The Bill Engvall Show

TBS (ended 2009)





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  • Funny, smart, caring, and great family. Bill Engvall can be the next Cliff Huxtable.

    The Bill Engvall Show is one of the funniest family sitcoms I've seen in quite some time. Bill plays a great therapist like Bob Newhart did in the 70's on his self-titled sitcom because he listens to his paitents whether it be his wife or kids and he always makes them laugh and vice-versa. It's great to see Bill isn't a dumbass in this show. If he was a dumb hillbilly I wouldn't watch the show. But he is loving, caring, funny towards his family and I think that's what fans want but it has to be realistic. I think this show fits it. The kids have their own personality going too. You got a teenage girl who is a brat, a middle son who is a misfit, and the youngest son who makes his family look like Jessica Simpson and they will all bring lots of laughter to the show. I want to see this suceed so stay tuned.