The Bill

Season 16 Episode 52


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 22, 2000 on ITV

Episode Recap

P.C.s Carver and Klein arrive at the scene of a disturbance to find builder Kenny Gould smashing up an upstairs room at a greengrocers. Kenny claims he took part in an illegal poker game there, but that his winnings were confiscated by Sgt. Boyden of Sun Hill police. Back at the station, Boyden denies all knowledge of this raid, but other events make it clear there are three men impersonating police officers on the patch. Boyden goes undercover as a poker player, and sure enough is shaken down by the fake Sgt. Boyden, but he is let down by some faulty technology from the Yard. They arrange to let Kenny Gould try to win back his money, and this time the operation is successful, as they not only catch the phony coppers but also a gang of Yardies whom Boyden allows to exact revenge on his doppelganger.

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