The Bill Engvall Show

Season 2 Episode 11

The Night Before Christmas

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2008 on TBS

Episode Recap

It is Christmas time in the Pearson house and Bill loves Christmas. He is talking with Susan about Christmas and pulls out his Mistletoe hat. (This is a baseball cap that has a long arm hold a piece of mistletoe. Susan notes that she thought she had gotten rid of that hat. Bill tells her that he dug it out of the garbage. Lauren comes in and states to Susan, "I told you, you should have burned it". Lauren wants to go to Scott's on Christmas Eve and Bill says no, we spend Christmas Eve together as a family. Lauren stomps away. Bill and Susan plan to have an extra special Christmas Eve with the kids, so they can rediscover the magic of Christmas.

Susan comes home from the store, with groceries to make everyone's favorite dishes. Lauren loves sweet potatoes, Bryan likes green beans and bacon and Trent likes the can cranberries. Bill and Susan discuss their traditional Christmas Eve night, decorating the tree, reading "The Night Before Christmas" and the Pearson family express. Trent comes down and is excited about his snowboarding trip. Susan reminds him that he cannot go if he has any C's or lower. Mr. Faulkner stops by to tell Bill to turn off the Christmas lights. Bill says no and then Susan invites him for Christmas Eve dinner.

Bill is in the garage with Paul who is biding his time, he is supposed to be picking his mother up at the airport, He gets a call from his mother and she has been waiting at the airport for over an half an hour. Paul states that his mother constantly criticizes him. Inside, Susan is working on dinner and Bryan comes down. Knowing she is distracted by making dinner, Bryan asks her about his telescope, implying that Dad told him all about it. Susan tells him that it has not arrived and Bryan is upset because he wanted the telescope to see a comet that arrives in the next few days.

Later, the family is getting ready to start their celebration; Lauren attempts to sneak out and is caught. Mr. Faulkner arrives and is not in the Christmas spirit, but is wearing a toupee. In the mail, Trent's report card is there and he has a C, he states, "This blows" and storms upstairs. Lauren comes down, looks in the refrigerator and Bill says something to her. She retorts, "I'm not talking to you". Bryan enters the kitchen and fumes, "The telescope is suck in Detroit" and Bill realizes that the surprise is ruined. Bill tries to get everyone back into the spirit by suggesting that they go set up Santa's landing strip. The kids are not interested. He suggests that they gather around and he will read "The Night Before Christmas", no one interested. He talks to Susan and they decide to do the Pearson Family Express early and gather around the tree. Bill goes to start up the train and is does not work. He moves it around the track himself making "Whoo, Whoo" sounds. Susan is first and she opens her gift to bell for her collection. Bill tells the kids that Mr. Faulkner is next as he is a guest. He opens his present to find a Christmas stocking. The kids complain about using the train to deliver their gift and state that they don't want to do it anymore. Bill has had it and gets up and goes outside. Susan follows him. He is sad and frustrated that the kids have lost the Christmas Spirit and the magic of Christmas. Susan tries to comfort him.

Inside, Mr. Faulkner talks to the kids about his Christmas's when he was young, specifically about how his father barely recognized him or the holiday. Then he states he has had enough and says goodbye. The kids head outside and ask Dad to set up Santa's landing strip, Lauren wants him to read "The Night Before Christmas". They stated that they want to do everything. After Bill finishes reading the story, the Pearson Family express begins to work. Next the doorbell rings and it is Scott, bringing over Lauren's present. The phone rings, it is Trent's teacher, there was an error and he received a B not a C. There is another knock, it is Mr. Faulkner, he had found a box on his front porch when he got home, it is Bryan's telescope.
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