The Bill

Season 21 Episode 101

Episode 374

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 21, 2005 on ITV

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  • gawd this episode was a laugh!!! Dan Casper in a Santa costume and Tony as an Elf??:P Now that IS funny!!!

    I truely liked this episode as it was rather light hearted and is exactly what we've been needing from this show for sooo long!! I mean really how long has it been since they pulled funny pranks on one another? the last one I remember was with Gary and they made him wash the cars!!:)

    I mean there was a bit of personalised stuff with the Perkins thing!! But I think Will Fletcher and Honey Harmon are cute together!! I WAS hoping they'd get it on tonight but was obviously up for disappointment! But I still can't get over Dan in the Santa suit nor Tony as an Elf!! :P

    Good Times!!
  • Great episode.

    Mostly this was a great episode. The one bad thing I have to say about it is that I'm really sick of the whole Terry storyline about his brother and his sister - in - law. I wish they'd hurry up with this already.

    I liked the storyline about the guy who was sexually assualted by his female boss. This is was something new and original and sensitively done. It wasn't something just done to attract attention which some shows have done in the past.

    I also liked the storyline about Will Fletcher trying to help the homeless man. It's good that they\'re developing his character already and showing you what type of character he's going to be, unlike some other characters like Steve Hunter who's, I think, much underused. And I'm liking the possible start to a relationship between him and Honey.
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