The Bill Engvall Show

TBS (ended 2009)





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  • This is terrible

    This guy isnt funny the show isnt even how a persoon lives this show is terrible because the kids act like there grown and bill is "trying to be a kid" isnt even funny i mean i remember one episode was the whole thing from George Lopez same plot same jokes it discusted me i wish this show would cancle its not intresting it boring not real non of this is real its not funny hallf the jokes hes got from other BEtter comedians on TBS thursdays they show family guy and then when i watch the show he takes a remote and stops the show and he talks about his stupid show why would you stop a good show for a terrible dorky show if you want comedy watch George Lopez a show about a latino and his single mother living with 2 kids and his cubic wife with a annoying dad and georges mom is a HUGE liar and george doesnt even know his father or that he had a sister see thats a good show this is jsut garbage