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    PLEASE bring the bill back i love it so much it has gave me so much inspiration and a few of my friends remember watching it when we was younger and we all miss it and i am a media studies student and while watching the bill recently on you tube it has helped me with my grade so please put it back on TV and base it on the police now days and keep it based in London but maybe not in the central maybe in near lewisham and keep the same officers. thanks ALL HAIL THE BILLLLLLL
  • Hello itv

    Think they need to bring back the bill and London burning as well !!!!!
  • bring it back

    Hi all

    I wish the bill would come back. It was so good, especially in the Tom Chandler days. How do I watch the old episodes on here? I can't see the link to open them.



  • Bring It Back!

    I wish they would bring The Bill back and get rid of shows that are actually no other word for it. BAD and downright predictable.
  • The greatest police drama that will ever exist

    This is quite possibly, the best show, ever to appear on TV. It's a huge shame that it ended. ITV were dumb to make the decision. There will never be a drama quite as good as The Bill was, No chance.
  • I wish it would go on.....

    I am quite small 12yrs old but still the bill is so cool and I wish it would go on and I am on the last series s26 e31 I saw a big book of THE BILL but I couldn't get it coz... But it was so cool
  • great television

    loved this show the best around 1995- 2001ish, loved the burnside era, the don beech era and the early shows were brilliant too! I can see why the show was axed because it became boring and dropping the famous theme tune adding incidental music it j became a different show, also getting rid of pcs hollis and stamp there was no chemistry the coppers and dcs became characterless and just procedural! the real bill is dc carver, sgt cryer, dci meadows, burnside and june ackland! what was different about the bill was the way it was shot set it apart from anything else! love this show but glad it was axed! glad all the early episodes with tosh and roach are being released!!
  • it is 25 years old next year

    it is great it is the longest running programe on itv out stripping heartbeat pc stamp is good as ever in the show they could of done a special remeberance spin of with all the cast like reg hollis ans june ackland and gina gold mat boyden bob cryer charles brownlow it will be on until 2010 october 2010 when it will be in its 26th year and they have had manny changes to the show and with pc beth green leaving next year and i think tony stamp will be next to leave the show then it will be jack meadows and then the only orginal cast member from 1999 will be dale smith
  • What on earth are they doing to this programme?

    I have been watching TB since Woodentop. Over the years Producers have come and gone, and the show has waxed and waned somewhat. So the promise of new grittier storylines actually gave me some hope that 2009 would end on a real upswing and breathe some new life into the formula.

    Not on this current showing it won't.

    The post-watershed change appears to have sucked most of the humour and humanity out of the characters. Now we have the monotony of DC X and DS Y investigating Teenager Z who's in grave danger because of A, B or C. DC X/DS Y get overly involved, and somebody has to pull them back when they let their emotions interfere with the job (although it often turns out they were right all along if only *someone* had listened to their angsty rant earlier).

    Unfortunately, for me that pretty much sums up the 9pm episodes so far. There's been the odd flicker of amusement, but mostly it's been as dour and humourless as a sixties kitchen sink drama. The main problem is that whilst some of the episodes have been undoubtedly "worthy" they have also been dull and pedantic, the Pinter-esque style and moralising in a programme like TB is just not what I look for in what was my favourite show.

    I would also like to see an episode containing no one under the age of 25. Yes, children and teens in danger are worthy subjects; but crimes against children are not the only crimes out there. And shifting the focus away from the central police characters towards the impact of crime on minor characters doesn't seem to have worked either.
  • The Bill stands out as a polished, well produced series. Worthy of mention in any drama critic. An actor who stands out for me is Jason Barnett who plays Eddie. Sheer delight and always enjoyable to watch.

    Ref. Jason Barnett
    What a great character, so laid back, obvious sense of humour. A joy to watch. I am glad his scripts are bigger. Excellent actor. I hope to see Jason Barnett more often. C`mon ITV strike while the iroin is hot.

    The Bill is certainly an excellent series which, for me, gains preference to any other on television series. I must emphasise that this is because of actors like Jason Barnett who bring such a quality to the viewing of drama. I trust that with such an interest, this message will come to the attention of those in the right places to further this actors options.
    By the way could you correct the man`s gender on your information sheet?
    Regards, culverbil.
  • the episodes are just not what they used to be and it is not focosing on policing it has gone back to series 1 but more modern

    it is alright but there are characters leaving left right and centre and they have cut it to one episode a week and it is in the new time slot soon of 9pm instead of 8pm slot and it could be on either saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday i think it could be on a weekend nowing them and i dont like to see di samantha nixon to leave the series it should of been pc tony stmp or dci jack meadows seen they are the two longest serving cast members and it will lose a lot of other good characters
  • Arguably the best police show on tv, a legend, a legacy and for me a way of life

    I have been brought up watching this show, I remember the days of Frank Burnside from when i was a nipper and the feet at the end of the credits too, the storylines are exquisite and always deliver. The entertainment factory with certain characters quirkiness makes this arguably the best police drama on tv today in my humble opinion of course. Also The Bill has managed to maintain its older audience and draw in a younger audience and enertain both equally well, theres been a massive amount of people go in and out of The Bill and each has left their own mark behind, I love Smithy, Mickey and Will, before them it was Nick Klein and Phil Hunter, before that there was Luke Ashton and there are so many fantastic moments i could sit and talk about forever throughout the episodes, instead I'll put it simply, this show is amazing!!!!
  • i love the bill it is just getting beter every year and it is great how they thing of new story lines every year for the whole year and for a week as well

    the bill is getting better like the old days when reg and tosh were in the and it is the best programme on tele on a thursday and wednesday night and it is even better because they are getting new actors and new caracters in to the show and it has changed a lot of things in the programme and new opening titles and the bill will be going for another twenty years after 2010 the rumours are untrue about the show being axed from the tv because it is the best on going police drama on the british tele on a night as well
  • A television show following events at a police station,Sunhill,with a star studded cast.Each episode follows different criminal going-ons which the police must race against time to solve.

    I don't understand how this show is still going and attracting new celebrity faces as it has been on for years and is lacking a certain excitement in each episode.In my opinion each episode is like the one before and has nothing which stands out and makes you want to watch it every night.
    I think the plots are generally okay but are again lacking an excitement police shows should have.I think that the audience for this show has declined in great numbers despite the fact there is numerous famous names joining the cast all the time.Personally I don't see the attraction for them unless the pay is extremely well but other than that there is nothing possibly gained from joining "The Bill".
    I don't think there is enough variety in the episodes and the storylines are usually very similar to all the others.
    Overall I don't think this show is a complete disaster despite the negative things I've said and I do occasionally watch it if I can't find anything else on.
  • My rating 3 yrs ago would have been 10, but not anymore !

    This show has really gone DOWN hill in the last 3 years, The actings bad from an unhealthy amount of the cast. When it was just Reg Hollis and all the other older guys, they seemed to know how to act and play the part. I especially cant believed they hired 'Ruby Allen' i cant actually remember her name but she was in eastenders and that was her characters name but she actually acts like a little brat ! its and theyve fired the guy who played Reg Hollis !. The bill is just going to end up being so low class drama for all actors who cant get jobs anywhere else ! And as i know that alot of people dont like when others tell the truth, so feel free to thumbs down this and even email me with your abuse if you wish. Make me laugh ! Thanks for reading :)
  • There's are good reasons for the UK having seen over 3000 episodes of The Bill since 1984; it attracts over 4 million viewers per episode and is now broadcast in over 50 countries worldwide, even our own Prince William loves it!

    The Bill is set in the fictional East London town of Sun Hill and focuses not only on the day-to-day battle to keep law and order but we also see how the character's personal lives affect their work as a police officer.
    The UK currently get two hour long episodes per week -football allowing. The series covers any and all issues including crooked cops, murdered cops, homosexual cops, cops raping and killing other cops not to mention the troubles faced at local problem housing estates the Jasmin Allen and the Lark Mead. The series wouldn't be a proper soap opera without us seeing the up's and down's caused by the characters relationships; The Bill does not let us down in this respect. Tony and June, June and Gabriel, Honey and Will, Will and Emma, Emma and Matt, Phil and Sam, the love triangles are in abundance. My family and I love The Bill and follow the show religiously; my favourite character is currently Smithy simply because he's always a good guy and he's always dumped on, bless him.
  • Fab!!!

    I love the bill coz:

    The men!!Will,Phil,Dan,Smithy n Stu

    Its fab
    I love Smithy cuz he has a cute smile and a lovly yoice aww how sweet

    Will he is jus georgeous lol.I love his eyes bless

    Stu cuz i dont know

    Phil ummm not sure

    Dan coz she is mega fit an' he is brilliant Bezzi mates:
    Will n Dan
    Stu n Micky
    Em n Honey(dead but oh well)
    Smithy n ???? not sure he just has lots of mates

    My fave girl is Emma because the colour of her hair is fab but i hope she tells on Matt about beating her up it aint fair on the woman
  • Hodges wont tell Heaton till the following morning whether it't Barton St or Sun Hill that will close. Seems she wants Heaton in bed with her that night.

    I think Heaton is great and (Daniel Flynn) brings depth to his character. It's a sham about his marriage as it seems to be in freefall. Nonetheless maybe the writers can fix it for him and his wife, yet some how I think they wont. Maybe this will lead to him looking a round. I hope it not his DAC Hodges as I think she only uses him as a bit on the side. Not the basis of a "good marriage".
    Nonetheless I'm looking forward to the last February episode where Heaton has been chucked out by his wife and Hodges appears saying that she will let Heaton know the following morning whether Sun Hill is closing.
    In other words "Come to bed tonight with me and then I'll tell you" Hmmmmm
  • A gritty and meaty storyline.

    Stefan was breaking boundaries with this role. It was the first time a gay relationship had happened in The Bill. Stefan played Sgt Marc Rollins (he played an armed officer)who was in a relationship with Sunhill PC Lance Powell. It was a mixed race relationship (another first) and they also had the first cival relationship ceromony for same sex couples. Lots of FIRSTS here!!

    It was a great storyline and it was so sad when Lance's character was killed off as it meant no more Stefan.

    Lets hope at some time Stefan can play this role again - it would be great to see him back on prime time TV.
  • Loved By Viewers For Over 20 Years, The Bill Is The Most Enjoyable Police Drama Loved By People All Ages. Now Showing On ITV1 And UKTV Gold.

    The Bill. One of the longest running television shows in the world. The bill began as an hour long television play called Woodentop (which I believe is on this DVD) Today it has been running for 22 years. While it may not be all that good anymore This DVD takes us back to the begining. Series 1, televised between 1984 and 1985 gives a fly on the wall look at modern day policing in a fictional East End London Nick, Sun Hill.

    The Bill is unmissable for any fan of television in general. Groundbreaking and orignal!
  • One of my fave tv shows... I\'m so in love with it that I must watch every single episode.

    People for some reason think that The Bill has gone soapy. That is not true. It is still a Drama just of a different sort. A soapy/Soap Opera is domestic where every single character is related to each other either by blood or marriage and everyone sticks their nose in everyone elses business. This is not The Bill. Yes it did get a bit soppy when everyone was sleeping with each other but that doesn\'t make it a soap opera. It was more of a romantic drama more then anything but has changed it\'s image yet again. Its focusing on the crimes a lot more with a little bit of romance. I have always found The Bill very fun and exciting although it doesn\'t quite have the humour it once did.
  • The Bill is a uk police drama which focusses on some heavy hitting storylines. it has a wide fanbase which it's acquired over the 23 years it's been on our screens. It's set around the fictional town of Sun Hill in Canley. It's a show that never lets you

    The Bill is a show that i think is one of the best on uk screens. It's seen alot since it stared back in 1983 and every year gets better, with storylines usch as the racial attack back in 2002 and Luke Ashtons gay storyline the bill has aquired fans of all ages and is still getting new viewers. With it's hard hitting storyines you're able to connect to the characters and feel like you know them. which shows how successful The Bill is, winner of the National Television Award back in 2004 for Best British Drama which was highly deserved. and every year gets better and better and is sure to carry on for years to come.
  • It was a great series but now it's dull.

    I can review The Bill from inside, not just because I watch it every week but also because I work as a background artist in the series. This series was a classic in the old times, now it\'s in its 22nd years and of course the ideas are now poor and very repetitive. It\'s broadcast two episodes per week when with one should be more than enough. Every episode is exactly the same in its structure and what it used to be a good policial series it is now more like a soap opera where the less important thing is the job of the detectives.
  • The Bill has become an obsession!

    The Bill follows the lives of a group of police officers and the criminal goings on surrounding Sun Hill.
    The Bill has become a part of my everyday life. It is not Saturday night if I haven't watched The Bill and it has been this way since as long as I can remember.
    The Bill has all those characters you love, and those you love to hate. You will find yourself disputing with the television screen when something doesn't go as you planned.
    Watch the Bill and I assure you that you will end up a sad case addicted to the stuff as just about every other fan is!
  • An excellent police crime drama which makes an exciting, gripping and thrilling drama every week.

    The Bill is my 2nd favourite TV show and it has to be, because it is normally extremely gripping and thrilling. It is shown on ITV1 in the UK on most Wednesday and Thursday nights and it makes a fantastic watch. The plots are excellent and the actors are also excellent. I really think that they put a lot of effort into the show, because it really shows. The Bill is almost always recorded in advance, but in 2005 there was a special live episode, because of ITV50 when ITV were celebrating their 50th anniversary. So over all, an excellent watch altogether.
  • More a soapie than a cop show!

    I still love this! Don't ask me why! It's been getting steadily worse since the Fire, but maybe that's because there's no more Sam Harker! Bring back the old Bill, the type where they actually worked and it would be a score of ten. Until then, it's just a 9.7! It's still good though, and a show i'll love forever!
  • ITV show about the trials and tribulations of being a police officer in modern society.

    The Bill is one the most groundbreaking dramas to hit our screens ever! First shown over 20 years ago on ITV it has proved that it has what it takes to compete with the new shows on tv by bringing fresh and innovative plots to the forefront of our society. It's style has been imitated in many modern programmes, which just shows how influential it is. It encourages debates as opposed to some of the mind-numbing programmes we now see, and shows that a certain career does not require a certain characteristic. Perfectly written, filmed and acted, The Bill will hopefully be with us for many years to come!More of the same please ITV!
  • The Bill is the greatest

    The Bill is the best show on the tele and if it goes off air in 2010 itv will lose a lot of viewers. The Bill has just the right balance and mix of stories and character romances. I for one will be gutted if it goes off air, *sob*
  • This is a must watch episode!

    Wow. what a good episode. I expected great things from the Task Force Mercury Storyline, and that is just what i'm getting.

    the lastest episode that i have seen, is that of the australian episode, where DCI Jack Meadows brings in DC Zain Nadir into the loop on the Task Force Mercury. It is also the episode where Honey gets her job back, and Yvonne Hemmingway is suspended.

    I enjoyed it for a few reasons, Honey got what she deserved!! that was a major plus for me. what would have been better is if Scott instead of committing suicide actually was murdered inside prison. that would have been a twist. i actually figured out that Scott committed suicide when Gina asked honey into her office. What i did think was that it was good karma for Honey. I really dont like her.

    On Yvonne's situation. i really feel sorry for her. that little bug*er deserved what he got. I also dont think it was right of Honey to cry on her shoulder. That part just annoyed me further.

    Oh, i heard DCI Meadows say to Neil that he was working on something? What is he working on??

    I did also like the part where Neil & Zain were briefing Meadows, and they were discussing a series of surveillance shots of a door, and Zain tells Neil "i only promised to find the place, do feel free to jump in with any ideas". that made me laugh seriously. i hate Neil, but since Andrea died, it is like he's turned over a new leaf. i'm really liking him.

    Also i like the relationship that is building between Zain and the DCI. They seem to be the new mickey & jack relationship. He keeps giving Zain good advice.

    Gina: i expected more on her health. Do the relief know? i'm not sure. i'm still confused.

    Also, Adam's attitude really pee'd me off. seriously after his family's funeral he's been off. Ever since he blew up at Gina for not telling him about the cancer. IF i was Gina, then i would have waited to tell anyone. I would have one exactly what she has done. Im really annoyed with Adam at the moment. He has handled the whole Yvonne thing wrong. God he makes me mad, i think its just the way that he speaks and the way he walks and the way that he just annoys the h*ll outta me!

    Tony: i didnt know he was bashed. I'm a big fan of spoilers, and i hadnt read any of this. or i'd forgotten it. I really feel sorry for him. Being bashed for hesitating to use his asp. why were they given to the police force if they are expected not to use them to defend themselves??

    Back to Zain, i never realised how hot he was til this episode. i think i've just got my sight back. lol. He wears a suit, and erm well is hot. He drove a Monaro too, well its a Vauxhall on the show, but in Australia its a Holden Monaro. Omg, he is perfect for me. lol. Suit, and car, hot too, even more more more more perfect the more i think about it. lol.

    I love the way that Zain talks, his accent everything, and the way he lowers his voice and everything. i'm obsessed i think...
  • Keeps on keeping on

    The Bill has been around for ages and it has kept on producing on quality storyline after another.

    So many cops shows have come and gone, but none of them have stood the test of time like The Bill. Recently I have had a few issues with it though.

    Storylines involving the undercover reporter, Gabriel Kent, Cathy Bradford and Kerry Young, have made me realize that the bill has changed a lot from its earlier days.

    With all of these psychos and realtionships between collegues it makes me wonder how they have any time to do any police work at all! There is too much focus taken away from the job. And blowing up the Police Station for a SECOND time was unnessessary.
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