The Bill Engvall Show

TBS (ended 2009)





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  • A lighthearted family comedy that doesn't necessarily hit the mark, but doesn't necessarily miss it either.

    After a long hard day, you sit down to watch a show on television. You grab the remote coldly and flip through channels looking for something that isn't full of die-hard drama, fussy complicated characters...and OH! Something that doesn't carry an unlimited amount of questionable things you might not want your kids watching, because unless it's at 10 or 11 o'clock at night your kids will be watching,too. So, you're flipping and you're flipping and finally you land on something. A family comedy that doesn't quite hit the mark with the jokes everytime, but at the same time reminds you of your own family and gives you a giggle here and there. There's the crazy mom that reads into everything you do, the dad that can't read into what's going on worth a dime, and the teenager who has nothing to do with anything other than boys, shopping, and texting. Not to mention, her younger brothers Trent and Bryan, who seem completely and totally opposite of each other. One is as smart as Einstein (or so he aspires to be) and one doesn't have a clue (sounds like Dad, huh?). Not a lot of drama, not a lot of hefty hurt or hard things to talk about. Just the normal, which is exactly why you'll love it (and exactly why I love it). It's not too much and at the same time it's just enough to make you smile (and laugh a little here and there).