The Bill

Season 22 Episode 16

Episode 393

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2006 on ITV

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    This was a good episode. The case that Ramani and Terry were working on was vaguely interesting, though the outcome was obvious from the very beginning! However it allowd some extra Terry-Ramani interaction and Ramani on our screen resulting in the much longed for confession of love. Sadly, the love was not reciprocated (and I do now realise that all the sings have been coming from Terry while Ramani has remained rather ignorant of the situation). this the last we see? Hopefully not!!!

    Also, the search for Amy continued, not quite as main a plot as in the previous episodes but it's nice to know it's still on our screens for the time being.
  • I really enjoyed this episode

    What a great episode, it had everything – humour, drama, excitement and was genuinely moving at the end of that terrific relationship between Terry and Ramani. I wonder whether their paths will cross again. There was something very real and very grown-up about that last scene between them over their meal. I was glad that Terry has finally told her how he felt (in his own way!) but I could understand how the moment had passed between them. And what a great actress she is – those were real tears. If that’s really the last we see of Ramani she’ll be much missed. I hope we see her back on our TV screens in something else very soon.

    I liked Zain and Mickey in this episode too – that’s looking like a very promising pairing. I enjoyed the spikiness and the banter between them. All in all, a top notch episode. Well done to everyone concerned!
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