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  • "The Bill Engvall Show" is taped in front of an un-alive studio audience.

    I've watch maybe four or five episodes of "The Bill Engvall Show" and I just don't like it. I do, however, find his standup to be pretty good maybe a 7.9. There's several problems with this show. For one, you've seen everything on this show in other shows. The plots, the charcacters, the humor it's all recycled. Even the script is, he'll take a schtick from his stand-up, like middle-age and motorcycles, and turn it into an episode, sometimes sayying what he said in the stand-up word-for-word into the script. Another thing wrong is, it's not funny. It just isn't. I find myself chuckling at one or two things said, just for a second. Take a show like "Everybody Loves Raymond" and the neighbors might call me up and complain for laughing too loud. So, instead of watching this wait for "Raymond" to be on TBS. It's on alot, go do something in the meantime! The characters are so beautifully typecasted...i'm speechless. The dumb older brother, the popular, embarresed older sister, the smart, geeky yuonger brother, the "trying to be cool" dad, the cheery housewife mom. Even the dog is typecasted! This show is unoriginal, unfunny and unintersting. God knows why this got a second season.