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  • A nice family Comedy show

    this show remembers me the 80's Small wonder.. Which made us to laugh for the 4 seasons..
  • I've been a pretty big fan of Bill Engvall stand-up comedy over the past few years. I don't watch that much television so when I happened to catch Bill's first sitcom season in reruns I couldn't believe how great of a show it was.

    True, as others have said, that at times the characters just aren't that true to life, but honestly how many sitcoms can you name where everyone's character was realistic? Some of the most well known classic popular sitcoms in TV have had unrealistic situations and characters; Mary Tyler Moore Show (Ted Baxter for example), WKRP in Cincinnati, I Love Lucy, and the list could go on for paragraphs.

    There hasn't been an episode that I've seen of the Bill Engvall show that hasn't brought a lot of laughs. The acting is not Emmy worthy but the comedy is good.

    I'll take the Bill Engvall show ANY DAY over the trash like Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the other similar shows that my kids watch.
  • This show's unoriginal plot, in addition to the very disappointing lackluster acting ability of the cast makes me wonder why this even got a second chance, much less a chance to start with.

    All right, to start off my rant about how much of an abomination this show is, I'll begin by stating that this "sitcom" is an utter disgrace. Bill Engvall may be a better actor than (*vomits**) Billy Ray Cyrus, but then again look who I'm comparing him too. Engvall is not funny and is a horrible actor, but is like Will Smith in comparison to the nobodies that play his children. This sitcom is a pathetic excuse for comedy and epitomizes any and everything thats wrong with the genre. Its unoriginal plot of a family with stupid kids (stereotypical stupid kids like the idiotic teen son/daughter, the bratty prima donna daughter, and the young intelligent nuisance) that think they're grown. However, this show has something new to add to the narconic plot; that being the dad trying to fit in with his ignorant kids, who could care less for his own personal welfare. Sounds good right? Wrong, but at least its never been done before (to my understanding)! Nancy Travis, the woman who played the role of Chris Connor on Becker and who plays the role of Engvall's wife on here, is the only decent actor that this insipid show has to offer, and one DECENT actor does not a good show make. I'm sure we've all learned that sooner or later. Secondly, if you want to watch funny, creative, and original sitcoms, then watch shows like Fresh Prince, Family Matters, George Lopez, King of Queens, and Everybody Loves Raymond for a fresh outlook on how true comedy is made. Lastly, unless the producers plan to improve the show (as if it actually matters), then they just need to cancel it, because its trash like this that has polluted modern television. Better yet, since I've already given this show the benefit of the doubt before, just take my word for it and erase this program from TV permenentally. Besides, only God knows how this dead weight of a sitcom earned itself a second season.
  • Hit and Miss show about a family.

    While I don't particularly hate the show, I don't think it's funny which is what a sitcom is supposed to be. The problems with this 'family comedy' is that in of itself the family. Mainly the kids. Bill and his wife have slightly interesting dialogues and are semi-believable in their connection to the other but the kids ruined everything with their horrible acting. Spoiled daughter who can't seem to comprehend that there were times without cellphones were survivable... she can't do anything else other than complain and the emotion behind it doesn't seem valid for each complaint. The stupid brother. Why is there always a stupid kid in sitcoms nowadays? I don't mean someone who isn't a genius but one that claps their hands for figuring out the word search on the back of a cereal box. His acting is outright horrible and insulting. And finally there's the little kid. Lets give him credit where it's due: He can read a que card. You can just SEE him looking over at the prompters for his lines with all the lack of actual ACTING he does, he just reads. If he wants to make this into a comedy, I think Bill is going to need to slowly take the kids out from screentime.
  • A lighthearted family comedy that doesn't necessarily hit the mark, but doesn't necessarily miss it either.

    After a long hard day, you sit down to watch a show on television. You grab the remote coldly and flip through channels looking for something that isn't full of die-hard drama, fussy complicated characters...and OH! Something that doesn't carry an unlimited amount of questionable things you might not want your kids watching, because unless it's at 10 or 11 o'clock at night your kids will be watching,too. So, you're flipping and you're flipping and finally you land on something. A family comedy that doesn't quite hit the mark with the jokes everytime, but at the same time reminds you of your own family and gives you a giggle here and there. There's the crazy mom that reads into everything you do, the dad that can't read into what's going on worth a dime, and the teenager who has nothing to do with anything other than boys, shopping, and texting. Not to mention, her younger brothers Trent and Bryan, who seem completely and totally opposite of each other. One is as smart as Einstein (or so he aspires to be) and one doesn't have a clue (sounds like Dad, huh?). Not a lot of drama, not a lot of hefty hurt or hard things to talk about. Just the normal, which is exactly why you'll love it (and exactly why I love it). It's not too much and at the same time it's just enough to make you smile (and laugh a little here and there).
  • Whoever green-lighted this should be fired.

    I don't understand how this show ever went on-air in the first place, this show is just horrible. Bill Engvall shows how he's using the fame of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour for his own pathetic needs.

    How anyone can give this above a 3/10, is out of my understanding, this is simply a generic sitcom with acting that is just bad, as if they're reading a card while they're doing the show and only the first take was recorded.

    Crap like this should be cancelled, and hopefully this will end soon when people realize it's crappy. This show is an abomination to TV, 1.5/10.
  • This is terrible

    This guy isnt funny the show isnt even how a persoon lives this show is terrible because the kids act like there grown and bill is "trying to be a kid" isnt even funny i mean i remember one episode was the whole thing from George Lopez same plot same jokes it discusted me i wish this show would cancle its not intresting it boring not real non of this is real its not funny hallf the jokes hes got from other BEtter comedians on TBS thursdays they show family guy and then when i watch the show he takes a remote and stops the show and he talks about his stupid show why would you stop a good show for a terrible dorky show if you want comedy watch George Lopez a show about a latino and his single mother living with 2 kids and his cubic wife with a annoying dad and georges mom is a HUGE liar and george doesnt even know his father or that he had a sister see thats a good show this is jsut garbage
  • Too much family, not enough Bill. Story line is too plain, needs a more dysfunctional look. Get stronger supporting characters.

    Kids aren't funny, they simply add depth to the story. Look at "Everyone loves Raymond", he had three kids, but they never contributed to the comedy. It was the dysfunctional adults and how they dealt with the issues. Bill spends most of the time reacting to his family, rather than generating the comedy. It's his show, his name is at stake, let his stand-up really takeover. There's nothing "blue collar" about this show. Hysterical storylines usually deal with familiar issues coupled with a comedic, dysfunctional way of handling them. We don't want to see ourselves or our lives on tv, we want outrageous comedy. Nothing crazy or off the wall, or out of the ordinary happens on this show. Lastly, every successful sit-com has a great supporting cast. "Seinfeld", "Friends", "Raymond", "Frazier". Look at "Will & Grace", what made that show was Jack and Karen. Bill's family and their boring issues aren't strong enough to support this show. They need more of his friends that work at his building. Bring in some of the blue collar boys or other comedians for cameos. This show needs substance or it'll fail by the end of the year.
  • "The Bill Engvall Show" is taped in front of an un-alive studio audience.

    I've watch maybe four or five episodes of "The Bill Engvall Show" and I just don't like it. I do, however, find his standup to be pretty good maybe a 7.9. There's several problems with this show. For one, you've seen everything on this show in other shows. The plots, the charcacters, the humor it's all recycled. Even the script is, he'll take a schtick from his stand-up, like middle-age and motorcycles, and turn it into an episode, sometimes sayying what he said in the stand-up word-for-word into the script. Another thing wrong is, it's not funny. It just isn't. I find myself chuckling at one or two things said, just for a second. Take a show like "Everybody Loves Raymond" and the neighbors might call me up and complain for laughing too loud. So, instead of watching this wait for "Raymond" to be on TBS. It's on alot, go do something in the meantime! The characters are so beautifully typecasted...i'm speechless. The dumb older brother, the popular, embarresed older sister, the smart, geeky yuonger brother, the "trying to be cool" dad, the cheery housewife mom. Even the dog is typecasted! This show is unoriginal, unfunny and unintersting. God knows why this got a second season.
  • How many sitcoms are there about a comedian and his family?

    The Bill Engvall Show is, well, a TBS show. I have never seen a show on TBS that made me say, "Wow! I have to see this again!"
    There best bet at that was My Boys.
    I don't see how House of Payne is good at all. How many sitcoms are there about a comedian and his family?
    Hm. Let's count.
    Everybody Loves Raymond. (good show)
    King of Queens. (good show)
    According to Jim. (not so good show)
    8 Simple Rules. (eh, no)
    Bill Engvall Show. (it's um, well... i've seen it...)
    It's unoriginal! We's had enough family sitcoms!
    Now if this show wasn't all about a comedian and his family, it could work. But it doesn't.
    Maybe they'll turn it around.
    I'm hoping.
    Go Bill!
  • The first season is a little rough, but has some potential.

    The basic premise is pretty straight forward: your typical middle class family struggling through life. Right now (the first season), the laughs feel a little forced, but there definitely seems to be some potential. Like a lot of sitcoms with stand up stars, most of the jokes feel like set ups from Engvall's routine. Once this show finds its feet and moves away from stand up, I think it has enough heart to be good. Tim Meadows is a great addition to the cast. Nancy Travis is great, and Bill Engvall is decent. There is some chemistry between between Travis and Engvall, at the very least their relationship is believable.

    Overall: It's worth a chance to find its place, voice, and humor.
  • Nothing special here, unfortunately. I have a question: On a scale from 0-10, how is 4 considered "Poor"?

    If I were grading on a curve compared to what else is on TV these days, I'd have to rate this show higher, as it is not as bad as most of the garbage currently being aired. However, on its own merits it is a below average, formulaic sitcom in which Bill Engvall could easily be replaced by any "generic TV dad" actor. It's a real shame, because while he's not as consistently funny as Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy or Ron White, he can have his moments. Unfortunately, these moments do not seem to have a place in this tedious timeslot filler. As this is airing on TBS, I would suggest some primetime airing of Blotter, a late-night "Cops" parody generally labelled as "Interstitial Programming". I've heard Foxworthy talk about how bad his old sitcom was so bad, but that was Emmy material next to this. Sorry, Bill -- here's your sign!
  • As far as sitcoms go, there's nothing special about this one.

    There’s really not much to say about TBS’s latest comedy. Comedian Bill Engvall stars in this new half-hour, family-oriented sitcom. While this may have easily been a hit a few decades back, nowadays family sitcoms that offer nothing out of the ordinary from any one of the other 50-100 family-oriented comedies that have come and gone in the last 50 years or so really never last long on television. And as far the show’s episodic plots go, well … they’re about as conservative as the main character himself. Maybe Bill Engvall should stick to the stand-up that he knows best.
  • Funny, smart, caring, and great family. Bill Engvall can be the next Cliff Huxtable.

    The Bill Engvall Show is one of the funniest family sitcoms I've seen in quite some time. Bill plays a great therapist like Bob Newhart did in the 70's on his self-titled sitcom because he listens to his paitents whether it be his wife or kids and he always makes them laugh and vice-versa. It's great to see Bill isn't a dumbass in this show. If he was a dumb hillbilly I wouldn't watch the show. But he is loving, caring, funny towards his family and I think that's what fans want but it has to be realistic. I think this show fits it. The kids have their own personality going too. You got a teenage girl who is a brat, a middle son who is a misfit, and the youngest son who makes his family look like Jessica Simpson and they will all bring lots of laughter to the show. I want to see this suceed so stay tuned.