The Bill

Season 18 Episode 61

Episode 050

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2002 on ITV

Episode Recap

It is the day of Anne Merrick's funeral and her daughter Jennie is further distressed when Tom and James Chandler, and DCI Jack Meadows all attend against her wishes. Jack pushes James for his side of the rape story. Can Supt Tom Chandler prevent his unstable brother from cracking and giving Jack the truth about the party at Hendon? Perhaps the offer Tom makes Jack will be a way to silence the past. Meanwhile, DCs Ken Drummond and Eva Sharpe work together to solve a robbery and violent assault on Vanessa Casson. With his wife in hospital and his daughter holding a secret relationship with one of his employees, the Casson family is on the verge of breaking apart. PC Tony Stamp is fed up with Gary's glum mood but manages to extract the reason out of him. Gary's sister Karen is back with her rogue of an ex-boyfriend. A quick jaunt in the back of the police car leads him to discovering nephew Ryan's bruises. Is Gary's violent family past repeating? All seems quiet on the Serial Killer front, until a drunken incident on a local street proves more serious than at first suspected. But why isn't PC Kerry Young to be told about the arrest? [Source:]

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