock job interview for Susan Pearson. Each explains what they are looking for in a candidate, Lauren wants someone who can do laundry without changing the color of the clothes, Trent wants someone to make him sandwiches (the right way) and that will excuse him from gym and Bryan wants someone to cook. Bill states he wants someone to be his companion, friend and lover. He states that they cannot afford her, but she accepts the job. Bill and Susan seal it with a kiss.
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