The Bill Engvall Show

TBS (ended 2009)





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  • Too much family, not enough Bill. Story line is too plain, needs a more dysfunctional look. Get stronger supporting characters.

    Kids aren't funny, they simply add depth to the story. Look at "Everyone loves Raymond", he had three kids, but they never contributed to the comedy. It was the dysfunctional adults and how they dealt with the issues. Bill spends most of the time reacting to his family, rather than generating the comedy. It's his show, his name is at stake, let his stand-up really takeover. There's nothing "blue collar" about this show. Hysterical storylines usually deal with familiar issues coupled with a comedic, dysfunctional way of handling them. We don't want to see ourselves or our lives on tv, we want outrageous comedy. Nothing crazy or off the wall, or out of the ordinary happens on this show. Lastly, every successful sit-com has a great supporting cast. "Seinfeld", "Friends", "Raymond", "Frazier". Look at "Will & Grace", what made that show was Jack and Karen. Bill's family and their boring issues aren't strong enough to support this show. They need more of his friends that work at his building. Bring in some of the blue collar boys or other comedians for cameos. This show needs substance or it'll fail by the end of the year.