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  • This show's unoriginal plot, in addition to the very disappointing lackluster acting ability of the cast makes me wonder why this even got a second chance, much less a chance to start with.

    All right, to start off my rant about how much of an abomination this show is, I'll begin by stating that this "sitcom" is an utter disgrace. Bill Engvall may be a better actor than (*vomits**) Billy Ray Cyrus, but then again look who I'm comparing him too. Engvall is not funny and is a horrible actor, but is like Will Smith in comparison to the nobodies that play his children. This sitcom is a pathetic excuse for comedy and epitomizes any and everything thats wrong with the genre. Its unoriginal plot of a family with stupid kids (stereotypical stupid kids like the idiotic teen son/daughter, the bratty prima donna daughter, and the young intelligent nuisance) that think they're grown. However, this show has something new to add to the narconic plot; that being the dad trying to fit in with his ignorant kids, who could care less for his own personal welfare. Sounds good right? Wrong, but at least its never been done before (to my understanding)! Nancy Travis, the woman who played the role of Chris Connor on Becker and who plays the role of Engvall's wife on here, is the only decent actor that this insipid show has to offer, and one DECENT actor does not a good show make. I'm sure we've all learned that sooner or later. Secondly, if you want to watch funny, creative, and original sitcoms, then watch shows like Fresh Prince, Family Matters, George Lopez, King of Queens, and Everybody Loves Raymond for a fresh outlook on how true comedy is made. Lastly, unless the producers plan to improve the show (as if it actually matters), then they just need to cancel it, because its trash like this that has polluted modern television. Better yet, since I've already given this show the benefit of the doubt before, just take my word for it and erase this program from TV permenentally. Besides, only God knows how this dead weight of a sitcom earned itself a second season.
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