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  • Hit and Miss show about a family.

    While I don't particularly hate the show, I don't think it's funny which is what a sitcom is supposed to be. The problems with this 'family comedy' is that in of itself the family. Mainly the kids. Bill and his wife have slightly interesting dialogues and are semi-believable in their connection to the other but the kids ruined everything with their horrible acting. Spoiled daughter who can't seem to comprehend that there were times without cellphones were survivable... she can't do anything else other than complain and the emotion behind it doesn't seem valid for each complaint. The stupid brother. Why is there always a stupid kid in sitcoms nowadays? I don't mean someone who isn't a genius but one that claps their hands for figuring out the word search on the back of a cereal box. His acting is outright horrible and insulting. And finally there's the little kid. Lets give him credit where it's due: He can read a que card. You can just SEE him looking over at the prompters for his lines with all the lack of actual ACTING he does, he just reads. If he wants to make this into a comedy, I think Bill is going to need to slowly take the kids out from screentime.