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ITV (ended 2010)





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  • The Bill stands out as a polished, well produced series. Worthy of mention in any drama critic. An actor who stands out for me is Jason Barnett who plays Eddie. Sheer delight and always enjoyable to watch.

    Ref. Jason Barnett
    What a great character, so laid back, obvious sense of humour. A joy to watch. I am glad his scripts are bigger. Excellent actor. I hope to see Jason Barnett more often. C`mon ITV strike while the iroin is hot.

    The Bill is certainly an excellent series which, for me, gains preference to any other on television series. I must emphasise that this is because of actors like Jason Barnett who bring such a quality to the viewing of drama. I trust that with such an interest, this message will come to the attention of those in the right places to further this actors options.
    By the way could you correct the man`s gender on your information sheet?
    Regards, culverbil.