The Bill Engvall Show

Season 1 Episode 7

The Birthday

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2007 on TBS

Episode Recap

Bill is in session with on old couple. She is expressing her concerns that he will not slow down. When Bill asks what they like to do together he states race as he takes off running home. She states that she needs to get going, because last time he beat her home and she had massage his feet. Bob and Paul show up to wish Bill a happy birthday and he thanks them. They give him a $100.00 and tell Bill that his mother called them. He shares his hopes to get a motorcycle for his birthday and they point out he is going through a mid-life crisis.

The boys are wrapping their presents for their dad. Bryan finishes wrapping a box and comments that he finally got everything lined upped on the third try. Trent points out that it would be better if the actual gift were in the box. Bryan puts a bow on the gift. Trent rolls up his gift and puts a rubber band around it. Lauren goes into the boys' room to tell them that it is time for dinner. She asks them to do her a favor, make her a false ID.

Bill's mother, Edda is over and they are discussing the day Bill was born. The kids give him their presents. Lauren gives him a magnifying glass to help him read the menus at restaurants. Bryan gives him a nose hair trimmer. Trent has drawn a picture of Bill, a very old Bill. Susan gives him a box and inside is a helmet. Bill is very excited as Susan takes him outside for the rest of the gift. As they leave the house, the neighbor, Mr. Faulkner, is complaining about a football he found in his yard. He stops and smiles once he sees Edda. He flirts with her and she invites over while they give Bill his gift. Bill is very excited as the garage door begins to open until he sees that he is gift is a Scooter.

Later upstairs Bill tries his nose trimmer on one nostril and ends up make his nose bleed. Susan asks him what is wrong and then inquires if he likes his gift. He asks if she knows that it is not a motorcycle and she finally states that she was concerned that Bill would get hurt. He states that if he rides the Scooter downtown he will get hurt. They discuss Bill getting a bike and Susan agrees as long as Bill gets the correct license and takes a safety class. The kids work on Lauren's fake ID.

Bill shows up at work and runs into Paul, he is wearing dark glasses. Paul notes that the glasses are not cool and Bill explains that he failed his eye test at the DMV. So he went to the eye doctor and ended up hurting something in his back. They talk about if it is all worth it and decide it will be when he is riding the bike.

The boys bring Lauren her fake ID and she leaves to go to Nora's house. Bill comes down stairs dressed in leather from head to toe. He is wearing leather chaps and a fringe leather jacket, from his mother, the back of the jacket say Best Son, with a heart in the middle. Susan and the boys go to see Bill off on his new bike. Susan comments on Bill's goggles and he states that they are prescription. The boys help him get on the bike. AS he is cruising through town he runs into another biker. When the guy takes off his helmet, he is an obviously older man and invites Bill to dinner. Bill goes home to Susan. Lauren goes to the club with her friends and is turned away at the door because of her fake ID. They discuss that Bill is having this mid-life crisis because it was when his dad was 46 that Bill thought he was old. They plan to travel later in life. Mr. Faulkner and Edda come into the home laughing and she is carrying a teddy bear. They share that they went to the Arcade. Ernest states that he has bad night vision and was unable to get Edda home, but notes that she is welcome to stay at his house. Bill quickly agrees to get his mother home. They go to kiss goodnight and Bill asks that they not. They agree to see each other again.