The Bill Engvall Show - Season 3

TBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Trash Talk
    Episode 10
    Bill and Susan have problems with their new neighbors and the placement of their trashcans. Things get out of hand once Paul decides to help. When Trent fails his driving test he feels that it is due to his losing his "Red Quarter".
  • Car Trouble
    Episode 9
    Trent has finally saved enough money to buy his first car only to find his father has different ideas and waylays the process. Bryan must figure out how to deal with a bully at school.
  • United Front
    Episode 8
    Lauren gets caught lying to her mother and is grounded for a month, only Bill has issues sticking to it. The boys talk Paul into creating an online profile and then into enhancing it.
  • The Coffee Maker
    Episode 7
    Danny is using his newfound fortune to buy gifts for the Pearson family; only Bill is concerned that he is trying to buy their love too. Paul becomes involved in a local school’s silent auction and ends up with a bruised ego.
  • I Like It That Way
    Episode 6
    Bill has returned home from his fishing trip and has grown a beard. Susan orders him to shave it and Bill rebels, getting Paul to join him. Trent uses the fresh fish to torment Lauren and leaves Bryan out, which backfires on him.
  • Oh, Brother
    Episode 5
    When Bill’s brother, Danny, needs money for another one of his get rich quick business propositions, he asks his brother. Bill gives him a lot of money, which upsets Susan. Trent and Lauren are fighting and Bryan realizes that this may be a good thing for him.
  • The Way We Were
    Episode 4
    When Susan and Bill fight over the lack of excitement in their relationship, Bill decides to recreate their most memorable moments. Lauren and Trent have to figure out how to babysit Bryan and still go out on their respective dates.
  • Let it Go
    Episode 3
    After Susan and her friends go out for a girl's night, Bill becomes convinced that she talked about him. Bill becomes obsessed with knowing what she said, which creates more conflict between them. Bryan struggles to accept his first B on a science test and Lauren uses it to her advantage to tease her little brother.moreless
  • You Decide
    Episode 2
    Bill is concerned about the growing trend of Susan making all the decisions in their lives. Trent with the help of his siblings ends up going to an extreme to impress a girl. Bill and Susan have issues with Mr. Faulkner and his new hot tub.
  • Give Me a Break
    Episode 1
    Lauren is planning on going on a spring break trip, only she does not know that the family can no longer afford to pay for it. Paul loses all of Trent's baby pictures.