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AIRED ON 7/3/2008

Season 24 : Episode 44

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Season 24 : Episode 44

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    • Powder My Nose
      Powder My Nose
      Season 14 - Episode 36
      Ch. Insp. Conway is the target of a blackmail attempt following a drunken night out.
    • A Little Bit of Paradise
      A Little Bit of Paradise
      Season 14 - Episode 34
      McCann is sent in search of a valuable exotic bird.
    • Moving Target Part 1
      Moving Target Part 1
      Season 23 - Episode 82
      DCs Perkins and Masters investigate the serious assult of a man promoting a Rock Against Racism concert. Supt Heaton, anticipating trouble at the concert, has a very public run-in with the local M.P.
    • Strictly Personal
      Strictly Personal
      Season 11 - Episode 121
      D.S. Beech finds himself under pressure when an old friend is implicated in a violent murder.
    • The Bill [ 2 ]
      The Bill [ 2 ]
      Season 18 - Episode 7
      Sgt. Boyden is called to the scene of a traffic accident involving an overturned lorry containing chest freezers, and uncovers a people trafficking scam.
    • The Bill [ 4 ]
      The Bill [ 4 ]
      Season 18 - Episode 9
      PCs Quinnan and Page come under pressure from Berisha, while PC Hollis helps Petrit rescue his sister from a brothel.
    • Natural Justice
      Natural Justice
      Season 11 - Episode 142
      Sgt. Cryer and W.P.C. Keane pursue a drink-driver responsible for the death of a young Asian woman.
    • Decent Proposals
      Decent Proposals
      Season 12 - Episode 49
      P.C.s Loxton and Quinnan investigate an employment agency that provides lucrative opportunities to women with financial troubles.
    • Allegations and Allegiances
      Allegations and Allegiances
      Season 11 - Episode 123
      P.C. Quinnan is accused of sexual harassment by a burglary victim, and P.C. McCann refuses to confirm his alibi.
    • Cheating
      Season 12 - Episode 48
      P.C.s Quinnan and Hollis have to decide whether a pub quiz champion is breaking the rules. D.C. Skase deals with the unfaithful wife of a local villain.
    • Episode 350
      Episode 350
      Season 21 - Episode 77
      Supt Okaro asks DC Masters to look into a press photograph of notorious child killer Lesley Palmer. Palmer's old cell-mate has been staying with her and leaked information to the press for cash. Sgt Smith and PC Bryant compare notes on PC Kent, and speculate as to the identity of the man claiming to be the real Gabriel Kent, now fighting for his life in St Hugh's.moreless
    • Episode 357
      Episode 357
      Season 21 - Episode 84
      DC Masters is undercover as a prison officer and has identified the key players in a drug distribution network. PCs Stamp and Hollis go into the prison as visitors to arrests the culprits. DS Nixon investigates a shooting. PC Hemmingway's ex-boyfriend suggests that they renew their relationship.
    • Episode 367
      Episode 367
      Season 21 - Episode 94
      DS Hunter's enquiries into recent suspicious deaths lead MIT to conclude that there is a gay serial killer in Sun Hill. PCs Powell and Bryant deal with an assault, but the victim refuses to press charges. Powell struggles to deal with the break up of his relationship with Sgt Rollins and revisits the gay bar, placing himself in grave danger. Hunter struggles to deal with the news that he is Alfie's father.moreless
    • Boy Meets Girl
      Boy Meets Girl
      Season 12 - Episode 24
      W.D.C. Croft investigates a series of vicious sexual assaults on women. The discovery of a knife in a stolen car provides a vital clue.
    • This Old Man
      This Old Man
      Season 13 - Episode 95
      P.C. Garfield is affected by the death of an old man.
    • Episode 368
      Episode 368
      Season 21 - Episode 95
      MIT begin their investigation into the murder of PC Lance Powell. DI Manson and DC Webb interview staff at the gay bar where he was last seen alive. DS Hunter registers the birth of his son, Alfie. Kate Maltby decides to move to Cardiff.
    • Episode 369
      Episode 369
      Season 21 - Episode 96
      DI Manson, DCI Morrell, DC Webb and DC Sim question two suspected gay serial killers. Cindy Hunter has news about her IVF treatment.
    • Episode 371
      Episode 371
      Season 21 - Episode 98
      Probationary PC Will Fletcher gets lost on his way to start duty at Sun Hill and is reprimanded for his terrible time-keeping. DS Hunter and DC Masters go undercover as a couple to investigate a series of robberies. DC Perkins considers ending his affair with sister-in-law Lucy. PC Stamp is reunited with estranged sister, Jacqui.moreless
    • Episode 372
      Episode 372
      Season 21 - Episode 99
      Insp Gold sets up a mock game show to trap offenders who repeatedly fail to attend court. PC Johannsen, who has failed her probationary exams, almost blows the operation. DCs Sim and Webb investigate the apparent theft of items from her parents' house.
    • Hunt
      Season 13 - Episode 99
      Sgt. Boyden and D.S. Beech try to find a couple before a vicious drug-dealer gets to them.
    • Night Beat
      Night Beat
      Season 11 - Episode 105
      Sgt. Cryer is taken hostage at gunpoint by an aggrieved husband who has decided to take drastic action over a custody case.
    • Episode 366
      Episode 366
      Season 21 - Episode 93
      DSs Hunter and Nixon assist DI Manson on a murder case, and the evidence points to a gay serial killer. PCs Powell and Bryant investigate a spate of robberies targeting elderly and housebound victims. Sgt Rollins thinks that he and Powell should separate. DS Hunter receives the results of his paternity test.moreless
    • Episode 365
      Episode 365
      Season 21 - Episode 92
      PCs Stamp and Kapoor deal with a suspected mugger and refer the case to DS De Costa and DC Perkins. DCs Webb and Nadir investigate the case of a burning man thrown from a moving car and trace the victim to a crystal meth cook-house. PC Powell goes undercover at a local gay bar and finds that the crystal meth is being dealt there. Powell's boyfriend, Sgt Rollins, plans to leave the Met. DC Perkins has doubts about his relationship with sister-in-law Lucy.moreless
    • Once a Thief
      Once a Thief
      Season 12 - Episode 115
      D.S. Beech gets a result when a barrister on his blacklist is robbed.
    • Righteous Kill — Part 2
      Righteous Kill — Part 2
      Season 25 - Episode 13
      DS Carter and DI Nixon continue their investigation into a Polish protection racket, which has now resulted in a murder. Carter is determined to protect the son of a man he shot some years earlier.
    • Inside Edge
      Inside Edge
      Season 13 - Episode 49
      D.C.I. Meadows and W.D.C. Rawton investigate the assault of a prison officer.
    • Episode 338
      Episode 338
      Season 21 - Episode 65
      It's new PC Laura Bryant's first day at Sun Hill. PC Valentine plays practical jokes on her but she gets her own back and makes her first arrest. PC Hemmingway is on trail for the unlawful killing of Lee Thomas, and the man she assaulted testifies against her. DCI Meadows finds out that his son is the mastermind behind a cocaine distribution operation. PC Murphy is called to investigate the theft of a charity collection. She suspects that the young girl being collected for does not have leukaemia but is being mistreated, and kidnaps the girl to protect her from her mother.moreless
    • Starting Young
      Starting Young
      Season 12 - Episode 77
      P.C. Jarvis and W.P.C. Keane deal with a boy in possession of a pensioner's prescription.
    • Episode 364
      Episode 364
      Season 21 - Episode 91
      DC Webb returns to Sun Hill. He is assigned to an attempted robbery case with DC Nadir, who is suspicious of Webb's relationship with DCI Meadows. It is performance review time, and Insp Gold and Sgt Ackland go out on the beat with PCs Johannsen and Harman to assess their performance. The relief is unhappy at a new twelve-hour rota.moreless
    • Thicker Than Mud
      Thicker Than Mud
      Season 13 - Episode 89
      D.I. Deakin and D.S. Beech investigate an arson attack on a small, respectable clothes shop.
    • Episode 363
      Episode 363
      Season 21 - Episode 90
      Barton Street's Sgt Haynes offers PC Valentine a bribe to help a factory owner who employs illegal immigrants. Sgt Ackland meets Gabriel at the coroner’s hearing into the death of PC Kent, and is delighted when he acknowledges her as his mother. PC Murphy announces that she is transferring to the Child Protection Unit.moreless
    • Judgement Call
      Judgement Call
      Season 12 - Episode 9
      W.P.C. Marshall and P.C. Slater pursue two burglars. C.I.D. try to track down an escaped prisoner.
    • Episode 351
      Episode 351
      Season 21 - Episode 78
      Sgt Ackland identifies the comatose man in St Hugh's as her son, Gabriel Kent, and tells Sgt Smith and PC Bryant that PC Kent is his adoptive brother, David, who stole his identity. Smith persuades Ackland not to tell Supt Okaro, as she would be in trouble for keeping his secret. DS Nixon and DC Masters track Lesley Palmer to Oxfordshire, where she has lured her ex-partner. She threatens to kill him unless he reveals the whereabouts of the body of the child that he killed 20 years before. DS Hunter and DC Perkins investigate a sudden death. They stumble across a low-rent pimp and gather evidence to convict him.moreless
    • Episode 354
      Episode 354
      Season 21 - Episode 81
      DCs Perkins and Sim investigate the trading of stolen car parts. PCs Kapoor and Powell deal with an assault on a businessman by a group of schoolchildren. DS De Costa and DC Nadir investigate a domestic violence case. Supt Okaro asks the relief not to gossip about PC Kent. Kapoor teases PC Casper about his love life.moreless
    • A Quick Return
      A Quick Return
      Season 12 - Episode 83
      Sgt. Cryer and W.P.C. Keane investigate a series of street robberies and find four teenagers trying to buy their way into drug dealing.
    • Honour and Obey
      Honour and Obey
      Season 23 - Episode 33
      DCI Meadows and DI Nixon lead the investigation into the death of a young Asian woman. PC Noble and DC Webb question the victim of an alleged mugging, who claims to be an undercover police officer.
    • Outer
      Season 12 - Episode 6
      D.S. Boulton is determined to arrest a local drug dealer, at any cost.
    • Episode 353
      Episode 353
      Season 21 - Episode 80
      PC Kent arrives home to find fiancée PC Murphy going through his belongings. He tries to put a positive spin on his deception but she is unconvinced and he ties her up. PCs Bryant and Stamp track her down and bring her to safety. Sgt Smith prompts DS Nixon to establish the identity of the victim of the Sun Hill siege. Sgt Ackland decides to pair with Kent, but when they are called to St Hugh's Kent switches off his brother's life support and smothers him. Called to deal with a disturbance in a tower block, Kent drags Ackland to the roof and threatens to kill her. DS Nixon and Sgt Smith lead a group of officers to their location. Smith and Kent fight as Ackland looks on…moreless
    • Bait
      Season 11 - Episode 116
      W.D.S. Morgan and C.I.D. are no closer to finding the assassin, so W.P.C. June Ackland decides to go back out on the streets to draw the killer out into the open.
    • Episode 078
      Episode 078
      Season 19 - Episode 3
      Police are called to a disturbance at a local church, where a convicted paedophile priest, Father Frank Keegan, has taken refuge from an angry mob. Investigating the case, DC Danny Glaze encounters an old acquaintance, Sister Sarah Donohue. As Glaze and Donohue strive to keep the old man safe from the mob, one of his previous victims comes forth with new evidence. PC Gary Best is called to yet another domestic at his sister's house, and he arrests her boyfriend for car theft. Desperate to protect his young nephew, Best calls in Social Services to investigate their living arrangements, but is horrified to discover that his sister Karen may be responsible for young Ryan's injuries, not her boyfriend. Sgt. Craig Gilmore attempts in vain to submit his transfer papers to Insp Gina Gold, and PC Jim Carver tries to get Nick Klein to confront his drug problem. A desperate DS Phil Hunter convinces his wife to sleep with local villain Ron Gregory.moreless
    • Good Faith 3
      Good Faith 3
      Season 14 - Episode 29
      Beech's involvement with rival racketeers becomes more complicated.
    • Respect, Part Two
      Respect, Part Two
      Season 26 - Episode 31
      Supt Meadows is determined to secure a confession to murder, but Insp Smith and DC Dasari are unable to persuade the gang-rape victim to co-operate with the investigation.
    • Blood Money
      Blood Money
      Season 23 - Episode 32
      DI Nixon, Sgt Wright and PC Noble deal with a young woman who was pushed from a walkway on the Coal Lane Estate. Nixon, Wright and Sgt Smith are then called to deal with the attempted suicide of the woman's husband. Wright and Noble are called to a disturbance at her flat the next day, but she has disappeared. DC Webb deals with an assault. DCs Perkins and Webb, and PCs Stamp and Casper, go undercover to trap a confidence trickster.moreless
    • On the Edge
      On the Edge
      Season 23 - Episode 41
      PCs Noble, Fletcher, Casper and Green attend to a road traffic incident. The driver is alone in her car, but forensic examination reveals the blood of another person. PC Hardy's girlfriend Tash Niles agrees to give evidence againt Ray Moore. Supt Heaton directs a search for further evidence.
    • Episode 333
      Episode 333
      Season 21 - Episode 60
      DS Nixon and DC Nadir arrive in time to save Acting DI De Costa from taxi driver David Russo, but he is released on bail when his DNA fails to match that found next to the murdered nurse. Peter Baxter tries to make amends with former victim Ruth Cohen, who stabs him. Sgt Ackland and PC Valentine are called to an arson incident. The officers are separated, and Ackland is assaulted and raped by 13-year-old Ross Trescot.moreless
    • Loving Memory
      Loving Memory
      Season 14 - Episode 71
      Sgt. Cryer re-opens an unsolved case in response to an attempted suicide.
    • Cop Killer Part 1
      Cop Killer Part 1
      Season 23 - Episode 48
      New PCs Sally Armstrong and Billy Rowan arrive at Sun Hill, where the team is anxious to find the man who stabbed Sgt Doug Wright. The new recruits are puppy-walked by Sgt Nikki Wright and PC Keane, and attend a disturbance at a jewellery shop, and are then called on to deal with a report of stone-throwing at an abandoned factory.moreless
    • Bang Bang, You're Dead
      Bang Bang, You're Dead
      Season 14 - Episode 91
      W.P.C. Fox takes the day off with a migraine but turns up for the relief's paintball charity challenge, where Santini continues to bully and humiliate her. Her request not to be partnered with Santini is refused, and they are assigned together again the next day. Fox confides in W.D.C. Rawton. The relief are on the trail of a dangerous prisoner and Santini disregards the order not to separate from his partner. The man grabs Fox from behind and P.C.s Santini, Quinnan and Ashton run to the rescue when she screams for help. Fox manages to overpower the man. When challenged, Santini claims that he was with Fox when the prisoner appeared from nowhere.moreless
    • Guiding Hand
      Guiding Hand
      Season 14 - Episode 26
      W.P.C. Page and P.C. McCann investigate what appears to be a straightforward case of attempted child abduction.
    • Assault on Sunhill Part 2
      Assault on Sunhill Part 2
      Season 23 - Episode 92
      Armed youths hold the officers of Sun Hill hostage, demanding the release of their girlfriends. Supt Heaton and Insp Gold try to negotiate, but events soon spiral out of the gunmen's control. DC Perkins, sleeping off a hangover in the station cells, tries to effect a resolution.
    • Caught by the Killer
      Caught by the Killer
      Season 23 - Episode 56
      DC Masters has been abducted by rogue crime scene photographer Rachel Inns. PCs Noble and Fletcher are sent to look for her, while DS Turner and DC Dasari review her casework hoping for a clue to her whereabouts. Sgt Wright realises that a gun has gone missing from Sun Hill.
    • Back in Business
      Back in Business
      Season 12 - Episode 18
      Acting Supt. Conway is stirred into action by a face from the past.
    • One Step Ahead
      One Step Ahead
      Season 12 - Episode 76
      D.C.I. Meadows and D.C. Skase pursue an ex-convict who has sworn revenge on the informant who put him away. Sgt. Boyden is called upon to help a prostitute who believes that she is being followed.
    • Girls' Night
      Girls' Night
      Season 12 - Episode 35
      P.C. Loxton and W.P.C. Page deal with a bridegroom who disrupts a hen night.
    • Don't Leave Me This Way
      Don't Leave Me This Way
      Season 12 - Episode 85
      P.C. Loxton and W.P.C. Keane follow up a mugging but suspect that the victim knows more than she is letting on.
    • Don't Kill the Messenger
      Don't Kill the Messenger
      Season 12 - Episode 98
      P.C. Jarvis receives death threats from a youth who blames him for his father's death, and who cannot accept that his father was a sex offender.
    • Response Time
      Response Time
      Season 11 - Episode 108
      Ch. Insp. Stritch's new timekeeping tests land P.C. Loxton with a murder charge and test Insp. Monroe's loyalties to the limit.
    • Episode 063
      Episode 063
      Season 18 - Episode 74
      Acting DI Samantha Nixon is on a single-minded mission to find the Sun Hill serial killer when a young woman called Vicki Casson goes missing. The latest clue is a website found by Simon Kitson which shows photographs of the body of one of the previous victims, posted by an anonymous user calling himself "The Baptist". When Nixon's teenage daughter Abigail is brought into the station drunk, will Nixon recognise this cry for help from her desperately lonely daughter? When a newborn baby is abducted from St Hugh's hospital, DS Debbie McAllister takes on the case, despite being on maternity leave. PC Kerry Young demands an answer from her fiance, PC Luke Ashton, about his true feelings.moreless
    • Beyond Conviction
      Beyond Conviction
      Season 16 - Episode 44
      P.C.s Klein and Hagen are called to a stabbing at a shopping centre, and find themselves on the trail of a Rwandan war criminal.
    • Episode 077
      Episode 077
      Season 19 - Episode 2
      DI Samantha Nixon is on the trail of the serial killer and on the phone to DC Duncan Lennox when it goes dead. Duncan traces the call, but he and PC Taviner arrive to find only Cass Rickman's neck chain, and Samantha's phone - and her last call was from Pat Kitson... It's Kerry and Luke's wedding day and Inspector Gina Gold is not happy to find the groom in bed with Craig Gilmore. Both Gina and Gilmore want Luke to tell Kerry, but for very different reasons, so with a reception venue in doubt, Gold tries to convince Kerry to postpone the wedding. DS Phil Hunter is in deep, as crime boss Ron Gregory wants to sleep with Hunter's wife and Phil has no way out. What will he do now that the tables have been turned on his philandering ways? Lennox and DC Mickey Webb break into Kitson's house, but find nothing. While from the attic of the house next door, Kitson taunts a bound and blindfolded Nixon as she watches them drive away. Nixon fishes for information, and when prodded by Pat, talks about her own past in order to get more information. Pat relates a story from childhood, and tells Nixon that she killed everyone Simon got involved with. Meanwhile, Luke chases a mugger on his way to the church, making him late, and as Kerry's car circles the church one more time, he arrives with a police siren blaring and a black eye. Best man Nick Klein hasn't appeared, and as Kerry tries to enlist Gilmore for the job, Gina Gold steps in and appoints Tony Stamp. At the reception in the station's canteen, Lennox, on his way back to talk to Kitson's neighbours, tries to convince June Ackland his feelings for Nixon are purely platonic. While quizzing Kitson's neighbour Margaret, Lennox hears noises upstairs, and Margaret tells him that Kitson sometimes stores things in her attic. He bursts in just as Pat is about to strangle Samantha. But Samantha isn't happy to be rescued, she thought she was making headway. Back at the reception, Klein ruins the atmosphere by making a speech about Cass and is subsequently caught snorting coke in the toilet by Jim Carver. Robbie Cryer finds Mickey Webb in a compromising situation with a bridesmaid, and Gilmore tells Luke that he's transferring tomorrow.moreless
    • Long Term Investment
      Long Term Investment
      Season 15 - Episode 1
      D.I. Deakin and D.S. Beech keep watch on a newly-released kidnapper, hoping he'll lead them straight to the £300,000 ransom he and an associate were paid for the safe return of their last victim.
    • Taking Sides
      Taking Sides
      Season 14 - Episode 94
      P.C. Stamp attends the funeral of the pedestrian he knocked over. He and P.C. Quinnan arrest the driver of a cut-and-shut limousine. Ashton is set upon by a gang of under-aged drinkers. Next day, Stamp and P.C. Ashton respond to a call at a children's home. Sgt. Boyden monitors W.P.C. Page's performance in court. Quinnan tells Stamp that he has been called as a witness for the prosecution.moreless
    • Bang!
      Season 14 - Episode 75
      Sgt. Boyden faces a critical situation when P.C. Harker and W.P.C. Keane bring in a prisoner with a gun.
    • Holding On
      Holding On
      Season 13 - Episode 26
      Sgt. Cryer and W.P.C. Blake respond to a young man's claim that his stolen car had his four-month-old baby inside.
    • Death or Glory
      Death or Glory
      Season 23 - Episode 52
      Supt Heaton and DCI Meadows plan to intercept a Sken gang raid on a security van using intelligence provided by PC Hardy, who has been working with the gang with Heaton's connivance. However, the gang actually plan to intercept a different target the day before, and an unwitting Hardy is taken along for security.moreless
    • Episode 446
      Episode 446
      Season 22 - Episode 69
      Sgt Ackland and PC Noble come across a Croat woman who has been badly assaulted. DS Turner traces her to an address where a number of trafficked women are being held. PC Noble discovers a tape confirming that the women are being sold. An illegal immigrant on the witness protection scheme decides not to testify against a trafficker, as he fears his wife is being held by the gang. While Turner coordinates activities with SOCA, DSs Hunter and Nixon are sent to Bucharest to liaise with the Romanian police. Hunter decides to mount his own investigation, but things go badly and he and Nixon become targets.moreless
    • Episode 450
      Episode 450
      Season 22 - Episode 73
      PCs Fletcher and Keane arrest a youth for shoplifting on the basis of video footage on a mislaid mobile phone. PCs Hardy and Hemmingway deal with the report of a missing man. DCs Perkins and Webb investigate his abduction. Supt Heaton's wife admits to having an affair. Matt Hinckley plans an early wedding to PC Keane. Perkins gets intimate with his ex-wife.moreless
    • Recruiting Officer
      Recruiting Officer
      Season 9 - Episode 52
      Sgt. Maitland enlists P.C. McCann's help in reassuring a young black applicant whose wife has serious misgivings about the job. But McCann is discovering racism within the force for himself.
    • Photocall
      Season 11 - Episode 133
      D.S. Greig builds a picture of the thugs who tried to murder a policeman during a riot, while P.C. Garfield worries about his own performance on the day.
    • Episode 422
      Episode 422
      Season 22 - Episode 45
      There is a rash of complaints of food-poisoning, and the witness to a traffic accident leads DS Nixon and DC Webb to a theft from a meat-processing plant. DC Nadir and DS Hunter investigate a luxury health club that may be a front for a major drug syndicate. Webb is floored when a journalist asks him about the traumatic events in his past. PC Hemmingway tries to keep her occupation a secret from her new boyfriend.moreless
    • Born Again
      Born Again
      Season 12 - Episode 79
      D.S. Boulton investigates an assault on an old man.
    • Episode 328
      Episode 328
      Season 21 - Episode 55
      Acting DC Best survives the shooting, but may be paralysed. Reunited with his estranged mother, he decides to return to Manchester. DCI Meadows and CID begin the search for the gunman, and are led to Supt Okaro's old friend Isaac Collins. Sgt Smith and Jonathan Fox investigate Insp Gold's absence and find her passed out in her bathroom. PC Stamp hires an escort to accompany him to PC Harman's birthday party, but she turns out to be a moonlighting PC Johannsen.moreless
    • Episode 329
      Episode 329
      Season 21 - Episode 56
      Photographs of Supt Okaro smoking marijuana with Isaac Collins have been sent to the Met, and Okaro tenders his resignation. Okaro accepts the offer of a job as a security consultant and uses this a pretext to investigate Collins. Ch Supt Barratt calls on his wife Rochelle and catches her with PC Casper. PC Johannsen exploits her new status as PC Stamp's 'girlfriend' so he ends their relationship at a works party. DCI Meadows challenges DI Manson over his relationship with DC Sim and appears to catch them in a compromising situation.moreless
    • Solicitous
      Season 14 - Episode 18
      Meadows and Skase discover a modern-day Robin Hood who appears to be alive and well and robbing the rich in Sun Hill.
    • Tainted Love, Episode Three
      Tainted Love, Episode Three
      Season 14 - Episode 81
      W.P.C. Page is shocked to learn that her boyfriend is related to D.S. Boulton's target.
    • All's Fair
      All's Fair
      Season 13 - Episode 2
      D.S. Daly investigates the case of an injured man who may be the victim of a mugging or a vicious rapist who has received his just desserts.
    • One of the Gang
      One of the Gang
      Season 14 - Episode 31
      Meadows and Daly get a tip-off about a gang of young muggers, but their information comes from an unlikely source...
    • Shattered
      Season 14 - Episode 39
      Sgt. Cryer tries to save the life of a girl found dying on the common, and gets a complaint filed against him.
    • Episode 352
      Episode 352
      Season 21 - Episode 79
      DC Perkins assists DI De Costa in an investigation into a serious assault on his sister-in-law, Lucy. A camera found at the scene leads to the uncovering of an extortion scam run by a convicted paedophile who is threatening to harm the families of other prisoners. DS Nixon and DC Nadir investigate the theft of a lorry-load of designer sunglasses. DS Hunter identifies the likely culprit, and investigations lead a woman who is selling stolen goods from a beauty salon. Cindy Hunter is furious when her salon is raided and blames her husband. PC Kent is feeling the pressure and tries to persuade fiancée PC Murphy to leave Sun Hill. PC Bryant tells a disbelieving Murphy the truth about Kent and his brother, Gabriel.moreless
    • Episode 339
      Episode 339
      Season 21 - Episode 66
      PC Stamp uncovers a vital witness who can testify to the events leading up to the death of Lee Thomas. PC Murphy proves that young Ronnie does not have leukaemia, but is being abused by her mother. DCI Meadows tries to build a case against his son Benjamin, but there is insufficient evidence to charge him. PC Hemmingway is found not guilty of unlawful killing. A celebration after work gets out of hand and officers from Barton Street are called to deal. Insp Gold throws a drink over the sergeant. Sgt Smith tells a horrified PC Murphy that PC Kent raped PC Young.moreless
    • Episode 121
      Episode 121
      Season 19 - Episode 46
      DS Phil Hunter tells his bosses about DC Ken Drummond's moonlighting as a security guard - DCI Jack Meadows and Supt Adam Okaro tell him to forget it, but secretly plan to use Ken to get the evidence they need on Alan Trent, so posing a bent copper, Drummond manages to convince Trent to rehire him. Trent meanwhile, has charmed DS Debbie McAllister into a dinner date, which he uses to question her about her supposedly corrupt colleague. Concerned with Trent's moving in on the estates, the Borough Commander, Okaro and Meadows organise a residents' meeting on the Jasmine Allen which is interrupted by three armed men in masks. Forensics of the shots fired indicates a flood of converted replica firearms on the estates. PC Cathy Bradford once again has her sights on DC Brandon Kane, and she will stop at nothing to get her man. Since his public outing, PC Luke Ashton is convinced he is being assigned all the 'gay' cases, and he confronts Sgt Smith, and is horrified to find out that Smith and PC Kerry Young have slept together.moreless
    • Episode 005
      Episode 005
      Season 18 - Episode 16
      PC Bradford investigates a jewellery robbery and a spate of petty thefts. Supt Chandler is concerned about the growing racial tension in Canley but sends Ch Insp Conway to a meeting with community leaders so he can entertain DC Spears.
    • Episode 076
      Episode 076
      Season 19 - Episode 1
      DS Phil Hunter's devious ways are catching up with him - DCI Meadows and Supt Okaro execute raids on known fences in the area before Hunter has time to warn Ron Gregory, the local crime boss who pays him off. Hunter's attractive, long-suffering wife attracts Gregory's attention, and instead of the payback he was expecting, Hunter has to deal with an unusual request to keep his head off the chopping block. An alibi from a prostitute takes Simon Kitson out of suspicion as the serial killer, leaving Acting DI Samantha Nixon to follow some of her theories. When DC Lennox can't get anything further out of Simon's sister Pat, Samantha takes over, and is surprised by what she discovers. But is her curiosity leading her into a dangerous situation? Luke Ashton is persuaded to celebrate his "last night of freedom" and Craig Gilmore reluctantly joins the boys for a drink, while Robbie, Gina and Gemma surprise Kerry at home - booze in hand and ready for fun. Sgt Boyden's plans to leave Luke trouserless and tied to a post backfire, and Craig takes the inebriated Luke back to his hotel. It's the morning of the wedding, and Robbie Cryer arrives with news that the reception has been cancelled because the pub was subject to one of the station's stolen goods raids and has been closed. Gina Gold, having drunk too much to go home the night before, volunteers to rouse Luke so they can work out a solution, but even the Gina isn't prepared for what she stumbles into! Meanwhile, Samantha, after standing Duncan up for a drink, calls him to say she thinks she has found the murder scene. Just as she is about to tell him her whereabouts, he loses contact...moreless
    • Episode 206
      Episode 206
      Season 20 - Episode 26
      PC Nick Klein is back in the safe house, but when DS Phil Hunter gives the address to Dennis Weaver, a hitman is contracted to kill Klein. Meeting with the hitman to retrieve the gun and a photo of Nick's body, Weaver realises Hunter has set him up when the police lead by Supt Okaro and DCI Meadows swoop in on them. Escaping into North Canley Forest, a terrified Hunter barely escapes with his life as a maniacal Weaver swears revenge for his treachery. With Weaver on the loose, however, Nick Klein is relieved of duty and placed in deep witness protection far outside of London, but not before Hunter and Sgt Dale Smith have a chance to clear up their differences with him. Police Staff Polly Page investigates a forged driver's licence, but is reprimanded for exceeding her remit as a civilian staff member. Polly visits Cathy Bradford in a secure psychiatric unit, where Cathy tells her she is "undercover" in the hospital. Considering recent events and Bradford's taunts, Polly resigns from Sun Hill to start a new life outside the Met. PC Yvonne Hemmingway and PC Kerry Young investigate a case of abuse in a retirement home, but with Kerry's belief that she was raped by Smithy weighing heavily on her mind, will Yvonne convince her to speak up before she does something rash?moreless
    • Tainted Love, Episode Two
      Tainted Love, Episode Two
      Season 14 - Episode 80
      D.S. Boulton accuses W.P.C. Page of leaking information to her boyfriend, then asks her to spy on him.
    • Episode 349
      Episode 349
      Season 21 - Episode 76
      Sun Hill is under siege. A distraught father produces a gun and demands the prosecution of the driver of the vehicle that killed his son. Supt Prosser encourages PC Casper to attempt to overpower the gunman and, while some officers escape, Casper and Gabriel Kent are shot. The suspended Insp Gold, who had been attending the Sun Hill celebrations with Supt Okaro, tries to negotiate with the gunman, while DC Perkins, one of the hostages, mediates. Prosser flounders in the situation and brokers the return of Supt Okaro as operational commander. The officers realise that the gunman has kidnapped the driver, and DS Hunter and DC Nadir are sent on a dangerous rescue mission.moreless
    • Episode 211
      Episode 211
      Season 20 - Episode 31
      DC Terry Perkins is undercover in prison, where he investigates convicted paedophile Charles Mawdsley who is believed to be running a paedophile ring with the help of one of the prison guards. DS Ramani de Costa appears as a prison counsellor, acting as Terry's contact with the outside world, but when Terry opens up in a group therapy session, Ramani begins to suspect that he was abused as a child. By arresting a corrupt guard who was dealing drugs, Supt Okaro hopes to force Mawdsley to play his hand, but in interview, the guard reveals that the prison's assistant governor is also corrupt. Okaro and de Costa race to the prison just in time to stop Terry from being killed by Mawdsley. Meanwhile DI Neil Manson gets a call from a prisoner at the same nick who wants to pass on information about a huge planned diamond robbery - the grass is none other than Don Beech, Manson's former sergeant at Barton Street and former Sun Hill DS.moreless
    • Like Family
      Like Family
      Season 14 - Episode 38
      P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Blake search for a missing French au pair who has been moonlighting as a stripper.
    • Britanniamania: To Us and Ours
      Britanniamania: To Us and Ours
      Season 17 - Episode 57
      DC Mickey Webb is close to infiltrating the Britannia gang, despite the suspicions of some of its members: suspicions which fire up when DS McAllister, posing as his girlfriend, turns up to a gang meeting overdressed and wearing Givenchy perfume. Julian Napper smells a rat and follows McAllister as she desperately tries to find a hospital to keep her cover as a nurse intact. Napper catches up with her and accuses her of being an undercover reporter. With her cover blown, McAllister returns to Sun Hill. Supt Chandler blasts her for her stupidity, and forces her to take notes as they hear Webb taking a severe beating from Napper's thugs over his mobile phone. As DCI Meadows races to save Webb, Napper stops the beating and welcomes "Mickey Malone" as a full-fledged member of Britannia.moreless
    • Deep Secret
      Deep Secret
      Season 14 - Episode 73
      Garfield teams up with an attractive young journalist when the wreckage of a World War II Spitfire is discovered in Sun Hill.
    • Sucking Eggs
      Sucking Eggs
      Season 14 - Episode 78
      D.S. Beech and D.C. Carver investigate the theft of a grandfather clock.
    • Out of Hand
      Out of Hand
      Season 14 - Episode 64
      P.C. Santini and W.P.C. Keane investigate a mysterious assault.
    • Back from the Dead
      Back from the Dead
      Season 23 - Episode 73
      PCs Armstrong and Keane come to the aid to the victim of a serious assault, and uncover a stolen passport racket. Insp Gold reopens an investigation into a 20-year-old bank robbery.
    • Puzzled
      Season 14 - Episode 119
      P.C. Quinnan and D.S. Boulton try to track down a young hippy who has crossed some drug dealers, while P.C. Hollis organises an inter-station pub quiz.
    • The Bill @ 21 Weekend
      The Bill @ 21 Weekend
      Season 0 - Episode 1
      Sgt June Ackland is joined by PC Reg Hollis and Acting DC Gary Best as they recall some of the best and worst moments in 21 years at Sun Hill.
    • Liar
      Season 12 - Episode 107
      New W.D.C. Liz Rawton gets involved in a dispute between a young female drug addict and W.D.C. Croft, who is trying to find a witness who can testify that she was assaulted.
    • Accidents Will Happen
      Accidents Will Happen
      Season 12 - Episode 53
      Sgt. Boyden and W.P.C. Page look into a protection racket.
    • Britanniamania: Going Underground
      Britanniamania: Going Underground
      Season 17 - Episode 56
      When an undercover officer from the Met's Football Intelligence Unit (FIU) is found stabbed after a football game, Supt Chandler and Ch Insp Morys from FIU send a Sun Hill team to infiltrate Britannia, the hooligan gang responsible, and investigate their leader, a former police sergeant named Julian "The Nap" Napper. DC Webb goes undercover as builder Mickey Malone with support from DS McAllister as his girlfriend and DC Riley and PC Quinnan as his workmates. Webb successfully makes contact with gang member Gary Hughes, and meets Napper when the gang travel north for a game.moreless
    • Tour of Duty
      Tour of Duty
      Season 17 - Episode 26
      Visiting Sgt Cryer in hospital, Sgt Ackland is horrified to find that he doesn't know he has already been replaced at Sun Hill. His replacement is Sgt Craig Gilmore, transferring from Manchester Police. Gilmore wastes no time in telling the relief that the rumours are true: he is gay. DC Lennox investigates the harassment of a local publican by a gang of youths, but when Gilmore organises a 'beat sweep' of the local estates, they find the publican's daughter is involved with the gang. Her information leads them to an illegal drinking club. After the police raid the club and arrest the gang members, one of them accuses PC Harker of brutality.moreless
    • Lies that Kill
      Lies that Kill
      Season 23 - Episode 35
      Sgt Wright and PC Fletcher deal with a disturbance at a family court, then attend the scene when a woman falls to her death from a tower block. PCs Casper and Green are called to a car showroom, where a mother is mounting a protest against 4-wheel drive vehicles.
    • Episode 463
      Episode 463
      Season 22 - Episode 86
      DC Nadir is seriously compromised as SOCA prepares to intercept the Columbian drugs shipment. Insp Gold and PC Valentine deal with a domestic situation at a lottery winner's home. PC Fletcher forces PC Casper to confess to steroid abuse.
    • Russian Roulette
      Russian Roulette
      Season 23 - Episode 67
      Monica Dreyfuss is taken hostage while DS Hunter is driven to the Majestic Casino to remove the ransom money from the safe. DI Nixon investigates.
    • Honeypot
      Season 11 - Episode 124
      Insp. Monroe visits a headmaster who refuses to recognise that there is a drugs problem, despite a pupil overdosing on school grounds.
    • Episode 332
      Episode 332
      Season 21 - Episode 59
      Peter Baxter is released on bail, but is brought back in when the burned body of the missing nurse is discovered. DS Nixon identifies taxi driver David Russo as a possible suspect, but an unsuspecting Acting DI De Costa is already trapped in his cab…
    • Line of Fire Part 2
      Line of Fire Part 2
      Season 23 - Episode 78
      DI Manson leads the pursuit of a dangerous suspect, but the chase ends in tragedy. CID is subjected to an investigation by the Department of Professional Standards, and Manson worries that his career may be on the line.
    • Day of Reckoning
      Day of Reckoning
      Season 23 - Episode 31
      Supt Heaton briefs Insp Gold and DC Masters on the alleged events of the night before, in which PC Hinckley hit her husband over the head with a bottle in a jealous rage. Hinckley faces an attempted murder charge. PC Fletcher works out a plan to expose Matt's manipulative ways. DI Manson coordinates a raid on a crack house, while PCs Hardy and Valentine search for the dealer running it. PC Casper is let down by a crack addict he endeavours to help.moreless
    • Happy and Glorious Part Two
      Happy and Glorious Part Two
      Season 17 - Episode 42
      PCs Stamp and Klein try to find an alibi for PC Hollis, who is the prime suspect in a murder investigation, while CID try to trace the victim's long lost daughter.
    • Episode 160
      Episode 160
      Season 19 - Episode 85
      Sgt Smith pulls PC Hollis from the burning warehouse but there is no sign of PC Taviner. PC Page is on trial for the murder of Dr Owen Preston, and both PC Bradford and Max Wyatt betray her in the witness box. Officers search for PC Best's father, who has been taken hostage. Marie Carver, drunk, harangues Sgt Ackland.moreless
    • Mantrap
      Season 13 - Episode 3
      P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Blake go to the scene where a teenage boy has been found dead from a massive electric shock in the flat of one of his neighbours. Quinnan knows the boy as he has arrested him before for burglary they talk to the tenant he tells them that he came home to find his flat broken into and the boy dead. It looks like murder but who would want to kill him? Quinnan discovers a secret about the tenant and W.P.C. Page finds out that the victim's older brother may know more than he is letting on.moreless
    • Bad Debt
      Bad Debt
      Season 13 - Episode 4
      D.S. Beech and W.D.C. Croft investigate the theft of a loan shark's records.
    • Money Talks
      Money Talks
      Season 14 - Episode 54
      Sgt. Boyden gets friendly with P.C. Ashton's mother.
    • Episode 001
      Episode 001
      Season 18 - Episode 12
      Supt Chandler is concerned about a number of attacks and complaints of credit card fraud and orders an undercover operation in a pole dancing club. He then slopes off work to meet up with a mystery woman in a seedy hotel.
    • Stop
      Season 14 - Episode 72
      D.S. Boulton suspects that P.C. Hollis is involved in a series of burglaries.
    • Episode 075
      Episode 075
      Season 18 - Episode 86
      It is the countdown to PC Luke Ashton and PC Kerry Young's big day, but all is not well. Sun Hill's big-time villain Ron Gregory has DS Hunter exactly where he wants him. DC Duncan Lennox asks Acting DI Samantha Nixon for help with the Sun Hill serial killer. DC Drummond investigates how a young boy came to be in possession of a mobile phone.moreless
    • Follow the Van
      Follow the Van
      Season 12 - Episode 97
      D.S. Beech ands D.C. Lines investigate a series of aggravated robberies on garage forecourts.
    • All Fall Down Part One
      All Fall Down Part One
      Season 16 - Episode 71
      CIB sweep into Sun Hill and suspend the entire CID department with immediate effect. DC Lennox is horrified to discover that DS Stanton was a CIB mole. As the disgraced detectives are interviewed to establish their connection to Don Beech, DCI Meadows hurriedly calls in some favours at Scotland Yard. Ch. Supt. Brownlow finds himself under pressure to resign, which he reluctantly does. Meanwhile, Beech prepares to go into hiding.moreless
    • Episode 007
      Episode 007
      Season 18 - Episode 18
      PCs Taviner and Hollis catch a teenage drug dealer and Taviner helps himself to the boy's cash before giving generously to a collection for the late Ch Insp Conway. Racial violence erupts throughout Canley when a march by white supremacists is given the go-ahead.
    • Vacant Possession
      Vacant Possession
      Season 14 - Episode 77
      Sgt. Boyden and W.P.C. Page investigate a death from asphyxiation and try to establish whether the paving stone placed on his chimney was an act of murder.
    • Home Movie
      Home Movie
      Season 14 - Episode 40
      Sgt. Boyden uncovers an illicit pornographic video operation.
    • A Policeman's Lot
      A Policeman's Lot
      Season 13 - Episode 7
      P.C. Garfield objects when the officers of Sun Hill are forced to work with security guards following a vicious mugging and a burglary.
    • Episode 486
      Episode 486
      Season 23 - Episode 16
      Sgt Ackland breaks up a fight between an evicted tenant and a property developer on the Aldbourne Estate. Ackland finds herself under attack when she and PC Valentine investigate allegations that the developer used bribes to win the tender.
    • Good Faith 2
      Good Faith 2
      Season 14 - Episode 28
      The tit-for-tat violence escalates between rival gangs in Sun Hill.
    • A Bit of Respect
      A Bit of Respect
      Season 14 - Episode 21
      Sgt. Ackland sets out to trap a man who wants to take the law into his own hands.
    • A Day in the Life
      A Day in the Life
      Season 12 - Episode 104
      W.P.C. Keane is held hostage by a desperate armed robber.
    • Episode 478
      Episode 478
      Season 23 - Episode 8
      DC Nadir and PC Harman are taken captive by the drug dealers. DCI Meadows mounts a rescue operation, but Nadir had fed him a false location for the drugs delivery.
    • Episode 373
      Episode 373
      Season 21 - Episode 100
      DC Nadir and DS Nixon try to persuade a nervous witness to testify in court in a high profile drug case. Supt Okaro arrests the trial judge for drink driving. PCs Fletcher and Harman deal with a stolen car scam operating from a valet car park. PC Stamp decides to put his father into a residential home.moreless
    • Episode 069
      Episode 069
      Season 18 - Episode 80
      PC Cathy Bradford discovers a case of child abuse involves the son of her partner TDC Brandon Kane, and uses blackmail to force a teacher to push the case forward. But her plan goes awry when Brandon and his ex-wife Tanya agree to call a truce. PC Kerry Young is handing out invites to her wedding, but her ex-fiancé doesn't take it too well. Was he always this violent? Kerry, however, is distracted with plans for the staff Christmas party which Robbie Cryer seems to be organising single-handedly, and Supt Okaro offers a hundred pound prize for the best karaoke singer. Simon Kitson comes to Cass Rickman's rescue when she gets into a tussle with suspected serial killer Shane Pellow, so as a thank you she invites him to the party. Later, after he sends a text message, she pulls out of the karaoke trio to meet him at a bar instead. PC Nick Klein finally decides he's had enough of DS Phil Hunter riding roughshod over him and stumbles on a way to get him off his back. Along the way he comes to the realisation that he is in love with his best friend, PC Cass Rickman - but where is she?moreless
    • Episode 062
      Episode 062
      Season 18 - Episode 73
      PC Kerry Young receives a series of mystery calls, warning her off marrying PC Luke Ashton. PC Ruby Buxton's first day at work is spent showing PC Stamp around the Bronte Estate, where she grew up. Although the gang wars of the past week are all but over, when a prostitute is found badly beaten, it is almost certainly the work of Frank Magorian, newly-released from prison. DS Phil Hunter is running scared, as Magorian is after the blood of the copper he knows has slept with his wife and his daughter. When Hunter sees PC Nick Klein talking to Chloe Kendrick, he tells Magorian that Klein is "PC Hunter", which results in a coked-up Klein receiving a brutal beating. Buxton and Stamp pursue a dangerous driver, Craig Gilmore's boyfriend Carl, who crashes Gilmore's car and end up badly injured in St Hugh's. Carl admits to phoning Kerry and stealing her engagement ring, but he tells her that Luke is gay, a fact that a flustered Ashton is quick to deny.moreless
    • Episode 079
      Episode 079
      Season 19 - Episode 4
      Being in the pay of crime boss Ron Gregory is not paying off for DS Phil Hunter. Not only is his wife Cindy caught up in Gregory's dirty tricks, but DCI Meadows and Supt Okaro are onto him as well, and decide to use him to bring Gregory down. Supt Okaro clashes with the Borough Commander, Jane Fitzwilliam over how to solve the drug problem, and his old friend David Ackroyd's information about Gregory's plans to flood the streets with cheap heroin, costs him his life. Sister Sarah Donahue, the nun who runs the local community centre, and who was also friends with David, is so upset by his death that DC Danny Glaze gives her a more than sympathetic kiss. With the Supt's crackdown on burglaries, ATM robberies are on the increase and Cindy Hunter is mugged. Seeing her lying bashed in a hospital bed, Phil Hunter takes new interest in the robberies, and he and Webb and McAllister set up an operation to catch the culprits. Hunter's fury overtakes him and Webb has to stop him using a baseball bat on one of the fleeing robbers. PC Gary Best finds his nephew lying bruised at the bottom of the stairs, but still struggles to believe his sister Karen is responsible.moreless
    • Episode 447
      Episode 447
      Season 22 - Episode 70
      DSs Hunter and Nixon, in Bucharest to investigate a human trafficking operation, decide that they cannot trust the local police inspector. Back at Sun Hill, the assault victim is able to lead police to the brothel where she was forced to work, but also reveals a shocking piece of information about the aid worker who has been helping Hunter and Nixon in Romania.moreless
    • Episode 122
      Episode 122
      Season 19 - Episode 47
      PC Ashton confronts an armed teenager in a local mini mart. DS McAllister discovers the truth about boyfriend Michael and puts her life at risk. DC Drummond, investigating Alan Trent's activities, comes across an arms cache. PC Page gets emotionally involved with Dr Owen Preston.
    • Respect, Part One
      Respect, Part One
      Season 26 - Episode 30
      Insp Smith attends to a 14-year-old boy who has been fatally stabbed in a gang-related incident. DI Manson leads the investigation, and DC Webb calls on a former informant for assistance.
    • Search Me
      Search Me
      Season 16 - Episode 36
      There has been an outbreak of street robberies and stop and search (or stop and talk) is being resumed. Ch. Supt. Mannion asks Ch. Supt. Brownlow to stand in for him for a TV interview. The interview shows footage of the police carrying out two stop and search operations. Brownlow tries to shift some of the blame on his troops, which is greeted with some displeasure. To show the troops that he leads from the front, Brownlow and Ch. Insp. Conway decide to lead from the front and head onto the streets in the C.I.D. car. They respond to a call and collar one of the street robbers. The other robber hops onto a bus and Brownlow gets uniform to stop the bus, leading to some ribald comments about Brownlow arresting them by the busload. Mannion announces he's setting up a special unit to combat street robberies in the area.moreless
    • Way out West
      Way out West
      Season 14 - Episode 11
      P.C.s Quinnan and Stamp decide to play a prank on P.C. Jarvis, who is on diplomatic duties.
    • Episode 061
      Episode 061
      Season 18 - Episode 72
      As new Superintendent Adam Okaro takes charge at Sun Hill station, one of his first orders is to declare the Bronte Estate a no-go zone for his officers - a decision which causes a media uproar. Okaro organises a meeting with borough officials to discuss long-term solutions, then demands DCI Jack Meadows compile useful intelligence on the main players on the Bronte. PC Nick Klein uses a contact on the estate and discovers who is behind all the trouble - the jailed husband of Linda Kendrick and father of Chloe, both of whom have been seeing DS Phil Hunter, and manipulating him into removing the warring Bronte crews. DCI Meadows and the other officers are sceptical when Okaro takes the risky step of releasing Reload from custody with a kilo of cocaine to secure the release of his young brother. A massive dawn raid by SO19 sees all the key players behind bars... but Linda Kendrick's husband, newly released from prison, arrives to take charge of the estate... and he's after DS Hunter's blood.moreless
    • Episode 098
      Episode 098
      Season 19 - Episode 23
      PC Gary Best is smitten by the arrival of new PC Honey Harman, whose manner and appearance lead Sgt. Matt Boyden to conclude that she's a bit of an airhead. Searching the school for the gun used in the gymnasium shooting and the shooting of teacher Sonia Graham, PC Reg Hollis stumbles upon Boyden in an embrace with Acting DI Nixon's 15-year-old daughter. Sgt June Ackland recommends Reg inform Supt Okaro, which he does. Boyden is furious, but not as furious as Nixon when she finds out that her colleague has taken advantage of her underaged daughter. Insp Gina Gold and PC Luke Ashton are concerned that PC Kerry Young is back at work too soon after her miscarriage, but Kerry's considerable persuasive skills come into play when rape witness Beth Tyler is threatened on the estate and refuses to testify. Best and Harman follow some robbery suspects on foot patrol, but when this leads them to the gun and the student who murdered Sonia Graham, Best is taken hostage. Harman uses her judo skills to disarm the gunman, saving Best's life and earning his undying love.moreless
    • The Whip Hand
      The Whip Hand
      Season 14 - Episode 74
      W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Quinnan deal with a case of domestic abuse and uncover a horrifying family secret.
    • Fighting Chance
      Fighting Chance
      Season 14 - Episode 83
      P.C.s Garfield and Quinnan fear for the safety of a boxer who has disappeared, abandoning his young son.
    • One of Us
      One of Us
      Season 14 - Episode 62
      D.C. Carver is shocked when a woman names his friend from a neighbouring station as a flasher.
    • Daydream Believer
      Daydream Believer
      Season 14 - Episode 35
      W.D.C. Rawton and D.S. Daly investigate an assault on a resident of an old people's home.
    • Watching the Detectives
      Watching the Detectives
      Season 14 - Episode 65
      W.D.C Rawton and D.I. Deakin investigate the mysterious disappearance of a woman who has been campaigning to free her husband from jail.
    • The Stork
      The Stork
      Season 14 - Episode 61
      W.P.C. Keane and P.C. Garfield look into allegations that a New Age cult leader is encouraging underaged girls to engage in sexual activity.
    • Episode 066
      Episode 066
      Season 18 - Episode 77
      PCs Des Taviner and Gemma Osbourne complain about being taken off traffic duties, but Insp. Gina Gold assures them that after their dangerous car race, had they been civilians, they would now be serving time. But the Super has an even more humiliating plan in mind. TDC Kane and PC Cathy Bradford take over the investigation from Osbourne and Taviner when kids vandalise a local shop, but the old lady over the road who sees everything, takes them down an unexpected path - a path that may change her life. When Kane's ex-wife Tanya makes another appearance at the station, Cathy Bradford does her best to make life difficult. On quizzing Tanya's friend Ros, Cathy is surprised to find out about their relationship. Now that the manipulative Cathy sees Tanya as an easy target, will she let anything stand in her way? Debbie McAllister is feeling alone and unsupported, but DCI Jack Meadow's visit to the hospital inspires her to make a big decision about her career. Bonding with her new baby however, is not so easy and the closest she gets is giving the child a name.moreless
    • Chasing Shadows
      Chasing Shadows
      Season 15 - Episode 2
      D.C.I. Meadows leads an operation to rescue a missing undercover officer.
    • The Driver
      The Driver
      Season 16 - Episode 24
      P.C. Hagen goes undercover as a driver for the manager of a string of massage parlours.
    • Follow Through
      Follow Through
      Season 15 - Episode 3
      D.C. Holmes goes undercover as a prison inmate to crack a drugs ring.
    • Rough Justice
      Rough Justice
      Season 23 - Episode 72
      DS Turner appears on a television crime show asking for the public's assistance in solving a vicious burglary. He and DC Perkins investigate, assisted by PCs Green and Gayle.
    • Episode 470
      Episode 470
      Season 22 - Episode 91
      The future of Sun Hill station is under threat, and Supt Heaton demands improved performance from the team. PCs Valentine and Hollis come across the decomposed body of a drug user. New Sgt Nikki Wright and PC Stamp attend the scene of a failed robbery at a jeweller's shop. DC Perkins questions a man about another planned robbery. Sgt Ackland and Rod Jessop discuss an anti-bullying campaign, and he proposes.moreless
    • And Nothing but the Truth
      And Nothing but the Truth
      Season 23 - Episode 30
      DC Webb investigates the death of a young woman found drowned in a swimming pool, then confronts Supt Heaton over his liaison with Mia Perry. PC Fletcher tells PC Hinckley that her husband has been lying to her.
    • Cop Killer Part 2
      Cop Killer Part 2
      Season 23 - Episode 49
      The prime suspect for the murder of PC Rowan and the assault on Sgt Doug Wright is brought in to the station, but Sgt Nikki Wright cannot pick him out of a line-up. Determined to bring a killer to justice, Wright and PC Armstrong trail the suspect, but they may be taking their lives in their hands…moreless
    • Don't Want to Hear the Bad News
      Don't Want to Hear the Bad News
      Season 13 - Episode 53
      D.S. Daly and D.C. Skase investigate a burglary and uncover a deep rift between the suspect's girlfriend and her mother.
    • All in the Mind
      All in the Mind
      Season 12 - Episode 133
      Insp. Monroe and Sgt. Ackland suspect that a series of apparently unrelated incidents across Sun Hill may be linked to the release of a psychiatric patient trying to find her children.
    • Episode 006
      Episode 006
      Season 18 - Episode 17
      Sun Hill is in shock after the death of Ch Insp Conway. DS Singh decides to confront prime suspect Jeff Simpson.
    • The Old Pals' Act
      The Old Pals' Act
      Season 13 - Episode 1
      Ch. Insp. Conway leads a raid on an after-hours pub, but two officers are injured. Ch. Supt. Brownlow is called in and he finds that the son of an old friend is involved.
    • Volcano
      Season 14 - Episode 53
      P.C. Jarvis and W.P.C. Hagen are put in the area car together, and almost come to blows.
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Season 19 - Episode 29
      PC Nick Klein and PC Ruby Buxton find Edith Bradley, an elderly woman, wandering alone and frightened on the Coal Lane estate. Moments later, Sgt Sheelagh Murphy and PC Des Taviner discover an elderly man, Ted Davis, in the same condition. Both refuse police help, despite their flats having been broken into. Klein teams up with Murphy to find out what has happened and why the two are so terrified of the police. PC Jim Carver nearly catches Klein with cocaine in the locker room. When Sgt Murphy notices the animosity between the two, it isn't before Carver spills the beans about Nick's drug habit. TDC Brandon Kane's ex-wife Tanya arrives at the station, anxious over hate mail she has received. When she meets up with PC Cathy Bradford and mentions a possible reconciliation between herself and Brandon, Cathy lashes out, with fatal consequences.moreless
    • Episode 033
      Episode 033
      Season 18 - Episode 44
      DC Glaze investigates a violent assault. Insp Gold and DCI Meadows clash over the handling of a suspect. PCs Hollis and Taviner are attacked in the Area Car.
    • Meltdown, Part 2
      Meltdown, Part 2
      Season 16 - Episode 19
      P.C. Quinnan disobeys orders to find a missing youth as the police face an uphill struggle to gain control of the Jasmine Allen estate.
    • Reasons to Be Fearful
      Reasons to Be Fearful
      Season 16 - Episode 15
      Sgt. Boyden and P.C. Worrell arrest a man dealing drugs to schoolchildren, but D.S. Beech needs to use the man's mother as a witness against a major villain.
    • Episode 481
      Episode 481
      Season 23 - Episode 13
      Newly-promoted DI Nixon takes on the outstanding missing-person files, and proposes a press event to stimulate new responses in the Tennant case. The relief is policing the Aldbourne Estate, which is to be redeveloped despite the objections of some residents. PCs Stamp and Hollis catch a youth who has been stealing piping from one of the properties, but the developer refuses to press charges. Sgt Ackland challenges him over the use of a derelict property as a drugs den. Sgt Smith and PC Valentine arrest a man for reckless driving, but he gives a false identity and is bailed. Nixon and DS Turner arrange a sting operation to trap him. Sgt Smith is unimpressed when TDC Walker decides to spring a surprise for his birthday, and decides to end their relationship. Ackland tells Stamp and Hollis that she has decided to retire.moreless
    • Episode 053
      Episode 053
      Season 18 - Episode 64
      DS McAllister is still in a state of shock after being raped by new husband, while DCI Meadows and DC Webb prepare to reveal the truth about the rape of Louise Marsden.
    • Episode 222
      Episode 222
      Season 20 - Episode 42
      A sceptical DI Neil Manson reluctantly agrees to DS Samantha Nixon's requests to hire a profiler to help catch Sun Hill's serial rapist. Nixon and profiler Dr Hugh Wallis review the cases and the locations, and conclude that the perpetrator knows the area very well. PC Gabriel Kent's vigilante actions on the Coal Lane Estate spiral out of control when he arranges for a skinhead gang to attack two black youths as revenge for mugging an elderly Asian lady. With his former allies on the estate turning against him, Kent must act quickly to ensure his involvement is not discovered. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy is in court in the case of a drink-driving Rastafarian she arrested for refusing a blood test, and is humiliated when the case is thrown out of court, and she is accused of racism and insensitivity to the man's religious beliefs. Advocate Jerome Taylor alerts the Borough Commander to the case, and Supt Adam Okaro is forced to offer Sgt Murphy a choice between transfer or demotion. PC Honey Harman and PC Cameron Tait attend to a man dressed as a bear protesting for fathers' rights. Cameron realises the man has booby-trapped his ex-wife's house, and Sgt Murphy risks her life to defuse the bombs he has hidden. With the situation literally defused, Tait and Harman continue their patrol, but are horrified when a car containing two small children rolls into the Thames in front of them.moreless
    • Episode 302
      Episode 302
      Season 21 - Episode 29
      DI Manson, under investigation by the NCS, finds a surveillance device in his house. A sequence of events convinces him that he is being framed.
    • Episode 377
      Episode 377
      Season 21 - Episode 104
      Sgt Smith helps investigate when a young woman is attacked in her home by an intruder. DC Webb covers for DC Sim, who misplaces some evidence, and offers to help her revise for her sergeant’s exams. PC Johannsen has another bad day, and argues with Insp Gold. Smith considers resigning to be with Louise Larson.moreless
    • Episode 421
      Episode 421
      Season 22 - Episode 44
      Supt John Heaton arrives to take charge at Sun Hill. The CID team set out to impress the new boss by finding a local drug dealer who is wanted for GBH. DCs Sim and Walker investigate an assault and discover that a serial rapist may be at large.
    • Episode 346
      Episode 346
      Season 21 - Episode 73
      DC Masters is assigned as contact officer for a notorious child killer Lesley Palmer, now released after 20 years in prison. Unfortunately, Palmer has told a former cell mate about her new identity. Police investigating an assault at a clip joint cannot get a witness to talk. PC Valentine recognises Anka and persuades her to give a statement, but she is sacked for her trouble. Valentine offers to let her stay at his house. She later offers herself to him and, when he rejects her, she decides to move out. PC Murphy deals with an assault victim who refuses to make a statement. PC Bryant tells Murphy that the woman and PC Kent were lovers. Murphy confronts Kent, who proposes to her.moreless
    • Episode 008
      Episode 008
      Season 18 - Episode 19
      Supt Chandler struggles to coordinate the police response to outbreaks of violence in advance of a white supremacist march. PC Carver has to rescue Sgt Ackland from a masked gang. PC Taviner is anxious to retrieve a forged £50 note from Ch Insp Conway's collection. Sun Hill station is the target of attacks by gangs of youths.moreless
    • Episode 065
      Episode 065
      Season 18 - Episode 76
      A distraught Acting DI Samantha Nixon searches desperately for her missing daughter, Abi, fearing she may be the next victim of the serial killer. TDC Brandon Kane's ex-wife leaves him with their two kids while she tends to her injured mother. Ordered by Supt Okaro to assist Nixon in the search for her daughter, Kane leaves his unruly children in the care of CSU's Jim Carver and June Ackland. PC Reg Hollis searches for a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig stolen from a city farm. Abi Nixon turns up at Sun Hill, demanding to know who her father is. As PC Des Taviner and PC Gemma Osborne race their police cars across London to reach a call first, their radio traffic and then their cars are intercepted by a furious Supt Okaro and Insp Gina Gold, fresh from a meeting at New Scotland Yard.moreless
    • Episode 068
      Episode 068
      Season 18 - Episode 79
      DS Debbie McAllister's post-natal depression clouds her judgement when a father tries to protect his schizophrenic son. Her attitude alarms DCI Jack Meadows who enlists Eva Sharpe to help him convince Debbie to keep her baby. PC Nick Klein, recently released from hospital, and PC Ruby Buxton are asked by a local shopkeeper to get a drug dealer away from his corner. But while Ruby talks to the shop owner, Nick takes the chance to swap his hospital medication for cocaine. Convinced their chief suspect Shane Pellow is the serial killer, DCs Duncan Lennox and Danny Glaze decide to check the victims' phone records to see if there is any connection. They discover that at least two of the victims had placed "Lonely Hearts" ads in the local paper. Meanwhile Pellow's girlfriend, having found a bracelet belonging to one of the murdered girls, tells Cass Rickman she also thinks Shane is the killer. Little does TDC Brandon Kane know that while his seemingly sympathetic partner PC Cathy Bradford gives him a shoulder to cry on, she is actually the one who put his ex-wife's vindictive actions in motion. Simon Kitson loses his temper when front desk Robbie refuses to tell Cass Rickman he is waiting, but when he does corner Cass, she tells him it's all over. Meanwhile Cass's concern for Nick Klein's increasingly worrying drug habit turns to jealousy when Ruby Buxton lets slip that he has asked her out for drink. But Cass's worst fears are realised when she finds him doing a line of coke in the station car park.moreless
    • Without a Prayer
      Without a Prayer
      Season 14 - Episode 32
      P.C. Garfield and W.P.C. Keane try to discover the cause of death of a woman found dead in a church hall.
    • Episode 297
      Episode 297
      Season 21 - Episode 24
      PC Powell tries to engage the youths on the Cole Lane estate. Acting DC Best sets up a drugs bust without notifying the Operation Mercury team. PC Harman refuses to believe that her fiancé Scott might have murdered his wife.
    • Red Herrings
      Red Herrings
      Season 14 - Episode 59
      D.C.s Carver and Proctor respond to a tip-off about the theft of some fish.
    • The Better Man
      The Better Man
      Season 14 - Episode 58
      D.S. Daly and D.C. Carver try to get evidence against a young drug addict suspected of the brutal assault of a police officer.
    • Bad For Your Health Part One
      Bad For Your Health Part One
      Season 16 - Episode 83
      It's Dave Quinnan's first wedding anniversary, and tensions are high between him and Polly Page. A series of brutal beatings reveals a turf war between two rival gangs of cigarette smugglers. Nick Klein finds himself in trouble when he tries to buy a mixing desk from his favourite DJ, Johnny Margolis, and ends up abducted by the McBride gang.moreless
    • Episode 301
      Episode 301
      Season 21 - Episode 28
      DS Nixon and DC Perkins pursue serial rapist Alan Kennedy. Officers from the National Crime Squad arrive to investigate DI Manson's alleged involvement in perverting a major money laundering trial. DS De Costa has to release a man suspected of domestic abuse when the wife's statement is mislaid. PC Powell is intimidated by local drug dealer Adi Mateen.moreless
    • Twanky
      Season 13 - Episode 151
      PC Polly Page attempts to direct the Sun Hill team in a pantomime performance of "Aladdin", but has to put up with Brownlow and Conway sniping at each other through the script, and a deranged man attempting to kill DI Deakin.
    • With This Body
      With This Body
      Season 11 - Episode 127
      Sgt. Boyden and P.C. Hollis attend to a corpse in a car, and find that the dead man led a double life.
    • Compensation
      Season 11 - Episode 131
      D.S. Boulton and D.C. Woods investigate the kidnapping of a teenage girl and look to her distraught parents for help.
    • Kick Me Hard
      Kick Me Hard
      Season 12 - Episode 80
      D.S. Daly mounts an operation to catch muggers. W.P.C. Page goes into the field as a pregnant woman to act as bait.
    • Nearest and Dearest
      Nearest and Dearest
      Season 11 - Episode 93
      W.P.C. Keane and Sgt. Cryer investigate the defrauding of an old person.
    • All in the Game
      All in the Game
      Season 11 - Episode 103
      D.S. Beech and D.C. Carver investigate the hit-and-run of a young football star. D.C. Skase deals with an old robbery case.
    • Episode 345
      Episode 345
      Season 21 - Episode 72
      Insp Gold assists PCs Casper and Hollis in attending to an elderly man whose growing confusion makes him behave in an aggressive manner. He is later reported missing in possession of a loaded gun. Gold has snuck off to the pub and cannot be contacted. Supt Prosser calls in SO19, but they storm the wrong house. Gold returns to duty and persuades the man to surrender his weapon. Ch Supt Barratt is furious and, looking for a scapegoat, Supt Prosser tells him about Gold's absence and her drinking on duty. Gold is suspended from duty while her drink problem is assessed. DS Nixon and DC Nadir investigate a former associate of Pete Larson, and Nadir goes undercover to buy a passport. Sgt Smith is in bed with Mrs Larson when her husband returns home unexpectedly.moreless
    • Sweet Innocent
      Sweet Innocent
      Season 11 - Episode 145
      P.C.s Stamp and Slater attend to a break-in and apprehend a suspect with a suspiciously large sum of money, but the occupier denies all knowledge of the cash.
    • Today & Tomorrow
      Today & Tomorrow
      Season 11 - Episode 67
      D.S. Pearce and D.I. Deakin clash over conflicting information from their respective informants.
    • Big Boys' Rules
      Big Boys' Rules
      Season 11 - Episode 74
      D.C.s Carver and Skase look into the hi-jacking of a lorry and realise that their investigation is being shadowed by a violent gang.
    • Getaway
      Season 11 - Episode 140
      An ageing con man staggers into St. Hugh's hospital with a gunshot wound. C.I.D. investigate a potential link to an armed robbery at a betting shop.
    • Too Clever by Half
      Too Clever by Half
      Season 11 - Episode 100
      D.C. Carver goes undercover as a barman to expose an extortion racket, and is surprised when D.S. Beech arrives.
    • Episode 071
      Episode 071
      Season 18 - Episode 82
      When Cass Rickman's handbag is found in the street, the high from last night's party quickly dissipates. Now it's not just Nick Klein who worries for her safety. Then a body is found in the Thames and everyone holds their breath - but it's not Cass. Interviews with PCs Klein, Young and Best and Robbie Cryer, reveal to DCI Meadows and Insp Gold that three men have an axe to grind with Cass - Simon Kitson, Shane Pellow and Martin Porter. Beside himself with worry, Nick Klein is ordered home, but frantic to find Cass, he wanders the shoreline. Meanwhile PCs Hollis and Taviner find Kitson and Pellow fighting, Pellow saying he was attacked for no reason. Kitson says he was in love with Cass, and Pellow killed her because she had talked his girlfriend into leaving him. Both are taken back to the station for questioning. Tragically, Klein finds Cass's body lying by the river - Sun Hill's serial killer has taken one of their own. Nick is inconsolable, but when Cass's mother arrives he gives her a shoulder to cry on, and tells her he was in love with her daughter. Forensics finds a strand of hair in the boot of Pat Kitson's car - it belongs to Cass, so Simon Kitson is detained for questioning. Shane Pellow is subsequently released - but who is the killer?moreless
    • Episode 115
      Episode 115
      Season 19 - Episode 40
      Sgt June Ackland is feeling sheepish about last night's blunder - thinking PC Jim Carver was about to propose, but work beckons. An elderly Czechoslovakian woman is being victimised on the local estate and June feels it is racially motivated. DS Phil Hunter and DC Eva Sharpe are puzzled when solicitor Robert Fenn withdraws his assault complaint against colleague Kim Bradbury, but then they discover Kim has resigned. Eva confesses she visited the seedy bar where Robert and his friends hang out and where the assault happened and she convinces Phil that they're dealing drugs. Cameron Tait goes undercover to check out the action, gets the evidence and they raid the bar. PC Gemma Osbourne is determined to help Ziba and her daughter Niki and can't even conceive of their returning to Iran, but at what cost to her career? Having already been warned off by Insp. Gold, her conscience gets the better of her, and she helps the woman escape. A screaming match ensues and Gemma is given her marching orders. Jim announces his engagement in the canteen and invites everyone to join him later for a celebratory drink. June decides to go along, but after meeting Marie, Jim's fiancée, feels sorry for herself, drinks too much, and ends up in a compromising situation...moreless
    • Episode 092
      Episode 092
      Season 19 - Episode 17
      Suspected paedophile Clive Inverdale goes to court, and public interest in the case causes a headache for the officers. DS Hunter has a terrible lapse of judgement.
    • Lucky Find
      Lucky Find
      Season 14 - Episode 33
      When a girl goes missing by the river, Deakin sees an opportunity to nail an old adversary.
    • Three Cheers
      Three Cheers
      Season 14 - Episode 68
      P.C. Hollis arrests a notorious cat burglar.
    • Episode 480
      Episode 480
      Season 23 - Episode 12
      PCs Valentine and Casper attend to the victim of a stabbing. Sgt Ackland and PC Stamp investigate the connection with Harvey Wallace School. Insp Gold and Sgt Smith search for an absconded prisoner. PCs Noble and Hollis are called to the scene of a burglary at a pharmacy. Gold receives some unexpected gifts from her lover. Ackland suggests that she and her fiancé bring forward their wedding plans and retire.moreless
    • Episode 109
      Episode 109
      Season 19 - Episode 34
      With a five-year-old girl in hospital having accidentally ingested crack cocaine, the search is on to find her mother—and it's not long before Sgt Matt Boyden realises the missing woman is none other than his own tearaway daughter Amy. But the case takes on a different dimension for PC Gary Best when he discovers that colleague PC Nick Klein was also in the taxi that dropped the little girl off. Back at the station, a thief is at large and new boy PC Cameron Tait is in the frame, while Acting DI Sam Nixon faces facts when her trouble-making teenage daughter is brought in for being drunk and disorderly.moreless
    • The Scent of Compassion
      The Scent of Compassion
      Season 14 - Episode 42
      Ashton's sense of compassion is crucial in solving a cruel assault case.
    • Episode 228
      Episode 228
      Season 20 - Episode 48
      DS Samantha Nixon and Dr Hugh Wallis are concentrating on the Royal Navy link to the serial rapist, and interview a Scottish prostitute whose rape over ten years previously matches the profile and may have started the rapist off. PC Andrea Dunbar hides a press clipping of an article she wrote about the incident, but fears for her cover when a journalist colleague arrives at the station to interview PC Lance Powell as the 'new face of Sun Hill'. Powell investigates what looks like another homophobic hate crime when a man is bashed after meeting a young man at a gay club. PC Sheelagh Murphy is shocked when she recognises her son Conor on the CCTV evidence, and Powell is forced to arrest Conor for GBH. DC Jim Carver and PC Honey Harman investigate when a fortune teller has her crystal ball stolen, and Jim later visits June Ackland in hospital where he hands her a ring and proposes to her. PC Gabriel Kent all but admits to PC Cameron Tait that he raped PC Kerry Young, then calls off sick. Shortly afterwards, a Norwegian student is raped. When Young receives a list from the MOD police of naval personnel at the bases near where previous rapes took place, she sees Gabriel's name on the list.moreless
    • Manhunt
      Season 14 - Episode 44
      D.I. Deakin and D.C. Carver investigate a case of male rape.
    • The Bus Driver's Prayer
      The Bus Driver's Prayer
      Season 14 - Episode 70
      W.P.C. Page is shocked by a caller who says that he has shot a man and left him to die.
    • Friends in High Places
      Friends in High Places
      Season 14 - Episode 15
      A car belonging to a rival Chief Superintendent's wife is stolen right from under Santini and Quinnan's noses.
    • Safe Place
      Safe Place
      Season 6 - Episode 20
      Roach is not getting far after a bank robbery. It appears to be an exact copy of a robbery that occurred eight years before. The same employee was involved in both robberies and has signed himself into a psychiatric hospital. Viv goes undercover. He appears to be a natural born victim.moreless
    • The Leopard Part One
      The Leopard Part One
      Season 17 - Episode 20
      PCs Smith and Klein attend to Mr Kennedy, whose house and garden shed have been attacked by vandals repeatedly over the past few weeks. When Kennedy threatens to take matters into his own hands, Smith casually comments that he wouldn't blame him if he did. Smith and Klein both apply for new jobs: Smith submits his application to SO19 and Supt Chandler wants Klein to take the position of partnership officer at the Town Hall. When Kennedy shoots a young boy, and insists that PC Smith told him to do so, Klein reluctantly confirms what was said, and Smith accuses him of grassing him up. After attacking Klein in the corridor, and under investigation by CIB, Smith is suspended from duty.moreless
    • Trail of Blood
      Trail of Blood
      Season 23 - Episode 54
      Acting Insp Smith organises a police presence at the funeral of a murdered supermodel. PCs Keane and Green track down the man accused of her murder when he escapes from hospital. Sgt Wright attends the branch of a building society, where armed robbers have made off with £20,000.
    • You Pays Your Money
      You Pays Your Money
      Season 14 - Episode 2
      A family are strangely silent about the death of their landlord.
    • Episode 049
      Episode 049
      Season 18 - Episode 60
      DC Lennox and A/DI Nixon get a potential lead on the serial killer when a man comes in to report his neighbour. PC Bradford and TDC Kane are called to a domestic dispute and asked to arrest a wayward daughter. DCI Meadows and DC Webb follow Supt Chandler as he meets former colleagues to discuss the night of Anne Merrick's rape, and visits his brother.moreless
    • Episode 138
      Episode 138
      Season 19 - Episode 63
      DS Phil Hunter and DC Eva Sharpe investigate an assault case, where a man's football career has been ruined by an apparent deliberate foul. They arrest the suspect after viewing a videotape of the match, but bringing him back to Sun Hill, they are surprised to find out he is PC Honey Harman's fiancé. Harman risks her career to save "her Fletch" and hides the videotape evidence in her locker. No one is surprised when DC Mickey Webb turns up to work despite the death of his mother the day before. DCI Jack Meadows tries to distract him with another case, but Webb is determined to track down the driver who killed his mother. Arresting a drunk driver, Webb thinks he has his man, but a woman turns up at the station to admit she was the driver. At Webb's encouragement, DC Juliet Becker uses a young prostitute as bait in a big drugs sting. When the woman goes missing, Webb checks her escort agency's website and is stunned to see DCI Meadows' new girlfriend is a prostitute. Sgt Dale Smith and Insp Gina Gold have a drinking contest at the local pub after work, but when Smithy cheats, will their light-hearted fun end in disaster?moreless
    • Square Peg, Round Hole
      Square Peg, Round Hole
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      When a raid on a known drug addict goes awry, D.S. Boulton is spiked by the desperate criminal's needle, leaving Sun Hill's tough guy frightened and angry - and in need of an HIV test.
    • King of the Road
      King of the Road
      Season 14 - Episode 84
      P.C. Hollis suggests using an old caravan as a mobile police station.
    • Episode 099
      Episode 099
      Season 19 - Episode 24
      PC Polly Page returns to duty at Sun Hill following her breakdown. She is assigned to the CSU, and paired with PC Cathy Bradford. Page and Bradford investigate a stalking case which becomes far less straightforward when both parties accuse the other of harassment. PC Gary Best goes undercover as a schoolboy to investigate drug dealers targeting the school, but when his information leads to a raid, Abigail Nixon blows his cover. Arrested for assault by PC Luke Ashton, Acting DI Nixon and Sgt Murphy witness Abi putting the moves on a befuddled Ashton, making Sgt Matt Boyden's denials slightly more believable. PC Jim Carver spends the day with the mother of murdered teacher Sonia Graham, but his professional role as Family Liaison Officer is compromised when they end up in bed together.moreless
    • Episode 114
      Episode 114
      Season 19 - Episode 39
      PC Osbourne gets over-involved with the problems of an asylum seeker. DC Sharpe and DS Hunter investigate an alleged assault on a lawyer by a female colleague. Sgt Ackland jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees a ring in PC Carver's desk drawer.
    • Episode 070
      Episode 070
      Season 18 - Episode 81
      The "Cop Idol" Christmas party gets into full swing with everyone blissfully unaware Cass Rickman is lying unconscious in the boot of a car. PC Kerry Young, already distracted by Cass's absence, makes a discovery about Craig Gilmore's boyfriend Carl that will shake Craig's world. PCs Tony Stamp and Gary Best find a man wandering the streets and take him home, only to find he is living alone and without electricity. They decide to delve into his financial situation, and discover that either his neighbour or the builder he employed, or both, have been ripping him off - and how come they know each other? A visit to DS Phil Hunter's old station gives Nick Klein enough ammunition to get Hunter off his back, so a relieved Nick decides it's time he told Cass how he feels about her. Meanwhile, terrified, blindfolded and strapped to a chair, Cass tries to engage her abductor in conversation, but to no avail. Her fear increases when she feels her hair being chopped off, but then her abductor leaves. At the party, everyone gets into the swing of things, with Kerry, Robbie and Gemma's Atomic Kitten routine proving very popular. DC Webb is gutted when Robbie Cryer's hunky date arrives, and Kerry's concern about Cass increases when Simon Kitson turns up looking for her - they thought she had left to meet him. In a darkened warehouse, Cass hears her abductor return and then her blindfold is removed. Is she staring at the Sun Hill serial killer, and will her colleagues find her before it's too late?moreless
    • Episode 040
      Episode 040
      Season 18 - Episode 51
      PCs Stamp and Hollis are called to invesigate bizarre events at a local almshouse. PC Klein, working under cover with DS Hunter at a night club on a drugs operation, takes some cocaine. Sgt Gilmore is furious when Ashton and Young are late for shift, having spent the night together.
    • Brighton Rocks, Episode Two
      Brighton Rocks, Episode Two
      Season 14 - Episode 56
      D.C. Skase persuades Brighton C.I.D. to help track down the missing D.S. Beech.
    • Cooking
      Season 14 - Episode 82
      D.S. Greig and D.I. Deakin mount an operation against a crack dealer, and Greig learns that his appeal against tenure has failed.
    • Episode 298
      Episode 298
      Season 21 - Episode 25
      PC Dan Casper transfers to Sun Hill, and tries to save a girl from a suicide attempt. PC Valentine is assigned to the Vulnerable Persons Unit. Scott Burnett pressurises PC Harman into setting a date for their wedding. Insp Gold confides in Sgt Smith about her condition. Acting DC Best critices his uniformed colleagues. DS De Costa tries to set some boundaries for new office cleaner Margaret Barnes.moreless
    • Moving Target Part 2
      Moving Target Part 2
      Season 23 - Episode 83
      Officers investigate the double-shooting at the Rock against Racism concert. DCs Masters and Perkins uncover a possible connection to the Bulldogs of Patriotism. DC Dasari investigates the involvement of a local M.P. in the illegal import of artefacts. DI Manson realises that Supt Heaton was an intended target.
    • Episode 374
      Episode 374
      Season 21 - Episode 101
      DC Perkins investigates a case of alleged sexual assault by a female boss. PCs Fletcher and Harman try to reunite a homeless ex-soldier with his family. Ben Perkins is released from prison, upsetting his abused son. DCI Meadows is shocked when his drug-dealing son, Benjamin, is given a harsh sentence. PC Stamp plays a Christmas prank on PC Casper but it backfires on him.moreless
    • Frontline: End Game
      Frontline: End Game
      Season 24 - Episode 35
      Another bomb warning is sent to Sun Hill. DC Dasari interviews the men apparently targeted in the earlier incidents. As the time of the threatened explosion approaches, officers realise that the person behind the bombs has been in the station throughout the investigation. Sgt Stone and DC Webb race to find it in time. Officers attend PC Keane's funeral service.moreless
    • Smash and Grab — Part 1
      Smash and Grab — Part 1
      Season 25 - Episode 30
      DS Carter leads an investigation into an armed robbery at a toy shop. CCTV footage appears to show two known thieves casing the shop the day before. Carter suspects that a woman seen arguing with an employee moments before the robbery was acting as a decoy, but PC Brown is convinced of her innocence.moreless
    • Old Wounds
      Old Wounds
      Season 23 - Episode 43
      PCs Fletcher and Casper attend to a woman who claims to have been raped. New evidence leads DCI Meadows and former colleague DCI Roy Atherton to reopen an investigation into a 20-year-old series of rapes. PCs Keane, Green and Valentine call to enforce an injuction in a domestic dispute and uncover a case of credit card cloning.moreless
    • Episode 465
      Episode 465
      Season 22 - Episode 88
      DCs Masters and Perkins searches for Masters's associate, who has been abducted at gunpoint. PCs Stamp, Hollis, Harman and Kapoor attend a mass eviction of council tenants from the Aldbourne Estate.
    • Three in a Bed
      Three in a Bed
      Season 11 - Episode 98
      Sgt. Boyden and D.S. Beech lock horns when an off-duty police officer is arrested for drink-driving.
    • The Same Stripe, Part Two
      The Same Stripe, Part Two
      Season 13 - Episode 142
      Sgt. Ackland is behind bars on a charge of accepting bribes, and her trusted informant has disappeared without trace.
    • Take It to the Grave
      Take It to the Grave
      Season 23 - Episode 74
      Insp Gold visits the family of an old-time bank robber in an attempt to find out why he has returned to the country. DC Webb and PC Armstrong mount a surveillance operation on the suspect, but are unable to prevent a further robbery.
    • And Nothing But
      And Nothing But
      Season 12 - Episode 46
      P.C. Loxton arrests a black man he suspects is responsible for a mugging and is accused of racism. W.P.C. Keane is part of an operation to catch a drug dealer.
    • Episode 376
      Episode 376
      Season 21 - Episode 103
      DCs Masters and Sim investigate when a white man appears to have been assaulted by some Asians in a racially-motivated attack. Sgt Smith and PC Kapoor deal with a domestic dispute when a man breaks down the door to his ex-wife's house, claiming that his she won't allow him to deliver Christmas presents to his children even though it's his access day. Insp Gold tells PC Johannsen that she wants to see an improvement in her performance. Sgt Smith rejects Louise Larson, then discovers that she is going into witness protection as she is to testify against her husband.moreless
    • Episode 362
      Episode 362
      Season 21 - Episode 89
      The relief go after offenders who have failed to attend court. DC Masters and DS Hunter investigate an armed robbery at an off-licence and are led to an illegal firearms manufacturer. Insp Gold returns to Sun Hill. PC Murphy considers resigning. DS Hunter tells wife Cindy about the baby and she insists on a paternity test.moreless
    • Professional Ethics
      Professional Ethics
      Season 12 - Episode 52
      D.S. Greig and D.C. Lines investigate graffiti attacks on motor vehicles and uncover a fraud.
    • Detained
      Season 12 - Episode 108
      P.C.s Garfield and McCann investigate a vicious mugging. A Filipina woman proves to be their only lead, but she is reluctant to come forward.
    • Joker
      Season 13 - Episode 38
      D.S. Beech and W.D.C. Croft investigate the killing of a stand-up comic.
    • Night of the Long Knives
      Night of the Long Knives
      Season 13 - Episode 121
      The relief is furious at working in endless shifts, especially when Keane, Loxton and Jarvis have called in sick. Its Garfield's duty as Fed Rep to sort things out, when an evening turns from bad to worse.
    • Animal
      Season 12 - Episode 43
      Sgt. Boyden and W.P.C. Datta try to secure a conviction against a vicious pimp.
    • Episode 449
      Episode 449
      Season 22 - Episode 72
      DC Perkins and TDC Walker set up an operation to intercept an illegal shipment from Spain. PCs Kapoor and Hollis attend to an illegal imigrant who has been seriously injured during a mugging. The suspended PC Hemmingway has meetings with Kapoor, her Federation Rep, and Supt Heaton. Perkins shares a passionate kiss with his ex-wife.moreless
    • Episode 331
      Episode 331
      Season 21 - Episode 58
      Acting Supt Meadows arrests his son Benjamin for possession of cocaine. Benjamin's prints match those from a previous assault case. Acting DI De Costa and DS Nixon investigate the disappearance of a young nurse, and Peter Baxter is implicated. The internal inquiry into the death of Lee Chapman is concluded. PC Kent invites PC Murphy back to his house.moreless
    • Game Plan — Part 2
      Game Plan — Part 2
      Season 24 - Episode 57
      DS Carter, having inveigled himself into the drug baron's gang, tries to get close to the cocaine shipment. DCI Meadows persuades the gangster's daughter to turn on her father.
    • Heart of Gold
      Heart of Gold
      Season 11 - Episode 135
      D.S. Boulton and D.C. Lines uncover some dodgy dealings when a businessman reports his credit card stolen.
    • Frontline: Shockwave
      Frontline: Shockwave
      Season 24 - Episode 33
      PCs Keane and Armstrong are on the beat when they are shocked by two explosions. Sgt Stone coordinates the efforts of officers from Sun Hill and Barton Street as they deal with terrified people desperate for information, and the threat posed by opportunist criminals. When police receive a warning about a third explosive device, Keane puts her life on the line.moreless
    • Blood Rush Part 1
      Blood Rush Part 1
      Season 24 - Episode 25
      PCs Stamp and Gayle find the body of a missing teenager in a derelict house. DS Turner and DC Moss investigate and discover the girl was hooked on heroin and forced into prostitution by a local drug dealer and pimp.
    • Love Me, Love My Dog
      Love Me, Love My Dog
      Season 11 - Episode 134
      P.C. McCann learns some hard truths about what it takes to be a sergeant.
    • To Catch a Killer Part 2
      To Catch a Killer Part 2
      Season 24 - Episode 4
      Supt Heaton organises a press conference to appeal for help in the search for an abducted 11-year-old. When a ransom note is received, DI Manson solicits the continued assistance of a convicted child killer.
    • Broken Homes
      Broken Homes
      Season 12 - Episode 37
      P.C. Loxton and W.P.C. Keane chase a local tearaway, who gets injured. Ch. Insp. Conway has to deal with the resultant accusations of police harassment.
    • Zain: Inside Out Part 2
      Zain: Inside Out Part 2
      Season 23 - Episode 90
      Supt Heaton arranges for Nadir to be released from prison for a day to help DCI Meadows track down an escaped murderer. Unsurprisingly, Nadir encounters hostility from his former colleagues.
    • Operation Brass Balls
      Operation Brass Balls
      Season 23 - Episode 88
      PCs Roberts and Keane check out a second-hand jewellery shop suspected of handling stolen goods. DCs Masters and Webb set up a sting operation in the hope of solving a series of warehouse robberies. PCs Green and Noble investigate a fake computer repair shop.
    • Big Hitters
      Big Hitters
      Season 11 - Episode 72
      D.S. Beech helps W.D.C. Croft investigate a violent assault case, but she is uncomfortable with his methods.
    • Looking for Justice
      Looking for Justice
      Season 11 - Episode 61
      D.C. Carver deals with a family angered when a criminal is allowed to walk free.
    • Episode 444
      Episode 444
      Season 22 - Episode 67
      PCs Hollis and Stamp investigate a dog-napping and uncover a murder. PCs Fletcher and Keane are called to a disturbance and find the wife of a convicted rapist trying to kill herself. PC Fletcher discovers that PC Casper is taking steroids. Smith and TDC Walker get intimate in the sergeant's office. DC Perkins steps into the relationship between PC Hardy and his daughter. PC Stamp's father is hospitalised.moreless
    • Episode 464
      Episode 464
      Season 22 - Episode 87
      DC Masters, who has been working undercover at a haulage firm involved in gun-running, returns to Sun Hill and asks for assistance. PCs Harman and Kapoor break-up a fight at a funeral.
    • Episode 448
      Episode 448
      Season 22 - Episode 71
      PCs Fletcher and Casper are called to an incident of vandalism. Insp Gold and DC Perkins arrest the son of a supervised ex-con on suspicion of blackmail. PCs Hemmingway and Harman deal a group of youths who are bullying a homeless man. Hemmingway is eventually provoked to a disproportionate response, and faces disciplinary action. PCs Noble and Hollis are called to St Hugh's to deal with a drunk and are surprised to have to deal with a colleague. Supt Heaton rejects an advance from DAC Hobbs.moreless
    • Episode 462
      Episode 462
      Season 22 - Episode 85
      PCs Casper and Valentine attend to an intoxicated girl sitting in a garden pond at a house-warming party, while PC Hinckley is left holding the baby. DCI Meadows decides to bring DC Nadir's undercover operation to a close, and to arrest the key targets at a planned drugs handover, but SOCA pulls the opertaion. DI Manson checks on Neil Tennant, due in court for drink-driving and assault. Casper starts taking steroids again.moreless
    • Episode 461
      Episode 461
      Season 22 - Episode 84
      Off-duty PC Fletcher arrests a man after a work night out at a club, but the man alleges assault and his girlfriend corroborates his account. PCs Valentine and Hinckley, DS Hunter and DC Perkins foil a jewellery shop robbery. DC Nadir's father is arrested for burglary. Nadir's parents disown him over his relationship with a drug dealer. Insp Gold's latest paramour confesses that he is married.moreless
    • Episode 459
      Episode 459
      Season 22 - Episode 82
      DSs Nixon and Turner deal with a domestic dispute. DSs Hunter and Nixon investigate when money from an armed robbery is deposited in a bank. PCs Hemmingway and Noble are called to a break-in. Hemmingway and TDC Walker try to build a case against a suspected paedophile. Hemmingway accepts promotion to another station.moreless
    • Episode 457
      Episode 457
      Season 22 - Episode 80
      Sgt Ackland and PC Noble investigate a stabbing. PCs Stamp and Hemmingway are involved in an RTA with an ambulance during a high-speed pursuit of an armed robber. Sgt Nikki Wright from Barton Street, on board with the victim, negotiates with the gunman, then assists DCI Meadows with the investigation into the robbery. The father of missing schoolgirl Amy Tennant is arrested for drink-driving and assault. Supt Heaton gives in to pressure from DAC Heaton to resume their affair.moreless
    • Episode 455
      Episode 455
      Season 22 - Episode 78
      DC Perkins investigates the assault on PC Fletcher. Fletcher determines to persuade PC Keane not to proceed with the wedding. PC Hemmingway and DC Nadir investigate an allegation of sex with a minor. Nadir visit's his sister's grave.
    • Episode 454
      Episode 454
      Season 22 - Episode 77
      PCs Hemmingway and Harman investigate a break-in at a doctor’s surgery. DC Perkins helps PCs Keane and Fletcher decide to bring down a cowboy builder with a sideline in blackmail. The WPCs throw a hen night for Keane, who decides to tell her fiancé about her fling with Fletcher.
    • Episode 420
      Episode 420
      Season 22 - Episode 43
      Sgt Ackland and PC Kapoor discover a 13-year-old girl who has overdosed on heroin. DS Hunter and DC Nadir lead the hunt for the dealer. PCs Valentine and Hardy get called to a disturbance at a local swimming pool and get drawn into a escalating domestic dispute. Sandra Valentine is filing for divorce. Supt Okaro prepares to leave for his new post as Borough Commander.moreless
    • Episode 419
      Episode 419
      Season 22 - Episode 42
      DC Sim is assigned as mentor to Trainee DC Kezia Walker and the pair investigate a rape case. PCs Stamp and Fletcher attend a call-out to a burglary and have a run-in with a dog. DAC Georgia Hobbs instructs Supt Adam Okaro to formally apologise for his lack of restraint the previous day. PC Fletcher breaks off his brief flirtation with PC Keane.moreless
    • Episode 397
      Episode 397
      Season 22 - Episode 20
      The CID team continue to try to prove Sgt Smith's innocence, and DCI Meadows persuades DCI Keane of the DPS to put witness Carl Caplan under surveillance. Smith's application to attend Louise Larson’s funeral is declined, and he gets into a fight with a fellow inmate.
    • Episode 403
      Episode 403
      Season 22 - Episode 26
      DS Turner lets DCs Nadir and Perkins bend the rules over an investigation into the beating of a suspected paedophile, but makes sure he covers his own back with DCI Meadows. DI Manson and DS Hunter have a run-in with a hot-shot solicitor. Sgt Smith's former cellmate begs to be sent back to prison. PC Hunter applies for a transfer back to Derbyshire, and is later the victim of a serious assault.moreless
    • Episode 404
      Episode 404
      Season 22 - Episode 27
      PCs Stamp and Casper deal with a drink-drive hit-and-run incident. DS Hunter investigates the attack on his brother. DSs Nixon and Turner investigate a fraudster. PCs Fletcher and Casper wind each other up over Fletcher's one-night stand with PC Harman. Stamp decides to take a second job to help pay for his father's residential care.moreless
    • Episode 408
      Episode 408
      Season 22 - Episode 31
      DCs Webb and Perkins lead an investigation into the disappearance of two young sisters.
    • Episode 411
      Episode 411
      Season 22 - Episode 34
      PCs Fletcher and Casper refer a case of bare-knuckle fighting to DCs Sim and Nadir, who connect it to a GBH case they are already working on. PCs Keane and Hardy interview a man in connection with a case of criminal damage, but he confesses to murdering his wife fourteen years earlier. Supt Okaro wants PC Valentine referred to the DPS over his neglect of duty. Valentine's outbursts on duty lead Insp Gold to insist he sees a psychiatrist. Gold presses Fletcher and Casper into entering an inter-services boxing competition. Keane feels awkward when her boyfriend joins the relief for drinks after work.moreless
    • Episode 414
      Episode 414
      Season 22 - Episode 37
      DCs Webb and Sim investigate a series of attacks on a bar. Webb gets caught up in the Parkers' domestic arrangements when PCs Stamp and Hollis are called to a domestic disturbance at their home. PC Bryant considers her future with the Met when her son Liam is arrested again. Sgt Ackland agrees to go on a date with Rod Jessop, but Webb stands Mia Perry up.moreless
    • Episode 415
      Episode 415
      Season 22 - Episode 38
      MIT investigate the death of Tom Parker, and DC Webb is accused of coaching his friend, Fern, to plead self-defence. PCs Bryant and Kapoor investigate the assault of an elderly man who is accused of racial abuse. Insp Gold tries to persuade Bryant not to resign from the Met. Webb gets personal with DI Radcliffe. Rod Jessop continues to woo Sgt Ackland.moreless
    • Episode 416
      Episode 416
      Season 22 - Episode 39
      DC Nadir and DS Hunter investigate an apparent protection racket and uncover a plot to have a couple murdered. DC Perkins goes undercover as a contract killer. PCs Hardy and Valentine pursue a murderer who escapes from an ambulance when it is involved in an accident. PC Keane tries to avoid the attentions of her ex-boyfriend and PC Fletcher.moreless
    • Episode 417
      Episode 417
      Season 22 - Episode 40
      PCs Fletcher and Keane come across a toddler on the streets covered in blood. DS Hunter and DC Sim try to uncover the truth behind two conflicting accounts of domestic violence. DS Nixon clashes with DS Turner over his tactics when they investigate a stabbing and robbery in a shopping centre. PC Keane's ex-boyfriend files charges against PC Fletcher. With Fletcher out of action, PC Casper is left to represent Sun Hill at the boxing competition.moreless
    • Pointing the Finger
      Pointing the Finger
      Season 12 - Episode 23
      D.C.s Carver and Skase investigate a vicious assault on an Asian schoolboy.
    • Eye-Witness
      Season 6 - Episode 75
      Cryer investigates a fight at a petrol station between football supporters that results in the death of the driver. Brownlow informs next of kin. Wray thinks it could be racial. Martella talks to a witness who wants protection for his mum and who turns out to be lying.
    • Storyboards
      Season 14 - Episode 12
      New P.C. Eddie Santini causes a stir when he joins the relief at Sun Hill.
    • A Little Help
      A Little Help
      Season 14 - Episode 25
      Rawton and Skase realise they may be onto a serial attacker.
    • Episode 052
      Episode 052
      Season 18 - Episode 63
      Tom Chandler tries to maintain some respectability by marrying Debbie McAllister. Jack Meadows tries to stop Debbie walking down the aisle, and Mickey Webb finds out that his boss has betrayed him.
    • Episode 231
      Episode 231
      Season 20 - Episode 51
      With insufficient forensic evidence to charge him, DI Neil Manson and DS Samantha Nixon have 24 hours to extract a confession from serial rape suspect Alan Kennedy. CPS lawyer Jonathan Fox, who previously defended Kennedy on an assault charge, watches the proceedings with great interest, but the stress may be too much for him, and he jeopardises his relationship with Insp. Gina Gold when he makes a comment about her not having children. With police scouring Kennedy's mother's flat for forensic evidence or clues which will help, Manson and Nixon continue their interview, but Kennedy is a tough nut to crack. The next day, literally at the last minute, Nixon puts the pieces together and Kennedy finally confesses. Simultaneously, Dr Hugh Wallis finds a knife in the flat. With Kennedy behind bars, the relief attend a community party organised by Supt Okaro, but the fun is quickly over when a massive bomb explodes.moreless
    • On the Hook Part One
      On the Hook Part One
      Season 16 - Episode 73
      The new CID team arrives at Sun Hill, lead by the new station commander, Supt Tom Chandler. DCI Meadows is facing a disciplinary board hearing, but is assigned to head the investigation of an apparently racially-motivated harassment of a local family, and the main suspect turns out to be Helen Freeley, a woman Meadows had an affair with several years previously. As the Sun Hill officers get to know the new faces at the local pub, Helen Freeley's son Darren is found murdered.moreless
    • Episode 112
      Episode 112
      Season 19 - Episode 37
      Life goes on at Sun Hill, after the recent murder of Sgt Matt Boyden. When PC Gary Best and PC Honey Harman bring in an Australian girl believed to be part of a shoplifting gang, it attracts the interest of CID. DC Mickey Webb uses Aussie PC Cameron Tait to infiltrate the gang, run by the Fagan-like Gene Bishop, but Cameron may have gone too far when Robbie and Bob Cryer witness him shoplifting in a department store. DC Danny Glaze finds Nathan Morley stuck through with a spear, and DC Mickey Webb and TDC Brandon Kane face a brush with death when an armed gang springs Nathan's brother Prince from a prison transport. Bob Cryer rallies the troops when Sgt Boyden's unpopularity casts a cloud over his funeral, and PC Tony Stamp is surprised by the arrival of Cass Rickman's mother. PC Jim Carver helps his girlfriend Marie out with some domestic issues, and is shocked when she proposes marriage.moreless
    • Fire
      Season 11 - Episode 114
      W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Loxton are listening to a complaint from a passer-by when the woman is shot dead by a sniper. W.D.S. Morgan and C.I.D. try to find a motive for the shooting.
    • Episode 113
      Episode 113
      Season 19 - Episode 38
      PC Jim Carver is in a quandary over the marriage proposal from his girlfriend, Marie Graham, which he has just turned down. His old flame, Sgt June Ackland, is about to return from leave and PC Honey Harman advises him that her astrology book suggests that he steer clear of his colleague and return to Marie. DC Danny Glaze finds himself in a dangerous situation when he goes looking for the gang that have abducted Nathan Morley. PC Des Taviner takes a witness statement from a cabbie, and tries to dissuade him when the cabbie insists on seeing Sgt Sheelagh Murphy after the interview. Taviner is unaware that the cabbie is Sheelagh's husband Patrick. Sgt June Ackland arrives back at Sun Hill.moreless
    • Professional Opinion
      Professional Opinion
      Season 13 - Episode 5
      D.S. Daly and D.C. Skase investigate the death by overdose of the son of a drug-addicted woman.
    • Episode 305
      Episode 305
      Season 21 - Episode 32
      Acting DC Gary Best and DS Nixon investigate the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. MIT arrest Scott Burnett for murder, and question PC Harman about her conduct as his family liaison officer. DS De Costa is interrogated about events leading up to her assault on Margaret Barnes. Insp Gold finds that her course of chemotherapy makes work impossible.moreless
    • The Eye of the Beholder
      The Eye of the Beholder
      Season 13 - Episode 14
      W.P.C. Datta is tryig to secure a conviction in a domestic violence case, but the victim unwittingly leaves out important details when giving evidence.
    • Witness: Deadly Secret
      Witness: Deadly Secret
      Season 24 - Episode 8
      Officers from Sun Hill attend the funeral of murder victim Carly Samuels, which is disrupted by gunfire. Carly's best friend, Alisha, finally discloses vital information about the murder.
    • Role Model
      Role Model
      Season 23 - Episode 29
      PCs Casper and Fletcher arrest a member of a gang of steamers. DCs Perkins and Webb investigate an assault on the boy's mother. CID mounts an undercover operation to catch the gang in action. A man confesses paedophiliac urges to Sgt Wright. Fletcher hears a shocking secret from Matt Hinckley's past. Mia Perry regrets her one-night stand with Supt Heaton.moreless
    • Episode 067
      Episode 067
      Season 18 - Episode 78
      Insp Gina Gold and PC Gemma Osbourne visit a local school to investigate reports of drug dealing. Osbourne runs into a teacher friend of hers, Caroline Cotton, who passes on a pornographic tape she confiscated from a pupil. Osbourne passes the tape on to CID, but when Caroline arrives at the station, Osbourne decides to take DS Phil Hunter down a peg or two by setting him up with her lesbian friend. Sgt. June Ackland investigates a possibly racial assault on pub landlady Aisha Danvers, and sends PCs Jim Carver and Cathy Bradford undercover in the pub, an assignment that raises a few eyebrows given Carver's history of alcoholism. After a failed obbo on a possible gun buy at the pub, Bradford and Ackland suspect Carver has started drinking again. A furious Carver sets out to prove otherwise, and discovers that Danvers has actually set up her own drug and guns racket on the Larkmead. Osbourne's plan backfires when DS Hunter turns up the next day like the cat that got the cream, and Robbie Cryer suggests a "Cop Idol" theme for the station Christmas party. Shane Pellow is brought in for questioning when he is recognised on the pornographic video, but is freed once again when his girlfriend says the video was filmed with her consent. PC Nick Klein is released from hospital, but his doctor seems concerned by Klein's increasing need for strong medication. TDC Brandon Kane's ex-wife is found guilty of drink-driving, and she vows to take sole custody of their children.moreless
    • The Hare and the Tortoise
      The Hare and the Tortoise
      Season 14 - Episode 57
      P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Hagen have different ideas about what makes a good area car driver.
    • Episode 299
      Episode 299
      Season 21 - Episode 26
      DS Nixon and DC Perkins have to break of a surveillance operation on Alan Kennedy when a woman is sent to his house by SRO Julian Tavell. PCs Hollis and Stamp arrest two squabbling burglars. PC Valentine and DS De Costa investigate an assault at an autoteller. PC Harman has disappeared. De Costa's ex turns up, having been told that she has died. Sgt Smith urges Insp Gold to quit smoking.moreless
    • Episode 198
      Episode 198
      Season 20 - Episode 18
      PC Nick Klein and PC Yvonne Hemingway attend a disturbance at a funeral home and discover an unusual case: the body and casket of the mother of the Coombes brothers has disappeared - including £350,000. Turning the case over to DS Debbie McAllister and DC Ken Drummond in CID, the officers investigate all the involved parties including the brother, the funeral director and the security guard. Against her better judgement and PC Tony Stamp's warnings, Polly Page befriends journalist Frank Fisher who helps her out when she cops abuse and vandalism from local youths. PC Reg Hollis and Sgt Dale Smith check out the local swimming pool when the manager reports a break-in. Finding nothing, they return to the station, but when Reg heads back on his own, he is confronted by Des Taviner who wants to tie up the loose ends between them before he disappears for good. Reg's absence stirs Insp. Gina Gold's suspicions and she heads to the Lido with an SO19 team who manage to catch and arrest Taviner at last. Sgts Sheelagh Murphy and June Ackland book Des into custody prior to his MIT interview, but when Sheelagh checks on Des and his mentally-ill cellmate, she finds Taviner badly beaten and not breathing.moreless
    • One Small Step
      One Small Step
      Season 14 - Episode 51
      P.C. Ashton, on his first solo outing, is distracted by a decoy while a nearby shop is burgled.
    • All Fall Down Part Two
      All Fall Down Part Two
      Season 16 - Episode 72
      CIB take Maggie Lyons in for questioning, but Don Beech hires a crooked lawyer to represent her, as well as perform other useful services. Beech obtains a false passport and buys a quantity of diamonds with the money he stole from Howard Fallon as he prepares to flee the country with Maggie. Sun Hill officers continue to be interviewed by CIB, and although no firm connection with Beech can be established, it's the end of the line for DI Deakin, DS Daly and DC Holmes. DCI Meadows manages to survive the cull due to his contacts in the Yard. Maggie changes her mind about following Beech, and he boards a flight to Australia alone.moreless
    • All Tucked Up
      All Tucked Up
      Season 11 - Episode 115
      W.D.S. Morgan and C.I.D. try to find out who wants W.P.C. Ackland dead.
    • The Bill [ 3 ]
      The Bill [ 3 ]
      Season 18 - Episode 8
      PCs Quinnan and Page go under cover as a married hoteliers in an attempt to expose an illegal immigration racket. When Page uses her charms on the target, Quinnan cannot disguise his jealousy.
    • Episode 054
      Episode 054
      Season 18 - Episode 65
      After Tom turns the gun on himself, Jack Meadows and Debbie McAllister emerge in shock from Chandler's office. Tony Stamp then takes Debbie to the hospital, so she can give birth to her premature baby. Amid all of the chaos, PC Gemma Osbourne arrives for her first day at Sun Hill, and is immediately sent on the beat with PC Cass Rickman. But later, on a ladies night out, the girls of Sun Hill are in for a big surprise! On the way home, Cass is surprised to meet an old friend's sister, who starts following her the next day. Luke and Kerry find Craig's car in connection with a robbery, and they suss out that it must be his boyfriend responsible, so they keep quiet. But after winding Luke up, he threatens Craig's boyfriend and tells him to stay away from him. Craig confronts Luke, and Luke tells him about the robbery, and reveals that he didn't want him to be caught up in the embarrassing situation. Craig takes it as a sign that Luke still has feelings for him, and tries to kiss Luke. Outraged, Luke lies to him, saying that he and Kerry are engaged.moreless
    • Villain
      Season 14 - Episode 5
      Sgt. Boyden deals with a frail old man brought into custody accused of attempted murder.
    • Episode 051
      Episode 051
      Season 18 - Episode 62
      MIT have a new suspect for the serial killings - Martin Porter, duty solicitor and former fiance of PC Kerry Young. Young and PC Ashton are kept in the dark about Porter's arrest, as they deal with a case of criminal damage in an off-licence perpetrated by none other than James Chandler. Thrown off-kilter by his brother's arrest, Supt. Tom Chandler blows a vital transfer interview at Scotland Yard, whilst DCI Meadows convinces James to make a statement accusing Chandler of raping Louise Marsden at Hendon. Chandler is rapidly running out of options, but he still has one card up his sleeve - his imminent marriage to Debbie McAllister. Insp. Gold fears a conflict of interest due to PC Cass Rickman's relationship with reporter Simon Kitson, and takes her off the case. Tension flares between Kitson and Nick Klein when Kitson interrupts a night out. DC Duncan Lennox attempts to get A/DI Nixon appointed to the MIT team as a profiler, but DCI Ross has other ideas.moreless
    • Zain: Inside Out Part 1
      Zain: Inside Out Part 1
      Season 23 - Episode 89
      Sgt Stone and PC Fletcher discover the body of a drug addict recently released from prison. The governor of HMP Hayes End invites DCI Jack Meadows to investigate when a prison officer is found in possession of drugs. Meadows comes across disgraced former police officer Zain Nadir and asks him to assist in intercepting the drugs supply.moreless
    • Episode 400
      Episode 400
      Season 22 - Episode 23
      DC Stuart Turner is brought in from West End station to assist DCs Perkins and Sim with an investigation into a serious assault. PCs Fletcher and Casper compete for a place on the area car driving course. PCs Kapoor and Harman decide to put their names forward for the post of Federation representative. DCI Meadows offers Turner a detective sergeant position at Sun Hill.moreless
    • Episode 016
      Episode 016
      Season 18 - Episode 27
      Having secured the release of Harry Fullerton, PC Taviner and DC Glaze try to find evidence against Jeff Simpson. DCI Meadows and DC Webb continue to look for scandal in Supt Chandler's past. Sgt Ackland allows her feelings for PC Carver to compromise an investigation.
    • Day Tripper
      Day Tripper
      Season 12 - Episode 102
      D.S. Greig hopes that a tip-off will help him to nail an old enemy but things don't go to plan.
    • Paying for It
      Paying for It
      Season 12 - Episode 145
      D.S. Beech and W.D.C. Rawton investigate the apparent assault of a father by his son and uncover a family secret.
    • Home from Home
      Home from Home
      Season 12 - Episode 26
      P.C. Stamp is called in to supervise the eviction of a father from his home.
    • The Bill @ 21 Weekend [ 2 ]
      The Bill @ 21 Weekend [ 2 ]
      Season 0 - Episode 2
      Sgt June Ackland is joined by Acting DC Gary Best, PC Tony Stamp and former PC George Garfield as they recall some of the best and worst moments in 21 years at Sun Hill.
    • Faultline
      Season 17 - Episode 15
      Dave Quinnan just stands and watches as a shopkeeper and a young woman are attacked by a gang of thugs at his local corner shop. When he finally turns up at the station, he identifies the leader of the gang as Robbie Gaitskill. Polly Page turns up in tears, and she and the rest of the relief are concerned as Dave seems to be cracking up. The crackheads arrested the previous night identify Quinnan as the policeman who attacked them. As Hagen and Page try to find him, Quinnan goes AWOL and tracks down the woman from the shop, Tricia Martin, and demands she tell him Gaitskill's address. Half the relief turn up on Gaitskill's doorstep, only to find Quinnan sitting in a car outside. Gaitskill is arrested, and Quinnan is told by Supt. Chandler to take his sick leave and seek professional counselling.moreless
    • Episode 204
      Episode 204
      Season 20 - Episode 24
      DS Debbie McAllister is determined to investigate links between her boss, DI Neil Manson, and a possibly corrupt magistrate when a drug dealer makes accusations during interview. PC Gabriel Kent plays on PC Kerry Young's feelings of guilt after her night with Sgt Dale Smith, by suggesting that Smithy may have raped her. Polly Page finds her home trashed and covered in offensive graffiti. She suspects her next-door neighbour, but could journalist Frank Fisher be involved? Out at the pub, PC Cameron Tait sees DS Phil Hunter meeting with crime boss Dennis Weaver.moreless
    • Racer
      Season 14 - Episode 41
      Ashton tries to help a reformed teenage joyrider.
    • Episode 106
      Episode 106
      Season 19 - Episode 31
      The investigation into the attack on Tanya Fisher continues, with DS Debbie McAllister and DI Will Elvins from MIT having strong suspicions about her ex-husband, TDC Brandon Kane. As PC Cathy Bradford prepares to flee the country, she receives a phone call from PC Polly Page telling her about Kane's questioning. As suspicion begins to fall on her, Bradford arrives at the station and taking a leaf out of DS McAllister's book, tells the investigators that Brandon couldn't have attacked Tanya - he was beating her up at the time, and she is pregnant with his baby.moreless
    • Kiss Off
      Kiss Off
      Season 15 - Episode 36
      Vicki Hagen finds Eddie Santini's tickets to Amsterdam, and questions him about them, but he is evasive. DCI Pallister takes DS Fox off the Jessica Orton case after her accusations against Santini, but she decides to do some investigation of her own. Santini, meanwhile, acquires a gun and some Class-A drugs to plant in Ferguson's boss's house when DS Timpney and the Area Drugs Squad raid it. Fox stumbles upon the house and is captured by Ferguson. His boss Mr Sherman is displeased that Santini allowed a police officer to find them. When Area Drugs arrive at Sun Hill for the raid, CID realise that both Santini and Fox are in trouble. Sure enough, Ferguson's radio scanner warns him of the forthcoming raid and he locks Santini in the same room as Fox. The two argue, but are pulled apart when Santini attacks Fox. She manages to escape, and Sherman's men are intercepted by SO19. Back at Sun Hill, Fox realises the keys in Hagen's possession are Jessica Orton's - and she arrests Santini for murder.moreless
    • Sale or Return, Episode Two
      Sale or Return, Episode Two
      Season 14 - Episode 47
      Boulton and Carver continue their investigation into illegal immigration and find their case complicated by an attractive woman.
    • Episode 230
      Episode 230
      Season 20 - Episode 50
      The net is closing in on Alan Kennedy, the main suspect for the serial rapes. Kennedy is not at home when the police raid his flat, and several other leads - an allotment he keeps, and his (deceased) mother - also fall through. Eventually he is found through his hobby of falconry and arrested. CPS lawyer Jonathan Fox warns that more than the forensic evidence is needed to prosecute Kennedy, and reluctant witness Khadija Miah is brought into the station to identify him as her assailant. However, when Khadija runs into PC Gabriel Kent, PC Kerry Young could lose her job over the fact that she may have "tainted" the witness by showing her Gabriel's photograph. PC Cameron Tait's job is also on the line after his attack on Kent in the canteen. Despite Kent's agreement to a transfer, Tait decides to leave Sun Hill, London and Kerry Young behind and he catches a cab to Heathrow to fly back to Sydney.moreless
    • Episode 207
      Episode 207
      Season 20 - Episode 27
      PCs Hemmingway and Dunbar investigate organised fights between tramps. PC Kent tells PCs Dunbar and Tait that Sgt Smith raped PC Young.
    • Walking on Water
      Walking on Water
      Season 15 - Episode 4
      D.S. Daly sets out to prove that D.S. Beech is corrupt.
    • End of the Affair
      End of the Affair
      Season 23 - Episode 25
      DIs Manson and Nixon investigate the kidnapping of Insp Gold's married lover. An embarrassed Gold confesses about the affair to her colleagues. PCs Valentine and Hardy are called to an assault on the Larkmead Estate. Hardy's girlfriend's younger brother offers his assistance, but soon finds himself in serious trouble.
    • Promised Land
      Promised Land
      Season 17 - Episode 24
      PC Klein becomes involved when Kosovan refugees housed at a council estate are being harassed and attacked. Later, at a family gathering, Klein's cousin Jerry arrives and is praised by the family for his success. DC Webb investigates a robbery at a clothing factory, and his investigations lead him to Norman Klein, his colleague's uncle. The link between the latest robbery and a previous one is revealed to be Jerry Klein who assessed security at both places. When Jerry is found badly beaten, Klein decides he must tell the police about his cousin's possible involvement, which results in DI Cullen catching the gang on their third job.moreless
    • Episode 116
      Episode 116
      Season 19 - Episode 41
      PC Tony Stamp is avoiding Sgt June Ackland after their drunken kiss the previous night. Sun Hill officers investigate a series of assaults on homeless people in the area, but when social worker Clare Johnson is brutally attacked, the prime suspect is Sgt Sheelagh Murphy's cabbie husband Patrick. Despite warnings to tread softly from DCI Meadows, DS Debbie McAllister is sure Murphy is her man, with little regard for her colleague's sensibilities. PCs Des Taviner and Luke Ashton have their hands full when two elderly men fight over some misplaced books.moreless
    • Episode 064
      Episode 064
      Season 18 - Episode 75
      The police are on high alert when a nanny reports that her car has been stolen by carjackers with the kids she was minding still inside. When a bank manager turns up at St Hughs with mysterious injuries, an investigation leads to a sordid S&M dungeon in the basement of a tattoo parlour, and MIT's new main suspect for the serial killings - Shane Pellow. DC Eva Sharpe manages to stop an ex-policeman from running ghoulish serial killer tours in Sun Hill, and she and Okaro go undercover to catch the carjackers who pull out a gun but are soon captured. The rivalry between PCs Des Taviner and Gemma Osborne reaches a new high when Osborne plays a recording of Taviner over the station loudspeakers - a trick Taviner himself had once played on Vicky Hagen. A distraught Acting DI Nixon finds her daughter has run away from home after an argument.moreless
    • Crown v Cooper
      Crown v Cooper
      Season 7 - Episode 4

      Loxton is going to court with Garfield. One of the witnesses is giving them a hard time. Dashwood is also there griping about missing paperwork. Garfield is worried about his notes and Loxton is very confident the attacker will get charged. Loxton and the defendant tell 2 different versions of the attack.
      The defendant gets off and he is last seen heading into a pub with a child left crying in the car.

    • Episode 196
      Episode 196
      Season 20 - Episode 16
      DS McAllister investigates an attack on two boys. DCI Meadows's former lover Rachel faces trial for assault, and threatens to tell the court about their affair. DC Sharpe tries to blackmail DI Manson over his fathr-in-law's fondness for rent boys, while Manson finds out about Meadows and Rachel.
    • No Victim
      No Victim
      Season 17 - Episode 4
      PCs Worrell and Quinnan attend to a woman threatening to jump off a bridge. She turns out to be Sarah Collins, the wife of DS Terry Collins from Stafford Row CID. Despite the doubts of some of her colleagues, Worrell is determined to pursue the matter as a domestic violence case. She convinces Sarah to make a statement and testify in court by telling Sarah of her own experience with domestic violence. The case is dismissed, however - Sarah becomes reluctant to testify, and there are doubts about her character. When Worrell goes to check on her at the Collins house, she finds that Sarah has murdered her husband. Meanwhile, Quinnan struggles to find the right time to tell his wife about his affair with PC Page.moreless
    • Match Day Violence
      Match Day Violence
      Season 23 - Episode 47
      Officers from Sun Hill and Barton Street police a local football match. DC Perkins goes undercover to trap a man suspected of supplying illegally imported goods, but both are trapped in the cellar when a violent pub brawl starts up. Sgt Doug Wright is stabbed. PCs Stamp and Hardy attend to an assault victim. DI Nixon and TDC Walker investigate.moreless
    • Judgement Call
      Judgement Call
      Season 23 - Episode 44
      DCI Meadows is sent home from work and crashes his car to avoid hitting a man standing in the middle of the road. The case is referred to the traffic unit, but DC Webb tries to prove that Meadows was not at fault. PCs Keane and Fletcher attend a call to an industrial estate and witness an explosion. DI Manson, DS Turner and DC Dasari investigate a possible connection with religious extremism.moreless
    • Episode 110
      Episode 110
      Season 19 - Episode 35
      Supt Adam Okaro and Insp Gina Gold set up a surveillance camera in the male locker room to catch the station thief - with suspicion falling heavily on PC Cameron Tait, after DC Danny Glaze's phone was found in his locker. The camera reveals PC Jim Carver breaking into PC Nick Klein's locker, but all is not as it seems. Carver has had enough of Klein's drug problem, and sets up an elaborate trap to catch Nick stealing to feed his habit. Carver and PC Gary Best catch Klein red-handed stealing from Marie Graham's house, but he manages to slip away. Klein goes on a desperate rampage to score his next hit of crack cocaine, but is caught and arrested by Carver as he leaves Amy Boyden's flat. Instead of sacking him, Okaro sends Klein into rehab. When a young adoptee is suspected to have attacked his foster father, A/DI Samantha Nixon and DC Ken Drummond find a boy torn between two families. The boy jumps from a building, despite Sgt Matt Boyden trying to talk him down, and his brother blames Matt for his death. PC Jim Carver confesses his alcoholic history to his girlfriend, Marie. Matt Boyden discovers a shocking secret about the father of A/DI Nixon's daughter, Abigail.moreless
    • Taking It Easy
      Taking It Easy
      Season 14 - Episode 4
      When an old man loses his life savings in a mugging, Boyden and Stamp suspect it was no coincidence.
    • When the Bough Breaks
      When the Bough Breaks
      Season 16 - Episode 16
      Insp. Monroe's daughter is arrested for shoplifting.
    • Mixed Feelings
      Mixed Feelings
      Season 14 - Episode 49
      W.P.C. Page tries to trace the mother of an abandoned baby, while D.S. Boulton and W.D.C. Rawton investigate an apparently racially-motivated attack.
    • Wannabe
      Season 14 - Episode 50
      D.C. Skase finds himself the object of the affections of a fourteen-year-old girl who leads him to some unusual drug dealers.
    • Episode 219
      Episode 219
      Season 20 - Episode 39
      DS Phil Hunter is desperate to find his daughter Madison, who has been abducted by Dennis Weaver. DCI Jack Meadows orders him not to get involved in the investigation, and assigns DS Samantha Nixon to keep an eye on Hunter. Hunter and Nixon investigate when a kilo of cocaine is found in a car after a chase with police, and find the driver Sonny Jonson at the hospital. PC Yvonne Hemmingway arrests a 17-year old girl, Shirley Moss, on shoplifting charges and forms a bond with the girl when Shirley tells her she's pregnant. Hemmingway convinces the shopkeeper to drop the charges, and when the father of Shirley's child turns out to be big-time drug dealer Rifkin, Hunter and Nixon organise an SO19 raid on Rifkin's flat, but with drug courier Sonny and Shirley both in police custody, Rifkin clearly has his bases covered. PC Gary Best is surprised when the SO19 sergeant at the raid turns out to be PC Lance Powell's partner, Mark Rollins. Yvonne offers Shirley a place to stay at her flat, but Supt Okaro tells her it is highly inappropriate. PC Kerry Young lets slip to PC Gabriel Kent about PC Cameron Tait's marriage proposal. When the envious Gabriel starts to spread the news around the station, Kerry hurriedly accepts Cameron's proposal. DS Hunter is delighted when Madison is found unharmed in a playground. One of his informants offers him the location of Rifkin's drugs stash, but as Hunter and Nixon go to meet the source, a shot rings out and Hunter falls to the ground...moreless
    • Episode 197
      Episode 197
      Season 20 - Episode 17
      PC Andrea Dunbar arrives at Sun Hill and her keenness seems to good to be true, but little do the relief know that they have an undercover reporter among them. When Eva discovers that Debbie told Neil about Jack's affair she is furious and they fight. Tensions run high between DCI Jack Meadows and DI Neil Manson because Neil wants Eva out, no matter what and just as he is announcing her departure, Jack comes in with an offer for Eva to join MIT. Polly returns to Sun Hill as the new CAD operator but after she is snubbed by Neil during her shift she feels vulnerable and things get worse when she returns home to find the word 'murderer' painted across her flat window.moreless
    • Tainted Love, Episode One
      Tainted Love, Episode One
      Season 14 - Episode 79
      W.P.C. Page moves into a new flat and gets a boyfriend, but does not tell him that she is a police officer. D.S. Boulton and D.C. Skase set up an observation on an old villain.
    • Episode 185
      Episode 185
      Season 20 - Episode 5
      Marie Carver is in court on charges of domestic violence against her husband, PC Jim Carver. Despite testimony from PC Gabriel Kent, who witnessed one of Marie's attacks on Jim, Marie and her lawyer manage to turn the case around and plead self-defence, saying that Jim had attacked Marie first. Marie's son, Ben Graham, takes the stand, and his emotional testimony absolves Jim of any violent actions - Marie changes her plea to guilty, and Jim finds himself tempted to drink again. Supt. Adam Okaro is worried that his job is on the line - the new Borough Commander, Louise Campbell, is on her way to see him, and he blames himself for the Cathy Bradford incident as he had neglected to cancel her keypass to the station, allowing her access to the boiler room. PC Tony Stamp and PC Kerry Young bring in two teenagers, Curtis and Carla, on suspicion of mugging, but when Curtis admits stealing money from Carla's father, Rev Andho, further investigation reveals that the minister has been skimming money off church funds, and that his theft has been authorised by Denise Okaro, the superintendent's wife.moreless
    • Episode 229
      Episode 229
      Season 20 - Episode 49
      DS Nixon identifies a prime suspect for the serial rapist enquiry, although PC Young is determined to prove that PC Kent is the rapist. Kent goads PC Cameron into assaulting him. DC Thatcher continues his vendetta against the Radfords. PC Murphy is furious with PC Powell for suggesting that her son Conor might be gay.moreless
    • Episode 235
      Episode 235
      Season 20 - Episode 55
      PC Young agrees to go undercover to help DC Rob Thatcher nail the Radfords. Rachel Heath assaults a man for telling DCI Meadows that she is still an escort. DS De Costa is unhappy at the way DS Hunter has been running CSU in her absence.
    • Testament
      Season 13 - Episode 6
      W.D.C. Croft and D.S. Boulton investigate the sudden death of an apparently healthy, but secretive woman.
    • Ultimatum
      Season 26 - Episode 21
      DS Carter leads an investigation into a paedophile who is grooming young girls on the internet. DCs Webb and Perkins challenge Carter over his cocaine problem.
    • Hunter on the Street
      Hunter on the Street
      Season 23 - Episode 28
      Supt Heaton coordinates the search for an escaped prisoner and reopens the investigation into the original conviction. Sgt Hunter is reassigned to uniform duties and paired with PC Kapoor as they investigate a robbery at a convenience store. Supt Heaton gets into a clinch with DC Webb's girlfriend, press officer Mia Perry.moreless
    • Episode 059
      Episode 059
      Season 18 - Episode 70
      There's trouble brewing on the Bronte estate, where drug dealers and gangs are running riot and two rival "crews" are fighting for power. Sgt. June Ackland investigates when a Bronte resident reports that a young boy is being used as a drug courier by gang leader Reload, but when TDC Brandon Kane and PC Cathy Bradford investigate further, they discover the boy is only trying to ease the pain of his ailing mother. DS Phil Hunter hopes to get some information on the Bronte situation from his new girlfriend, Linda, but later finds that her 16-year-old daughter Chloe is more than willing to be pumped for information. PC Nick Klein, PC Kerry Young and Sgt. Matt Boyden are all attacked on the estate and warned off by Reload, and Insp. Gina Gold has had enough - she declares the Bronte a no-go area for her officers.moreless
    • Legacies
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Martella attend a break-in. D.C. Lines talks to the housholder after the S.O.C.O. has been. Lines thinks it is part of a string of burglaries by a bailed suspect. The solicitors of the victim and suspect are partners in the same firm. There is a fire at the suspect's house, started by the only member of the family without a criminal record. Ch. Supt. Brownlow and D.I. Burnside argue over Sun Hill CID's clear-up rate. Burnside thinks that Stafford Row have fiddled their figures. P.C. Melvin brings in a man who claims to be amnesiac, and plays him some Roy Orbison tapes in an attempt to help him regain his memory.moreless
    • Opportunity Costs
      Opportunity Costs
      Season 12 - Episode 144
      Ch. Supt. Brownlow orders D.C.I. Meadows and Ch. Supt. Conway to review their budgets, but Meadows decides to investigate the unsolved murder of a prostitute instead.
    • Value Added
      Value Added
      Season 12 - Episode 51
    • The Harder They Fall
      The Harder They Fall
      Season 7 - Episode 46
      P.C. Loxton is attacked after a break-in at a night club and helped by a cabbie who is a special constable. Loxton blacks out and can't remember the incident. One of his attackers later dies. Most of his colleagues think Loxton is lying about the memory loss. Det. Supt. Meadows is back leading the murder squad.moreless
    • A Good Night Out
      A Good Night Out
      Season 12 - Episode 111
      The relief organise a pub-and-curry night to celebrate Acting Sgt. Ackland's success in the sergeant's exam, but P.C. McCann is not so eager to join in the celebrations.
    • Stolen Moments
      Stolen Moments
      Season 12 - Episode 110
      P.C.s McCann and Slater arrest a woman for petty theft, and she claims to have killed a cyclist while driving two years before.
    • Now We're Motoring
      Now We're Motoring
      Season 7 - Episode 29
      P.C. Hollis helps a man to tow away a car, but he is not the owner. The car owner comes in to complain. Hollis comes across another towing. D.C. Lines getting grief from D.C.I. Reid. He talks to a man about welding his car to pass its MOT. He seems to be setting up a deal where he delivers a car across the channel.moreless
    • Conspiracy of Silence
      Conspiracy of Silence
      Season 12 - Episode 55
      D.I. Deakin and D.S. Boulton investigate a fatal stabbing and uncover jealousy and deceit.
    • Out of Control
      Out of Control
      Season 12 - Episode 101
      P.C. Jarvis deals with a young tearaway and tries to persuade the boy's father to take responsibility for his son's actions.
    • Time Spent
      Time Spent
      Season 12 - Episode 54
      D.S. Beech uncovers the relationship between a former boss and a local crime lord. D.C. Carver is caught between two troubled lovers.
    • Saints and Martyrs
      Saints and Martyrs
      Season 7 - Episode 39
      W.P.C. Ackland investigates a break-in and theft of a pension book. She is told that the C.P.S. won't be taking up her assault case so she brings a private summons. Surprisingly, Ch. Supt. Brownlow defends Ackland at a senior management meeting. P.C. Hollis goes to talk to Mr Brownlow about the air conditioner in the custody suite. D.C. Lines goes to talk to the theft victim and is told that one of the two men was caught dropping maggots from a tin into the sink. A witness recognises one of the men.moreless
    • Home Truths
      Home Truths
      Season 12 - Episode 5
      W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Jarvis follow up a vicious assault.
    • One Night with You
      One Night with You
      Season 12 - Episode 12
      D.I. Deakin discovers a ring which may hold a clue to the whereabouts of a kidnapped five-year-old boy.
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Season 19 - Episode 32
      PC Gemma Osbourne arrests a minor celebrity, Channel London weathergirl Sandie Booth, for shoplifting. While being charged in Custody, Booth overhears a reference to Gemma's sexuality, and it's not long before she's concocted an accusation of indecent assault by Osbourne. A glamorous robbery victim has PC Cameron Tait and PC Gary Best tying themselves in knots trying to impress her. Tait conspires to have Best recalled to the station, and then gives the case some "special attention", but when PC Des Taviner is called out to the same house later in the day, he also leaves with a smile on his face. Feeling left out, Best also drops round, but is caught with his pants down when the woman's jealous husband - under surveillance by CID for a brutal beating - turns up. PC Nick Klein is heavily in debt to his drug dealer, Dexter. When he turns up to pay off part of the debt, he meets Dexter's girlfriend Amy - who looks somewhat familiar. As PC Osbourne leaves the station after being cleared of the assault, she is herself attacked and badly beaten by a mystery woman.moreless
    • Girl Power
      Girl Power
      Season 14 - Episode 7
      W.P.C. Keane and P.C. Stamp deal with a young girl who fels she has to carry a knife to defend herself at school.
    • Episode 214
      Episode 214
      Season 20 - Episode 34
      After failing to capture Trevor Little and his gang after their aborted diamond raid, DI Neil Manson begins to have his doubts about his Australian colleague, DI Peter Cavanaugh, and suspects he may be leaking information to the gang. The rivalry between the two DIs escalates, but Cavanaugh has his eye set on DS Samantha Nixon, and the two share a passionate kiss. Insp Gina Gold and CPS Lawyer Jonathan Fox's verbal sparring also turns to passion, and PCs Cameron Tait and Kerry Young decide to give their disastrous relationship another try. PC Gabriel Kent continues his vendetta against Coal Lane resident Roy Stafford who he suspects is a paedophile. When he suspects Stafford has staged a robbery to gain access to the victim's grandchildren, he crosses the line and attacks Stafford, beating him badly. Supt Adam Okaro sends the hate mail he has received for forensic examination, but with the sender almost certainly an officer in his station, they most likely know how to cover their tracks.moreless
    • Rebel without a Licence
      Rebel without a Licence
      Season 14 - Episode 45
      A speeding Pontiac and three ageing James Deans give Stamp and McCann a headache.
    • A Rainy Night in Sun Hill
      A Rainy Night in Sun Hill
      Season 14 - Episode 19
      P.C. Santini is irritated at being paired with P.C. Hollis on a cold, wet night in Canley.
    • Room to Manoeuvre
      Room to Manoeuvre
      Season 14 - Episode 63
      D.S. Boulton and P.C. Hollis find themselves in pursuit of the same villain.
    • Sale or Return, Episode One
      Sale or Return, Episode One
      Season 14 - Episode 46
      Boulton and Carver head for the river, chasing a particularly slippery customer.
    • Episode 136
      Episode 136
      Season 19 - Episode 61
      PC Tait, who has abducted his daughter Emily, decides to return to Australia. DC Webb investigates when a man is found injured in a woman's home in mysterious circumstances.
    • The Value of Nothing
      The Value of Nothing
      Season 17 - Episode 74
      DC Lennox is on a week's secondment to Scotland Yard's Art and Antiques Squad. Investigating a young woman, Tessa Gannon, who tried to sell a forged painting to a gallery, Lennox finds a receipt from a gallery owned by an art dealer named Ivor Gregory, who has form for deception. Lennox befriends an artist named Richard Townes, who charges into Gregory's gallery as Lennox peruses the paintings. In the hope of getting a closer look at one of the paintings, Lennox arranges for his wife Shona to buy one of them. He gets it verified, and is disappointed when it is an original. Shona insists on keeping it, but sends it back to the gallery to be re-framed. When the painting is returned, Lennox realises Gregory has swapped it for a fake, and it's the work of Richard Townes, but to his horror, Shona returns the painting to Gregory before the squad can arrest him. Tessa Gannon admits she had a painting copied by Townes, but she too is in possession of a fake. Gregory is arrested, and Lennox appeals to Townes's ego to convince him to testify.moreless
    • Tombstone
      Season 26 - Episode 29
      PCs Gayle and Knight try to help a young mother who is being threatened by a local mechanic, but she is too frightened to co-operate. Sgt Stone is determined to prove to his estranged mother that his late father was guilty of raping a probationer twenty years before.
    • Compulsion
      Season 17 - Episode 79
      Acting DI Rawton addresses her team and puts forward the theory that rape victim Terri's death was not suicide but murder. Whilst DSs Cork and Singh voice doubts, Spears supports Rawton. Afterwards, when Cork tries to talk to DC Spears, she accuses him of nearly raping her but he scoffs that no-one would ever believe her. Spears returns to the riverside where Terri's body was found and makes a major break-through when a passer-by, Mr Bindman, reveals that his wife saw Terri's body being dumped. He promises to get his wife to call her. Later, Spears decides to keep an eye on Cork and follows him to a pub where he meets up with an old mate, DI Collins. Spears remains outside whilst inside Collins and Cork talk cryptically about the case. On her return, Spears spots a man lurking outside her flat and blasts him with CS Spray. He turns out to be her friend Eddie who works for the Thames Valley police. Her feminine charms persuade him to get information on Cork. Unfortunately, Spears is a voice in the wilderness when Cork manages to put the frighteners on the Bindmans and Eddie disappears.moreless
    • Unfamiliar Territory
      Unfamiliar Territory
      Season 11 - Episode 58
      P.C. Slater and W.P.C. Keane wonder whether they can handle the job.
    • Witness: The Final Act
      Witness: The Final Act
      Season 24 - Episode 12
      Sgt Smith is driving the key prosecution witness in the Carly Samuels murder trial when they are run off the road. An investigation into that incident leads to vital new evidence and a dramatic courtroom confession. Rioting breaks out on the Jasmine Allen estate, with PCs Green and Hollis trapped in the mobile police unit.moreless
    • Opposites
      Season 14 - Episode 17
      A series of muggings on a local estate lead Proctor and Carver to the house of a rather unusual couple.
    • Spray
      Season 14 - Episode 67
      P.C. Harker rushes to the aid of a woman in danger.
    • Shoot the Messenger
      Shoot the Messenger
      Season 14 - Episode 87
      D.S. Boulton is kidnapped by an aggrieved ex-con.
    • Episode 215
      Episode 215
      Season 20 - Episode 35
      DI Neil Manson's suspicions about DI Peter Cavanaugh continue during an obbo on the diamond heist suspects. When the suspects get away from them, Cavanaugh doesn't seem particularly concerned. Concerned for the safety of DS Samantha Nixon and PC Cameron Tait who are undercover as waiting staff on the target boat, Manson orders DS Phil Hunter on to the boat as well. PC Gabriel Kent could be in trouble when Roy Stafford turns up at the station to report Kent's assault on him. Insp. Gina Gold is delighted she may be able to get rid of the evil Gabriel at last, but a Coal Lane resident arrives and gives Kent an alibi. She has an ulterior motive however - as well as approving of Kent's brutal actions on Stafford, she wants him to enact some vigilante justice on a loan shark on the estate. CPS Lawyer Jonathan Fox asks Gina Gold out on a date, and Supt Adam Okaro continues to receive hate mail from within the station.moreless
    • Trust Part 3: The Deep Blue Sea
      Trust Part 3: The Deep Blue Sea
      Season 16 - Episode 41
      Sun Hill station is rife with rumours that PC Cass Rickman has "gone native" and joined Leroy Jones and his gang. As Rickman arrives at the plush hotel room of a City businessman to pick up the cocaine, Toussaint and his thugs burst in and kill him, and Leroy is ordered to kill Toussaint's main rival, Nathan Clarke. As Sam Harker fears, Cass and Leroy have fallen in love, but Rickman returns to Sun Hill the next day to brief Operation Trident. As she and Leroy return to Toussaint's garage, SO19 raid the building. Toussaint realises that Rickman is a police officer, and is about to shoot her when a shot rings out - Leroy shoots Toussaint and then runs away. Rickman tells DCI Meadows she didn't see who shot him... but DS Beech knows better.moreless
    • Britanniamania: Kick Off
      Britanniamania: Kick Off
      Season 17 - Episode 58
      The England game is on, and Britannia is set for a battle with the "Dogs of War", an opposing European gang of hooligans. DC Webb is assigned to find the location of the pre-match meeting, while DC Riley and PC Quinnan go undercover at the match itself. To Riley's horror, Quinnan is arrested when he accuses a photographer of inciting violence. Webb, meanwhile, is on his own after a mix-up about the meeting location, and ends up in the thick of a pitched battle between the gangs. When the nearest riot unit is from Sun Hill, Webb's cover is blown when he is recognised by some of his fellow officers.moreless
    • In Another Life
      In Another Life
      Season 17 - Episode 63
      PC Harker tells DI Cullen that he knows Leroy Jones didn't kill DS Hanbury, but they still use the charge as leverage to convince Leroy to help them catch Jan Resenbrink, the drugs importer. PC Rickman attends a possibly racially-motivated attack on Didi Marr, the boy who was found with heroin on the Bronte Estate. His attacker is Nicky Gable, and the racism element of the case becomes unlikely when it is revealed that Gable is in mourning for his mixed-race brother. Harker arranges with Leroy to escape, and offers to clear him of the murder charge on the condition that he end his relationship with Rickman. With Leroy's help, Cullen and Pennington arrest Resenbrink, but he is freed on bail. When Resenbrink arrives at Sun Hill to sign his bail, Gable appears and guns him down in the car park. Gable says he killed Resenbrink because Leroy Jones told him that Resenbrink had his brother killed. Leroy is arrested again, and Rickman visits him and tells him it's over between them for good.moreless
    • Episode 233
      Episode 233
      Season 20 - Episode 53
      PC Lance Powell tries to work out who sent him the text message about the bomb, and realises only three people had his new number: his family, his boyfriend... and Conor Murphy. Powell tells PC Sheelagh Murphy about his suspicions, and she is disgusted that he could think her son could be capable of the bombing. DCI Meadows leads a search on Sheelagh's house, and the phone used to send the message is found in Conor's room. Conor is arrested when he is found brawling with a friend of his. His friend admits to the bombing, and Conor admits to his mother that he is gay. With the bomber found, Supt Okaro must bite the bullet and apologise to Jerome Taylor for accusing him, but Taylor says it's too late, and he is determined to destroy Okaro's career. Trainee DC Gary Best goes undercover to catch a drug dealer with DC Ken Drummond and DC Rob Thatcher, but finds himself at the wrong end of a beating.moreless
    • Episode 183
      Episode 183
      Season 20 - Episode 3
      Sgt June Ackland has discovered PC Cathy Bradford has barricaded herself and DC Brandon Kane's kids in the station's boiler room. When Cathy promises to release the kids in exchange for Brandon as a hostage, Insp. Gina Gold refuses, but Supt. Adam Okaro overrides her decision. Cathy insists Brandon must choose one child, but he manages to negotiate Zoe's release as well. Forcing Brandon to handcuff himself, Bradford relives the events of the past year, including the death of Brandon's wife Tanya. The station is evacuated, and the TSG arrive to provide support. Cathy's stories become increasingly unbelievable, as she tells Brandon that she was abducted by a serial killer as a child. DS Samanatha Nixon and DC Eva Sharpe trawl through Cathy's belongings and find that was not true. When Cathy moves Brandon out of range of the TSG probe, Okaro authorises TSG to force entry into the room. Brandon manages to overpower Cathy, but she lights a petrol fire intending to kill them both.moreless
    • One Man, Two Faces
      One Man, Two Faces
      Season 14 - Episode 86
      P.C.s McCann and Santini fall out over a vicious assault on a black youth.
    • Tortured Soul
      Tortured Soul
      Season 23 - Episode 81
      PCs Armstrong and Gayle investigate an assault on a pupil by the father of another student. Gayle and DC Webb untangle a complex series of sexual abuses.
    • Forgive and Forget
      Forgive and Forget
      Season 14 - Episode 6
      A father wants revenge for his murdered son.
    • Episode 213
      Episode 213
      Season 20 - Episode 33
      Sun Hill's CID and SO19 lie in wait for Trevor Little's team to pull of the diamond robbery, but when the raid is aborted at the last minute, Don Beech's information to DI Neil Manson isn't looking so kosher. DCI Jack Meadows warns Manson away from Beech, but Manson goes to see him again when Beech is beaten up in prison. PC Kerry Young is under pressure from Insp Gina Gold to make a decision about whether to make her rape allegation against Sgt Dale Smith official. Kerry assists DS Ramani De Costa when a young Asian girl is raped but refuses to testify, but Kerry's own experiences come in to play and Ramani reprimands her when she oversteps the mark. Kerry decides not to press charges, and PC Cameron Tait lets her know he feels betrayed by her. PC Gabriel Kent investigates a break-in on the Cole Lane Estate, but when he discovers that the victim was arrested on child sex offences, his vigilante instincts lead him to take the law into his own hands once again. Supt. Adam Okaro is concerned when he receives hate mail - through the station's internal mail system.moreless
    • Getting Away with Murder
      Getting Away with Murder
      Season 23 - Episode 37
      Sgt Hunter and PC Kapoor witness a mugging and uncover a case of blackmail. A witness complains that he has been receiving threatening phone calls from ex-copper Ray Moore. PCs Keane and Hollis attend the scene of a road traffic accident.
    • Deadline
      Season 11 - Episode 128
      D.S. Deakin arrests a kidnapper, but doesn't know where the teenage girl he abducted is hidden.
    • Trust Me
      Trust Me
      Season 12 - Episode 134
      D.C. Carver and W.D.C. Rawton follow up an irregularity on an insurance claim submitted by a decorator and uncover a double life.
    • Looking After Your Own
      Looking After Your Own
      Season 11 - Episode 55
      W.P.C. Ackland is attacked by a drug dealer and ends up in hospital. Her colleagues are determined to see justice done.
    • Playing It by the Rules
      Playing It by the Rules
      Season 12 - Episode 87
      D.I. Deakin is handed the chance to bust a drug dealer when his wife turns informant.
    • Line Of Fire Part 1
      Line Of Fire Part 1
      Season 23 - Episode 77
      PC Hollis comes to the aid of the victim of an assault, and is stabbed. Sgt Stone identifies a possible suspect. DI Manson and DC Dasari investigate.
    • Too Many Chiefs
      Too Many Chiefs
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      After dropping off a girl at a children's home, Dave and Cathy get called back in for a potential suicide. The girl Dave brought back in the morning seems to be the last person to see the dead girl alive. The man in charge of the home resigns. The dead girl had a boyfriend who, according to her diary, took her to Spain and Wales as well as other places. There was an unreported break-in. This and some photographs the disappearing girl had seem to be connected to the suicide.moreless
    • Tale of Two Cities
      Tale of Two Cities
      Season 12 - Episode 47
      D.S. Greig is in pursuit of a local drug dealer. Two teenagers arrested for possession refuse to provide any information about their supplier.
    • Cold Light of Day
      Cold Light of Day
      Season 12 - Episode 17
      A reconstruction brings forward an unexpected witness to a brutal assault on a 15-year-old boy.
    • Minding
      Season 12 - Episode 96
      P.C. Loxton and W.P.C. Keane arrest a woman for shoplifting. A nanny is believed to have kidnapped two of her charges.
    • Lean on Me
      Lean on Me
      Season 12 - Episode 94
      P.C. Hollis gets ideas above his station when his lady friend wants to become his informant.
    • For Services Rendered
      For Services Rendered
      Season 11 - Episode 107
      D.S. Pearce investigates the case of a man being blackmailed by an escort agency.
    • Episode 342
      Episode 342
      Season 21 - Episode 69
      Sgt Ackland visits 13-year-old rapist Ross Trescot. He tells her of his own sexual abuse at the hands of his uncle and begs her to drop the rape charges, but she refuses. PCs Valentine and Bryant deal with the mugging of a Polish woman. Her flatmate Anka is also assaulted, but does not want to press charges as she is an illegal immigrant. Valentine warns the attacker off. DCs Masters and Sims photograph DI Manson's father-in-law with a suspected pimp of under-age boys. Manson challenges wife Pippa over her involvement in her father's activities. Insp Gold's initiative on anti-social behaviour proves a success, but Supt Prosser takes the credit.moreless
    • Party Animals
      Party Animals
      Season 12 - Episode 116
      P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Datta are called to a stag party where the strippergram accuses the guests of trying to gang-rape her. D.S. Greig and W.D.C. Croft investigate but find it difficult to establish the truth without an independent witness.
    • Overstepping the Mark
      Overstepping the Mark
      Season 12 - Episode 71
      D.C. Lines tries to get a juvenile offender to inform on a gang of dangerous thugs, while D.S. Daly is troubled by an attractive young probation officer.
    • On the Lookout
      On the Lookout
      Season 11 - Episode 147
      P.C. Slater and Sgt. Boyden are on a surveillance operation that goes wrong.
    • Dead Man's Boots
      Dead Man's Boots
      Season 7 - Episode 30
      Sgt. Cryer tries to stop an elderly woman from being victimised on an estate. Ch. Supt. Brownlow offers the post of duty sergeant to Sgt. Peters, who declines the job, but Cryer accepts it.
    • Keeping It in the Family
      Keeping It in the Family
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      D.C.s Lines and Skase try to avert an ice-cream war in Sun Hill after a vendor is assaulted.
    • Soft in the Head
      Soft in the Head
      Season 14 - Episode 14
      Ashton goes missing from the scene of an accident.
    • Episode 169
      Episode 169
      Season 19 - Episode 94
      DS De Costa and DC Thatcher investigate a man who has been secretly filming girls in the changing rooms of a leisure centre. PC Hollis solves an attack on a blind woman. Sgt Ackland makes a wrongful arrest and uncovers a suicide. De Costa's stepdaughter is raped.
    • Under the Grill
      Under the Grill
      Season 14 - Episode 60
      D.S. Boulton is less than thrilled to be placed on an interviewing course with P.C. Hollis, but gets the chance to exact revenge on an ex-colleague.
    • Episode 221
      Episode 221
      Season 20 - Episode 41
      PC Kerry Young is in turmoil after her rape at the hands of the evil PC Gabriel Kent. Naturally, Kent denies the charge, and he insinuates that Kerry has "cried wolf" before, when she accused Sgt. Dale Smith of rape. Confiding in her fiancé, PC Cameron Tait, Kerry is shocked when Cameron doesn't believe her story. He insists she makes the allegation official if they are to stay together, but Kerry is reluctant to do so after the incident with Smithy. DS Samantha Nixon must decide whether to defend DS Phil Hunter when questions arise over Hunter's killing of Dennis Weaver. As the only witness, Nixon can clear Hunter's name if she confirms Weaver was killed in self-defence. Back in CID, DC Jim Carver and DS Debbie McAllister investigate a young man going nuts on steroids.moreless
    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Season 19 - Episode 30
      PC Cathy Bradford looks down in horror at the prone body of TDC Brandon Kane's ex-wife Tanya. After calling an ambulance, Bradford makes a hasty escape from the car park before her Sun Hill colleagues arrive to investigate. PC Cameron Tait's suspicions are aroused when he discovers the complex's CCTV tapes have been stolen. DS Debbie McAllister suspects Brandon Kane is responsible, and her abrupt line of questioning puts both Kane and DC Ken Drummond off-side. As Kane waits at St Hugh's for news of Tanya's condition, Bradford turns up to work, full of sympathy for Tanya. Only Robbie Cryer has suspicions, as Cathy Bradford adds lie upon lie, even volunteering to help with the case so she can cover up evidence of her involvement. As Cathy comforts Brandon at the hospital, she is horrified to hear that Tanya's condition is improving and she may recover...moreless
    • Episode 220
      Episode 220
      Season 20 - Episode 40
      DS Samantha Nixon drags a wounded DS Phil Hunter out of the line of fire of an enraged Dennis Weaver, and the two escape into an abandoned Tube tunnel. PC Yvonne Hemmingway is frustrated when police red tape prevents her from helping pregnant teenager Shirley who has been badly beaten. Hemmingway angrily confronts Supt Adam Okaro, and his reaction attracts the interest of DC Rob Thatcher. PC Gary Best tracks down Shirley's mother, and Hemmingway convinces her to testify against Stuart Rifkin. Realising DS Hunter and DS Nixon are missing, DI Neil Manson and DS Debbie McAllister try to track them down with the help of Phil's daughter Madison and his informant Stephen Fletcher. Barricaded in a storage room, a delirious Hunter admits to Nixon that he blackmailed and betrayed Nick Klein, but when Nixon tries to get help, Dennis Weaver attacks them. As Weaver and Nixon fight, Hunter manages to get hold of the gun, and he shoots Weaver, ending the ordeal. PC Gabriel Kent visits PC Kerry Young at home, but his friendly visit turns nasty when he attacks and rapes her.moreless
    • Big Brother
      Big Brother
      Season 14 - Episode 52
      W.P.C. Hagen arrives at Sun Hill to rumours that she had grassed on a colleague at a previous station.
    • No Doubt about It
      No Doubt about It
      Season 14 - Episode 30
    • Wrong Place, Wrong Time
      Wrong Place, Wrong Time
      Season 14 - Episode 85
      W.P.C. Hagen and P.C. Harker have to contend with an unreliable witness.
    • The Parent Trap
      The Parent Trap
      Season 14 - Episode 22
      Croft is puzzled by a couple who want their daughter arrested.
    • Episode 300
      Episode 300
      Season 21 - Episode 27
      PCs Powell and Murphy investigate an assault on an elderly man. Serial rapist Alan Kennedy is assaulted by a friend of his first victim. DS De Costa is convinced that she is being targeted by someone in the station. PC Valentine is assigned to investigate the hoax call to her ex-boyfriend.moreless
    • The Wrong Horse
      The Wrong Horse
      Season 15 - Episode 5
      P.C.s Garfield and Hagen volunteer to protect a jockey due to give evidence against a crooked bookmaker.
    • Episode 216
      Episode 216
      Season 20 - Episode 36
      Don Beech has the only evidence that could incriminate corrupt DI Peter Cavanaugh. DCI Jack Meadows is reluctant to have to rely on the slippery Beech, but Supt Adam Okaro insists he is their only choice. DI Neil Manson and DS Phil Hunter take Beech to visit Maggie Black who has the incriminating tape, and Beech asks Manson if he can have ten minutes alone to "say goodbye" to Maggie. Manson foolishly agrees, and when DS Hunter goes to interrupt their little liaison, he finds himself held at gunpoint. Beech is on the run again! DI Peter Cavanaugh contacts DS Samantha Nixon and declares his love for her, begging her to join him on the run. She agrees, but informs DCI Meadows of his plans. Using her mobile as a tracking device, Meadows and his team close in, but when Cavanaugh realises he's been betrayed he takes Nixon hostage. DS Ramani De Costa requests a profiler when she suspects a serial rapist may be at work in Sun Hill, but is told that another attack must take place before a profile can be authorised.moreless
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