The Bill Engvall Show

Season 3 Episode 6

I Like It That Way

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2009 on TBS

Episode Recap

Susan is in the kitchen with Bryan working on his Inuit parka; only he thinks he looks more like Santa Claus. Lauren is sitting the family room and asks Bryan why he left a school project for the last minute. Bryan responds with, "What'd ya mean; you do it all the time". Lauren states, "No I get why a normal person would do it, I want to know why did you did it/"Bryan states he told mom about it three days ago. Susan points out with their father gone, she has had a lot on her plate. Lauren questions when the water heater is going to be fixed and Trent comes in asking Susan to make him a sandwich. She points out that she is busy and Trent says he will wait. Bill walks in and is greeted by his family. Bill explains that he caught lots of fish and had a great trip. Susan states that it has been a long week and she is exhausted. Bill also states he is exhausted too. Trent notices that his dad has the beginning of a beard and asks if he is going to keep it. Bill begins to answer but is interrupted by Susan, "No, he's shaving it". Bill asks the kids what is with mom and Trent states 'Maybe a sandwich will helps up figure it out". Bill tells him that's a good idea, make a couple while he puts his stuff in the garage. Trent is stunned and yells, 'You have to feed your kids." He left the cooler full of fish on the table and Bryan opens it up, Lauren says that fish creep her out. Trent picks up a fish and begins chasing Lauren with it. Bryan laughs and Trent states, "You and I are gonna have a lot of fun with her." Bryan questions, "Really, we are?" Trent states, "I was talking to the fish." Bill is in the garage when Paul comes in and asks why he was not invited. Bill reminds him that the last time he went he almost shoot him. Paul notices bill's facial hair and asks. Bill tells him that Susan making him shave it. Paul states that he thinks it is sexy and dangerous and that Bill can tell Susan he said it. Bill responds that he is not going to tell anyone he said that. Bill states he was planning on shaving it when he got home, but since she demand he shave, he is thinking about keeping it. Paul explains that I do is short for I do whatever I'm told. Bill notes that Susan said I do and Paul states it is short for I do not want to hear any back talk. Bill states that he is Susan's husband not her kid and he is drawing a line in the sand on this one.

The next morning the boys are in Lauren's room trying to wake her up. As she rolls over there is a large fish propped up on her nightstand staring straight at her. Lauren screams and jumps out of bed. Lauren asks why he would do that to her. Trent responds with, "You hate fish and I have access to fish. I'm a C student but this is math I can do". Lauren tells Trent that he is asking for it and starts towards him. Trent picks up the fish and starts talking with it. She runs out of the room. Bryan is pleased and asks what we are going to do next, Trent explains that torturing Lauren is his thing and Bryan should focus on his own thing. Bryan asks like what and Trent states, studying, having allergies and getting stuffed into lockers.

Bill comes out of the shower and Susan is obviously upset that he did not shave off his beard. Bill explains that she told him to shave and he has decided he does not want to. Susan asks him if they are going to only do things that they want to do. She uses the example that she gets the orange juice with out pulp because he likes it that way. They start discussing the ways they each compromise for the other. Bill states he likes it this way and Susan says she doesn't .HE states he does not tell her how to wear her hair and she immediately asks, What' wrong with my hair." Bill states, "I am not falling into that pit, next you'll be askin' me if those pants make you look fat". Realizing he fell in to that one, he comments "Nice on bill". Susan clarifies that everything is either yours or mine and Bill says no, but this (referring to his face) is definitely mine. Susan reminds him that a few of his favorite things are in her territory and when bill states, "You wouldn't dare", Susan zips up her jacket.

Lauren comes downstairs and asks Trent and Bryan if they have seen her boots and Trent states that they are by the door. Lauren goes over picks them up and yells at Trent, there are fish in her boots. He plays dumb and she tells him to stop. He says he will stop once it stops being funny. Bryan is congratulating Trent and wants to be let in on the next one. Trent tells him it about having guts and he just does not have any. Bryan states he does a lot of brave things. Trent point out that when he is crossing the start and the red hand start blinking, he turns around and runs back. Bryan attempts to justify his reaction. Trent tells him that he needs nerves of steel and then tells Bryan that there is a spider on his shoulder. Bryan begins freaking out and Trent walks away. Bryan asks, 'Well, were you kidding or not?"

Later, Susan is unlading the car in the garage and bill walks in, quite surprised. They discuss that she was not getting anything out of him using the garage, so she has decided to park her car in there. Bill heads to the refrigerator to grab a beer only to find Susan took all of his beer out. He finds the beer sitting on a shelf and it is warm. Susan points out he could ends this any time he wants by shaving. He sits down to watch the game and the TV falls off the stuff it was sitting on.

Upstairs Bryan is in the hallway with a fish telling Trent he is going to do his own prank on Lauren. He is going to put the fish in her closet way in the back where she will never find it. Trent does not get it and Bryan explains she won't know where the smell is coming from and by the time she finds it, the fish will be rotten. Trent is mildly expressed and Bryan heads into Lauren's room. Bryan starts to worry about getting into trouble. Trent states you can't worry about that, relating his own incident where he put bleach in Lauren's shampoo only to have mom borrow it. He stops and states that he can't do it. He hands the fish over to Trent who heads into Lauren's closet and the door slam shuts & locks behind him. Lauren congratulates Bryan on playing Trent and Trent is pounding on the door, stating he does not like small spaces. Lauren states they will let him out once it stops being funny.

Bill brings in his stuff from the garage including a mounted fish to hang over the bed. Paul comes over to watch the game and Bill tells him to come in. Paul is uncomfortable hanging out in bill's room. Bill tells him to act like he is in the garage and explains that Susan will hate it so much, she will give in about the garage. Bill sits on the bed and tells Paul to sit down next to him. Paul is very uncomfortable about being on a bed. Bill brings out a plate of nachos. Susan walks in and is surprised at first. She realizes what Bill is up to and plays along. She states this does not bother her at all and she climbs on the bed with them, making Paul even more uncomfortable. Susan rubs lotion on her legs and it chases Paul out of the room. Bill grabs a cigar and Susan stops him. She tells him not to light it, as he knows how she hates cigar smoke. He lights the cigar and Susan leaves stating that he has crossed the line.

Bill follows her downstairs and asks her what is going on. They begin talking about how Susan is resentful about the fact he went off and had a great time and she had a terrible week. She states that after he got home, he never even thanked her for taking care of the house so he could go on the trip. She states that all she wants to know is that he appreciates her holding down the fort when he is gone. They make up and Susan tells him if he wants to keep the beard, it is okay with her. Bill shares that he has been dying to shave it off since he got home.
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