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AIRED ON 3/23/1999

Season 15 : Episode 16

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Season 15 : Episode 16

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  • Episode 377
    Episode 377
    Episode 104
    Sgt Smith helps investigate when a young woman is attacked in her home by an intruder. DC Webb covers for DC Sim, who misplaces some evidence, and offers to help her revise for her sergeant’s exams. PC Johannsen has another bad day, and argues with Insp Gold. Smith considers resigning to be with Louise Larson.moreless
  • Episode 376
    Episode 376
    Episode 103
    DCs Masters and Sim investigate when a white man appears to have been assaulted by some Asians in a racially-motivated attack. Sgt Smith and PC Kapoor deal with a domestic dispute when a man breaks down the door to his ex-wife's house, claiming that his she won't allow him to deliver Christmas presents to his children even though it's his access day. Insp Gold tells PC Johannsen that she wants to see an improvement in her performance. Sgt Smith rejects Louise Larson, then discovers that she is going into witness protection as she is to testify against her husband.moreless
  • Episode 375
    Episode 375
    Episode 102
    DS Hunter and DC Masters prepare a raid, but armed robbers steal the drugs first. DS Ramani De Costa helps DC Perkins hunt for his missing nephew Bradley. PC Hollis investigates the theft of a nativity display at the local church. Supt Okaro struggles to cope with his first Christmas without his family. Ben Perkins finds out that his brother has been sleeping with his wife. DC Perkins faces up to his feelings for De Costa.moreless
  • Episode 374
    Episode 374
    Episode 101
    DC Perkins investigates a case of alleged sexual assault by a female boss. PCs Fletcher and Harman try to reunite a homeless ex-soldier with his family. Ben Perkins is released from prison, upsetting his abused son. DCI Meadows is shocked when his drug-dealing son, Benjamin, is given a harsh sentence. PC Stamp plays a Christmas prank on PC Casper but it backfires on him.moreless
  • Episode 373
    Episode 373
    Episode 100
    DC Nadir and DS Nixon try to persuade a nervous witness to testify in court in a high profile drug case. Supt Okaro arrests the trial judge for drink driving. PCs Fletcher and Harman deal with a stolen car scam operating from a valet car park. PC Stamp decides to put his father into a residential home.moreless
  • Episode 372
    Episode 372
    Episode 99
    Insp Gold sets up a mock game show to trap offenders who repeatedly fail to attend court. PC Johannsen, who has failed her probationary exams, almost blows the operation. DCs Sim and Webb investigate the apparent theft of items from her parents' house.
  • Episode 371
    Episode 371
    Episode 98
    Probationary PC Will Fletcher gets lost on his way to start duty at Sun Hill and is reprimanded for his terrible time-keeping. DS Hunter and DC Masters go undercover as a couple to investigate a series of robberies. DC Perkins considers ending his affair with sister-in-law Lucy. PC Stamp is reunited with estranged sister, Jacqui.moreless
  • Episode 370
    Episode 370
    Episode 97
    DCs Nadir and Sim investigate one of PC Powell's old cases. A witness to a mugging names the culprit, but both were previously questioned over an alleged rape. Supt Okaro pairs with PC Bryant to search a warehouse for drugs. Members of the relief attend Powell's funeral.
  • Episode 369
    Episode 369
    Episode 96
    DI Manson, DCI Morrell, DC Webb and DC Sim question two suspected gay serial killers. Cindy Hunter has news about her IVF treatment.
  • Episode 368
    Episode 368
    Episode 95
    MIT begin their investigation into the murder of PC Lance Powell. DI Manson and DC Webb interview staff at the gay bar where he was last seen alive. DS Hunter registers the birth of his son, Alfie. Kate Maltby decides to move to Cardiff.
  • Episode 367
    Episode 367
    Episode 94
    DS Hunter's enquiries into recent suspicious deaths lead MIT to conclude that there is a gay serial killer in Sun Hill. PCs Powell and Bryant deal with an assault, but the victim refuses to press charges. Powell struggles to deal with the break up of his relationship with Sgt Rollins and revisits the gay bar, placing himself in grave danger. Hunter struggles to deal with the news that he is Alfie's father.moreless
  • Episode 366
    Episode 366
    Episode 93
    DSs Hunter and Nixon assist DI Manson on a murder case, and the evidence points to a gay serial killer. PCs Powell and Bryant investigate a spate of robberies targeting elderly and housebound victims. Sgt Rollins thinks that he and Powell should separate. DS Hunter receives the results of his paternity test.moreless
  • Episode 365
    Episode 365
    Episode 92
    PCs Stamp and Kapoor deal with a suspected mugger and refer the case to DS De Costa and DC Perkins. DCs Webb and Nadir investigate the case of a burning man thrown from a moving car and trace the victim to a crystal meth cook-house. PC Powell goes undercover at a local gay bar and finds that the crystal meth is being dealt there. Powell's boyfriend, Sgt Rollins, plans to leave the Met. DC Perkins has doubts about his relationship with sister-in-law Lucy.moreless
  • Episode 364
    Episode 364
    Episode 91
    DC Webb returns to Sun Hill. He is assigned to an attempted robbery case with DC Nadir, who is suspicious of Webb's relationship with DCI Meadows. It is performance review time, and Insp Gold and Sgt Ackland go out on the beat with PCs Johannsen and Harman to assess their performance. The relief is unhappy at a new twelve-hour rota.moreless
  • Episode 363
    Episode 363
    Episode 90
    Barton Street's Sgt Haynes offers PC Valentine a bribe to help a factory owner who employs illegal immigrants. Sgt Ackland meets Gabriel at the coroner’s hearing into the death of PC Kent, and is delighted when he acknowledges her as his mother. PC Murphy announces that she is transferring to the Child Protection Unit.moreless
  • Episode 362
    Episode 362
    Episode 89
    The relief go after offenders who have failed to attend court. DC Masters and DS Hunter investigate an armed robbery at an off-licence and are led to an illegal firearms manufacturer. Insp Gold returns to Sun Hill. PC Murphy considers resigning. DS Hunter tells wife Cindy about the baby and she insists on a paternity test.moreless
  • Episode 361
    Episode 361
    Episode 88
    DS Webb assists DCI Meadows and DS De Costa with their investigation into prison absconder Martin Delaney. Commander Barratt and PC Casper argue about Casper's affair with Mrs Barratt. Confronted by an armed robber, Barratt abandons Casper. Later, the two men fight in front of Rochelle, who is forced to choose between them. Kate Maltby gives birth to a son but DS Hunter denies being the father. Meadows offers Webb a job at Sun Hill CID.moreless
  • Episode 360
    Episode 360
    Episode 87
    DCI Meadows enlists the help of former colleague DS Mickey Webb in tracking down rapist Martin Delaney, who has escaped from prison. Ch Supt Barratt goes back on the beat with PC Casper and they assist CID on an armed robbery case. Barratt confronts the Casper about his affair with wife Rochelle and advises him to leave Sun Hill. DS Hunter accompanies ex-fiancée to the labour ward and is late for an IVF appointment with ex-wife Cindy.moreless
  • Episode 359
    Episode 359
    Episode 86
    Gangster Pete Larson discovers Sgt Smith in his home and takes him at gunpoint to a disused warehouse. DC Nadir tells DCI Meadows about Smith’s affair with Louise Larson. PC Valentine makes fun of PC Stamp, who is becoming hard of hearing.
  • Episode 358
    Episode 358
    Episode 85
    PCs Hollis and Stamp arrest a man for tendering counterfeit money. DS Nixon and DC Nadir investigate. The suspect tells them that he witnessed gangster Pete Larson shoot a former associate. Sgt Smith goes to Larson’s house and is searching for the gun when Larson arrives home. PCs Casper and Johannsen investigate CD piracy. Johannsen discovers Casper’s affair with Rochelle Barratt.moreless
  • Episode 357
    Episode 357
    Episode 84
    DC Masters is undercover as a prison officer and has identified the key players in a drug distribution network. PCs Stamp and Hollis go into the prison as visitors to arrests the culprits. DS Nixon investigates a shooting. PC Hemmingway's ex-boyfriend suggests that they renew their relationship.
  • Episode 356
    Episode 356
    Episode 83
    DC Masters is undercover as a prison officer to investigate a spate of drug overdoses. PC Hemmingway investigates a shooting and discovers that her ex-boyfriend has hidden vital evidence. PC Casper's relationship with Rochelle Barratt is tested after the arrest of a young drug user.
  • Episode 355
    Episode 355
    Episode 82
    PCs Kapoor and Powell discover a severely decomposed body, which may lead to a murder case. DS Nixon and DC Masters investigate. PCs Harman and Stamp are told of a missing Egyptian girl. DS De Costa and DC Nadir investigate. PC Casper tells PC Johannsen that he is seeing a married woman. DC Masters goes undercover as a warder to investigate overdoses in a prison.moreless
  • Episode 354
    Episode 354
    Episode 81
    DCs Perkins and Sim investigate the trading of stolen car parts. PCs Kapoor and Powell deal with an assault on a businessman by a group of schoolchildren. DS De Costa and DC Nadir investigate a domestic violence case. Supt Okaro asks the relief not to gossip about PC Kent. Kapoor teases PC Casper about his love life.moreless
  • Episode 353
    Episode 353
    Episode 80
    PC Kent arrives home to find fiancée PC Murphy going through his belongings. He tries to put a positive spin on his deception but she is unconvinced and he ties her up. PCs Bryant and Stamp track her down and bring her to safety. Sgt Smith prompts DS Nixon to establish the identity of the victim of the Sun Hill siege. Sgt Ackland decides to pair with Kent, but when they are called to St Hugh's Kent switches off his brother's life support and smothers him. Called to deal with a disturbance in a tower block, Kent drags Ackland to the roof and threatens to kill her. DS Nixon and Sgt Smith lead a group of officers to their location. Smith and Kent fight as Ackland looks on…moreless
  • Episode 352
    Episode 352
    Episode 79
    DC Perkins assists DI De Costa in an investigation into a serious assault on his sister-in-law, Lucy. A camera found at the scene leads to the uncovering of an extortion scam run by a convicted paedophile who is threatening to harm the families of other prisoners. DS Nixon and DC Nadir investigate the theft of a lorry-load of designer sunglasses. DS Hunter identifies the likely culprit, and investigations lead a woman who is selling stolen goods from a beauty salon. Cindy Hunter is furious when her salon is raided and blames her husband. PC Kent is feeling the pressure and tries to persuade fiancée PC Murphy to leave Sun Hill. PC Bryant tells a disbelieving Murphy the truth about Kent and his brother, Gabriel.moreless
  • Episode 351
    Episode 351
    Episode 78
    Sgt Ackland identifies the comatose man in St Hugh's as her son, Gabriel Kent, and tells Sgt Smith and PC Bryant that PC Kent is his adoptive brother, David, who stole his identity. Smith persuades Ackland not to tell Supt Okaro, as she would be in trouble for keeping his secret. DS Nixon and DC Masters track Lesley Palmer to Oxfordshire, where she has lured her ex-partner. She threatens to kill him unless he reveals the whereabouts of the body of the child that he killed 20 years before. DS Hunter and DC Perkins investigate a sudden death. They stumble across a low-rent pimp and gather evidence to convict him.moreless
  • Episode 350
    Episode 350
    Episode 77
    Supt Okaro asks DC Masters to look into a press photograph of notorious child killer Lesley Palmer. Palmer's old cell-mate has been staying with her and leaked information to the press for cash. Sgt Smith and PC Bryant compare notes on PC Kent, and speculate as to the identity of the man claiming to be the real Gabriel Kent, now fighting for his life in St Hugh's.moreless
  • Episode 349
    Episode 349
    Episode 76
    Sun Hill is under siege. A distraught father produces a gun and demands the prosecution of the driver of the vehicle that killed his son. Supt Prosser encourages PC Casper to attempt to overpower the gunman and, while some officers escape, Casper and Gabriel Kent are shot. The suspended Insp Gold, who had been attending the Sun Hill celebrations with Supt Okaro, tries to negotiate with the gunman, while DC Perkins, one of the hostages, mediates. Prosser flounders in the situation and brokers the return of Supt Okaro as operational commander. The officers realise that the gunman has kidnapped the driver, and DS Hunter and DC Nadir are sent on a dangerous rescue mission.moreless
  • Episode 348
    Episode 348
    Episode 75
    PC Hollis has organised an event to celebrate 50 years of Sun Hill police station. Former DCS Charles Barnet, who is to be a guest speaker, is keen to be taken out on patrol, and PCs Stamp and Casper take him out in the area car. The PCs are embarrassed by the old-fashioned attitudes of the former detective, who puts his back out while helping them with an arrest. PCs Valentine and Hemmingway investigate a road traffic accident in which an eight-year-old boy has been killed by a joy-rider. Witnesses confirm that the boy had run in front of the car. Supt Prosser tells the father that the driver will only be charged with minor offences, and he takes the news badly. PC Bryant is surprised when a man calling himself Gabriel Kent calls in at the station and asks to see Sgt Ackland. She mentions this to PC Kent, who dismisses the visitor as a local nutter. Kent goes to see his adopted brother, who quickly realises that David has stolen his identity. Meanwhile, the dead boy's father turns up at the station and demands that his son's killer be prosecuted.moreless
  • Episode 347
    Episode 347
    Episode 74
    PC Valentine agrees to investigate an assault on the boyfriend and business partner of his estranged wife Sandra, who seeks a divorce. The boyfriend proves uncooperative, and Valentine soon establishes that he is a crook. PC Murphy finally agrees to marry PC Kent. Sgt Ackland demands to know when he plans to tell his fiancée his true identity. Sgt Smith tracks down the suspended Insp Gold who reveals that her cancer has been successfully treated.moreless
  • Episode 346
    Episode 346
    Episode 73
    DC Masters is assigned as contact officer for a notorious child killer Lesley Palmer, now released after 20 years in prison. Unfortunately, Palmer has told a former cell mate about her new identity. Police investigating an assault at a clip joint cannot get a witness to talk. PC Valentine recognises Anka and persuades her to give a statement, but she is sacked for her trouble. Valentine offers to let her stay at his house. She later offers herself to him and, when he rejects her, she decides to move out. PC Murphy deals with an assault victim who refuses to make a statement. PC Bryant tells Murphy that the woman and PC Kent were lovers. Murphy confronts Kent, who proposes to her.moreless
  • Episode 345
    Episode 345
    Episode 72
    Insp Gold assists PCs Casper and Hollis in attending to an elderly man whose growing confusion makes him behave in an aggressive manner. He is later reported missing in possession of a loaded gun. Gold has snuck off to the pub and cannot be contacted. Supt Prosser calls in SO19, but they storm the wrong house. Gold returns to duty and persuades the man to surrender his weapon. Ch Supt Barratt is furious and, looking for a scapegoat, Supt Prosser tells him about Gold's absence and her drinking on duty. Gold is suspended from duty while her drink problem is assessed. DS Nixon and DC Nadir investigate a former associate of Pete Larson, and Nadir goes undercover to buy a passport. Sgt Smith is in bed with Mrs Larson when her husband returns home unexpectedly.moreless
  • Episode 344
    Episode 344
    Episode 71
    DI Manson is assaulted by wife Pippa, who is distraught at her father's death. DS De Costa and DC Perkins deal with a CSU case, but row over his relationship with his sister-in-law. PCs Hemmingway and Bryant challenge PCs Valentine and Casper to see who can get the best arrests of the day. Insp Gold approves of the results and takes them to the pub to celebrate before the shift ends. Supt Prosser forces Sgt Ackland to tell her about the outing.moreless
  • Episode 343
    Episode 343
    Episode 70
    DI Manson clashes with his father-in-law, who is being blackmailed over an incriminating videotape of him having sex with an underage boy. Pearson tries to retrieve the tape and is stabbed by the blackmailer. Insp Gold is furious with Supt Prosser for taking the credit for her anti-social behaviour initiative, and starts drinking on duty. DSs Hunter and Nixon investigate the disappearance of a young estate agent. Nixon discovers the body in one of the company's apartments, then arranges a date with the dead man's boss.moreless
  • Episode 342
    Episode 342
    Episode 69
    Sgt Ackland visits 13-year-old rapist Ross Trescot. He tells her of his own sexual abuse at the hands of his uncle and begs her to drop the rape charges, but she refuses. PCs Valentine and Bryant deal with the mugging of a Polish woman. Her flatmate Anka is also assaulted, but does not want to press charges as she is an illegal immigrant. Valentine warns the attacker off. DCs Masters and Sims photograph DI Manson's father-in-law with a suspected pimp of under-age boys. Manson challenges wife Pippa over her involvement in her father's activities. Insp Gold's initiative on anti-social behaviour proves a success, but Supt Prosser takes the credit.moreless
  • Episode 341
    Episode 341
    Episode 68
    DCI Meadows continues to investigate the fake passports business. DS Hunter makes an arrest but the suspect refuses to implicate Pete Larson. DI Manson intervenes when his estranged wife Pippa is assaulted in court. PC Murphy brings her daughter Siobhan into the station for a day's work experience, and she spends the shift with PCs Kent and Hollis. She persuades Kent to forgive her mother, and the couple are reconciled. Sgt Ackland is shocked to receive a visiting order for her 13-year-old rapist, Ross Trescot.moreless
  • Episode 340
    Episode 340
    Episode 67
    Supt Prosser reprimands Insp Gold for her drunken behaviour the previous evening. She responds by preparing an anti-social behaviour initiative. DCI Meadows proves that his son Benjamin is distributing cocaine. He confesses to all charges and agrees to provide information on his contacts. PC Johannsen has to tell a mother that her son has died but breaks the news to the wrong woman. Sgt Smith regrets telling PC Murphy that PC Kent had raped PC Young and explains that he was mistaken. Murphy challenges Kent, who denies the allegation.moreless
  • Episode 339
    Episode 339
    Episode 66
    PC Stamp uncovers a vital witness who can testify to the events leading up to the death of Lee Thomas. PC Murphy proves that young Ronnie does not have leukaemia, but is being abused by her mother. DCI Meadows tries to build a case against his son Benjamin, but there is insufficient evidence to charge him. PC Hemmingway is found not guilty of unlawful killing. A celebration after work gets out of hand and officers from Barton Street are called to deal. Insp Gold throws a drink over the sergeant. Sgt Smith tells a horrified PC Murphy that PC Kent raped PC Young.moreless
  • Episode 338
    Episode 338
    Episode 65
    It's new PC Laura Bryant's first day at Sun Hill. PC Valentine plays practical jokes on her but she gets her own back and makes her first arrest. PC Hemmingway is on trail for the unlawful killing of Lee Thomas, and the man she assaulted testifies against her. DCI Meadows finds out that his son is the mastermind behind a cocaine distribution operation. PC Murphy is called to investigate the theft of a charity collection. She suspects that the young girl being collected for does not have leukaemia but is being mistreated, and kidnaps the girl to protect her from her mother.moreless
  • Episode 337
    Episode 337
    Episode 64
    PCs Harman and Johannsen go undercover to investigate two date-rape incidents, and Johannsen almost ends up as a victim. PC Hemmingway discovers that the drunk whom she assaulted has been called as a prosecution witness in her forthcoming trial. DC Nadir introduces Sgt Smith to an informant who had two fingers chopped off by Pete Larson. Smith ends his affair with the villain's wife, Louise. DS Hunter ends his engagement to Kate Maltby and beats up his brother for sleeping with her.moreless
  • Episode 336
    Episode 336
    Episode 63
    Supt Amanda Prosser arrives to take charge at Sun Hill. DS Hunter and DC Masters continue their investigation of a corrupt customs officer. Sgt Ackland returns to work and has to deal with a date-rape case. PCs Harman and Stamp destroy CCTV evidence of PC Hemmingway's assault on a drunk. DC Nadir discovers that Sgt Smith is involved with the wife of criminal Pete Larson, and warns him off. Cindy Hunter agrees to divorce her estranged husband, but brother-in-law PC Steve Hunter then admits to her that he has slept with his brother's fiancée.moreless
  • Episode 335
    Episode 335
    Episode 62
    PCs Valentine and PC Casper find a missing schoolgirl in some woods. She has just given birth, but there is no sign of a baby. DS Hunter recognises ex-informant Frank Mann, but DC Masters discovers that he is working on a drugs deal with a corrupt customs officer. Hunter bids farewell to his daughter, Maddy, who is being taken to Australia by her mother. He makes up with fiancée Kate Maltby, unaware that she has slept with his brother Steve. PC Hemmingway faces formal manslaughter charges following the inquest into the death of Lee Thomap. After a drink with friends from the relief she is racially abused by a drunk and assaults him.moreless
  • Episode 334
    Episode 334
    Episode 61
    The relief are out looking for the 13-year-old who raped Sgt Ackland, while PC Murphy interviews her. Trescot is found by PC Kent and arrested by PC Stamp. At interview, he tells DC Sim that he was also the victim of sexual abuse. PC Hemmingway is called to give evidence at the inquest into the death of Lee Thomas. When DS Hunter admits to fiancée Kate Maltby that he is still married to Cindy, she kicks him out and finds comfort in the arms of his brother, Steve.moreless
  • Episode 333
    Episode 333
    Episode 60
    DS Nixon and DC Nadir arrive in time to save Acting DI De Costa from taxi driver David Russo, but he is released on bail when his DNA fails to match that found next to the murdered nurse. Peter Baxter tries to make amends with former victim Ruth Cohen, who stabs him. Sgt Ackland and PC Valentine are called to an arson incident. The officers are separated, and Ackland is assaulted and raped by 13-year-old Ross Trescot.moreless
  • Episode 332
    Episode 332
    Episode 59
    Peter Baxter is released on bail, but is brought back in when the burned body of the missing nurse is discovered. DS Nixon identifies taxi driver David Russo as a possible suspect, but an unsuspecting Acting DI De Costa is already trapped in his cab…
  • Episode 331
    Episode 331
    Episode 58
    Acting Supt Meadows arrests his son Benjamin for possession of cocaine. Benjamin's prints match those from a previous assault case. Acting DI De Costa and DS Nixon investigate the disappearance of a young nurse, and Peter Baxter is implicated. The internal inquiry into the death of Lee Chapman is concluded. PC Kent invites PC Murphy back to his house.moreless
  • Episode 330
    Episode 330
    Episode 57
    Jack Meadows is made Acting Superintendent and promotes Neil Manson to Acting DCI, despite concerns over his conduct. PCs Valentine and Casper are on school patrol when a teacher is assaulted by a pupil, and Valentine presses her to bring charges. Acting DI De Costa is angry when she discovers that DC Perkins is having an affair with his sister-in-law. PC Kent invites PC Murphy to dinner. PC Casper receives another poison pen letter but decides to continue seeing Rochelle Barratt. Acting Supt Meadows visits his son Benjamin and discovers cocaine in the flat.moreless
  • Episode 329
    Episode 329
    Episode 56
    Photographs of Supt Okaro smoking marijuana with Isaac Collins have been sent to the Met, and Okaro tenders his resignation. Okaro accepts the offer of a job as a security consultant and uses this a pretext to investigate Collins. Ch Supt Barratt calls on his wife Rochelle and catches her with PC Casper. PC Johannsen exploits her new status as PC Stamp's 'girlfriend' so he ends their relationship at a works party. DCI Meadows challenges DI Manson over his relationship with DC Sim and appears to catch them in a compromising situation.moreless
  • Episode 328
    Episode 328
    Episode 55
    Acting DC Best survives the shooting, but may be paralysed. Reunited with his estranged mother, he decides to return to Manchester. DCI Meadows and CID begin the search for the gunman, and are led to Supt Okaro's old friend Isaac Collins. Sgt Smith and Jonathan Fox investigate Insp Gold's absence and find her passed out in her bathroom. PC Stamp hires an escort to accompany him to PC Harman's birthday party, but she turns out to be a moonlighting PC Johannsen.moreless
  • Episode 327
    Episode 327
    Episode 54
    Acting DC Best is shot in the back during a raid on a gang suspected of handling stolen goods. DS Hunter vows to catch the thug responsible for assaulting his pregnant ex-lover, and inadvertently proposes marriage. Insp Gold returns to duty after cancer therapy but is unfit for work. Supt Okaro hits another snag with his road safety initiative.moreless
  • Episode 326
    Episode 326
    Episode 53
    Supt Okaro struggles to make headway with his road safety campaign. DC Perkins's nephew testifies against his father. Sgt Smith continues his relationship with a gangster's wife. PC. Stamp tries his hand at internet dating. DS Hunter's mother lectures him about parental responsibility.
  • Episode 325
    Episode 325
    Episode 52
    PCs Valentine and Casper break up a violent fight between two old friends, and have to deal with the consequences when one of the men is stabbed. DC Nadir is investigating gangster Pete Larson, while Sgt Smith has been sleeping with Mrs Larson. DC Perkins is called as a witness at his brother's trial. DS Hunter is concerned that Christine Weaver plans to emigrate with their daughter Madison.moreless
  • Episode 324
    Episode 324
    Episode 51
    Sgt Smith attends a car-jacking incident and is attracted to the victim, Louise Larson, the wife of a local gangster. PCs Johannsen and Harman are sent to catch a gang of cash machine skimmers. DS Hunter discovers that Christine Weaver plans to migrate to Australia with their daughter. PC Murphy ignores Sgt Ackland's advice to steer clear of PC Kent.moreless
  • Episode 323
    Episode 323
    Episode 50
    PCs Harman and Johannsen investigate a case of criminal damage at the flat of an escort. DC Nadir searches for a 14-year-old girl who has been groomed over the internet by a 35-year-old man. PC Kent confesses to PC Murphy that he murdered the Sun Hill sniper.
  • Episode 322
    Episode 322
    Episode 49
    PCSO Bryant discovers that the boy bullying her son Liam is dealing drugs at school. DS Nixon continues to wind up DC Masters. DI Manson puts pressure on DC Best to drop his accusations against DC Sim. PC Murphy confronts PC Kent about their relationship. CPS lawyer Jonathan Fox returns to Sun Hill.moreless
  • Episode 321
    Episode 321
    Episode 48
    PCSO Bryant looks at PC Kent with new eyes when he takes a surprisingly compassionate approach to her wayward son Liam, who is being bullied because of her job. Supt Okaro tries to mend fences with the rank-and-file officers by going out on the beat with Sgt Ackland, but reacts badly at the scene of a traffic accident which brings back memories of his recent family tragedy. DS Nixon jeopardises DC Masters's investigation by poaching her informant, leading to a bitter row. DC Best's future on the force looks uncertain after he reacts to DC Sim's constant needling with a very public outburst.moreless
  • Episode 320
    Episode 320
    Episode 47
    Sgt Ackland leads a short-lived rebellion over the suspension of PC Hemmingway. Supt Okaro tries to defuse the threat of strike action by the relief, reminding them of their duties as police officers and offering to let Hemmingway return to the station on non-operational duties while the inquiry takes its course. PC Casper panics that his affair with Rochelle Barratt is about to become public, but reacts with dismay when she suggests they put their affair on hold. DC Best feels that he is being patronised by DC Sim. DI Manson confides in Sim about his affair with the late PC Dunbar. The Hunter brothers clash over Phil's treatment of Kate.moreless
  • Episode 319
    Episode 319
    Episode 46
    PC Stamp is in hospital recovering from a savage beating, PC Hemmingway has been suspended over the death of a suspect and PCs Kent and Valentine are reprimanded for using CS spray. There is confusion in the relief about the use of reasonable force and Sgt Ackland calls for strike action. DCI Meadows orders DC Nadir to remain deskbound following a death threat but he goes on an operation with PC Powell and they find themselves held at gunpoint by a local gangster. DS Hunter discovers that Kate Maltby might lose their baby. PC Casper receives a letter in the internal mail which confirms that someone knows about his affair with Rochelle Barratt.moreless
  • Episode 318
    Episode 318
    Episode 45
    PC Harman is allowed to retract her resignation, but husband Scott Burnett tries to kill himself in prison. PC Hemmingway is suspended from duty, pending investigation into the death of Lee Thomas, causing uncertainty among the relief as to what constitutes reasonable force when apprehending a suspect. PC Kapoor is accused of assault, while PC Stamp hesitates to use his asp and is beaten severely. DC Nadir agrees to a stint with Sun Hill CID before his next undercover job.moreless
  • Episode 317
    Episode 317
    Episode 44
    There is an enquiry into the PC Hemmingway's use of her asp on Lee Thomas, who dies from his injuries. Supt Okaro interviews PC Harman, who insists that she was abducted by husband Scott Burnett. PC Casper confesses to Insp Gold that PC Johannsen has been blackmailing him. Johannsen lets slip to Julian Tavell that the inspector has cancer.moreless
  • Episode 316
    Episode 316
    Episode 43
    DI Morell investigates the apparent abduction of PC Harman by new husband Scott Burnett, but she has fled with him of her own volition and they are preparing to set sail for France. PCs Hemmingway and Stamp arrest a thief and Hemmingway leaves herself open to charges of using excessive force. PC Johannsen teases PC Casper about his run-in with the gang.moreless
  • Episode 315
    Episode 315
    Episode 42
    PC Casper has a humiliating run-in with three yobs and later tries to save face by telling PC Johannsen that they had threatened him with a knife. At the end of the shift, he seeks solace in the arms of drugs referral officer Rochelle Barratt. PC Harman confronts husband Scott Burnett, who breaks down and admits to killing his first wife Karen. She implores him to turn himself in, but when the police arrive at their house, the couple are nowhere to be seen.moreless
  • Episode 314
    Episode 314
    Episode 41
    DC Zain Nadir is certain that his cover has not been blown, and Supt Adam Okaro authorises him to meet drug dealer Joshua Armstrong. The intervention of an armed motorcycle passenger threatens to cut short the entire investigation. PC Harman returns from honeymoon and confides in PC Hemmingway about a storage unit hired by new husband Scott Burnett. Hemmingway finds a bloody glove, fuelling suspicions that he killed his first wife. DS Phil Hunter is furious with his brother for telling Kate Maltby about his daughter Madison.moreless
  • Episode 313
    Episode 313
    Episode 40
    DS Nixon confronts DS Hunter about Kate Maltby's pregnancy. Hunter then attacks his younger brother Steve, accusing him of betraying a confidence. Supt Okaro and Insp Gold have a heart-to-heart discussion, but she is sure he's hiding something. PCs Kent and Murphy work together on a harassment case involving Kent's fancy woman. Drug dealer Adi Mateen is forced to reveal his true identity in a desperate bid to save PC Powell from being shot by Jordan Tomlin.moreless
  • Episode 312
    Episode 312
    Episode 39
    Supt Okaro attends the funeral of his wife, son and daughter, where he is comforted by Insp Gold, who goes on to compound his distress by telling him that she has cancer. PC Powell and PCSO Bryant continue to try to help local delinquent Jordan Tomlin. Powell is concerned that the superintendent hasn't handed in the drugs package he received from local drug dealer Adi Mateen. DSs Hunter and Nixon investigate the theft of a laptop containing sexually explicit material. Nixon seems to have cooled towards Hunter, who confides in his brother Steve about Kate Maltby's pregnancy.moreless
  • Episode 311
    Episode 311
    Episode 38
    Margaret Barnes is taken to hospital where a nurse realises that the blood on her clothes is not consistent with her wounds. DS De Costa realises DC Perkins has been stabbed and rushes home to find him bleeding to death. PC Powell and PCSO Bryant continue to help a delinquent's mother who has been beaten up by her son. They track Tomlin to a local pool hall, where they are taken aback to see Supt Okaro apparently buying drugs from Adi Mateen. DS Nixon is impressed by DS Hunter's uncharacteristic chivalry while working on a case, and asks if he'd like to get together with her socially. Unfortunately, their date is ruined by the reappearance of a figure from Hunter's past.moreless
  • Episode 310
    Episode 310
    Episode 37
    DS De Costa returns to Sun Hill humiliated after being bailed. DC Perkins races to her house, where an increasingly unbalanced Margaret Barnes is planning to commit suicide. In an attempt to prevent her from taking her own life he is stabbed and critically injured. PCSO Laura Bryant is knocked to the ground by a boy running drugs errands. PCs Casper and Stamp track down an inventive graffiti artist who uses cleaning products to produce negative images on dirty walls around Sun Hill. Sgt Smith reprimands receptionist Julian Tavell for gossiping.moreless
  • Episode 309
    Episode 309
    Episode 36
    DC Sim is horrified to discover that a girl she interviewed has died from an overdose. Supt Okaro questions the driver of the other vehicle involved in the fatal car crash. DS De Costa returns to work, and is frightened by the actions of Margaret Barnes.
  • Episode 308
    Episode 308
    Episode 35
    DC Sim monitors a recently released child abuser. Supt Okaro struggles to come to terms with the loss of his family. DCI Meadows formally opens the rebuilt Sun Hill police station. DS Hunter flirts with DS Nixon.
  • Episode 307
    Episode 307
    Episode 34
    Supt Okaro's wife is involved in a road traffic accident. Greg Campbell tries to prevent Scott Burnett from marrying PC Harman. Sgt Smith frets over Insp Gold's wellbeing.
  • Episode 306
    Episode 306
    Episode 33
    PC Harman decides to lie MIT to get fiancé Scott Burnett out of jail. PC Powell is determined to secure incriminating evidence against drug dealer Adi Mateen. Insp Gold tries to quell rumours about her health by going on the beat with PCs Johannsen and Casper. Sgt Smith reprimands PC Valentine and Margaret Barnes for gossiping about DS De Costa.moreless
  • Episode 305
    Episode 305
    Episode 32
    Acting DC Gary Best and DS Nixon investigate the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. MIT arrest Scott Burnett for murder, and question PC Harman about her conduct as his family liaison officer. DS De Costa is interrogated about events leading up to her assault on Margaret Barnes. Insp Gold finds that her course of chemotherapy makes work impossible.moreless
  • Episode 304
    Episode 304
    Episode 31
    DS De Costa remonstrates with Margaret Barnes and pushes her down a flight of stairs. DI Manson returns to Sun Hill. Insp Gold prepares to start chemotherapy. PC Hemmingway stands up her date.
  • Episode 303
    Episode 303
    Episode 30
    DI Manson is arrested for murder, and tries to convince DCI Meadows that there is a mole in NCS.
  • Episode 302
    Episode 302
    Episode 29
    DI Manson, under investigation by the NCS, finds a surveillance device in his house. A sequence of events convinces him that he is being framed.
  • Episode 301
    Episode 301
    Episode 28
    DS Nixon and DC Perkins pursue serial rapist Alan Kennedy. Officers from the National Crime Squad arrive to investigate DI Manson's alleged involvement in perverting a major money laundering trial. DS De Costa has to release a man suspected of domestic abuse when the wife's statement is mislaid. PC Powell is intimidated by local drug dealer Adi Mateen.moreless
  • Episode 300
    Episode 300
    Episode 27
    PCs Powell and Murphy investigate an assault on an elderly man. Serial rapist Alan Kennedy is assaulted by a friend of his first victim. DS De Costa is convinced that she is being targeted by someone in the station. PC Valentine is assigned to investigate the hoax call to her ex-boyfriend.moreless
  • Episode 299
    Episode 299
    Episode 26
    DS Nixon and DC Perkins have to break of a surveillance operation on Alan Kennedy when a woman is sent to his house by SRO Julian Tavell. PCs Hollis and Stamp arrest two squabbling burglars. PC Valentine and DS De Costa investigate an assault at an autoteller. PC Harman has disappeared. De Costa's ex turns up, having been told that she has died. Sgt Smith urges Insp Gold to quit smoking.moreless
  • Episode 298
    Episode 298
    Episode 25
    PC Dan Casper transfers to Sun Hill, and tries to save a girl from a suicide attempt. PC Valentine is assigned to the Vulnerable Persons Unit. Scott Burnett pressurises PC Harman into setting a date for their wedding. Insp Gold confides in Sgt Smith about her condition. Acting DC Best critices his uniformed colleagues. DS De Costa tries to set some boundaries for new office cleaner Margaret Barnes.moreless
  • Episode 297
    Episode 297
    Episode 24
    PC Powell tries to engage the youths on the Cole Lane estate. Acting DC Best sets up a drugs bust without notifying the Operation Mercury team. PC Harman refuses to believe that her fiancé Scott might have murdered his wife.
  • Episode 296
    Episode 296
    Episode 23
    PC Powell deals with a pensioner who is subject to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Scott Burnett assaults Greg Campbell after he is found not guilty of murdering Mrs Burnett. A new receptionst starts work at Sun Hill. Insp Gold warns PC Johannsen to keep quiet about her condition. PC Kent rejects PC Murphy's advances.moreless
  • Episode 295
    Episode 295
    Episode 22
    PCs Kent and Murphy rescue a schoolgirl from her wicked stepmother. PCSO Laura Bryant is offered a role in a drugs task force on the Cole Lane Estate. PC Hunter confronts Burnett about the investigation into his wife's murder. PC Johannsen works out that Insp Gold has cancer.
  • Episode 294
    Episode 294
    Episode 21
    DI Morell leads the investigation into a local drug dealer's activities. DS Hunter and DC Masters track down his rival and uncover evidence of gang warfare. PC Kent adopts irregular tactics in an attempt to prove that a girl is being abused by her stepmother. Insp Gold finds out that she has cervical cancer.moreless
  • Episode 293
    Episode 293
    Episode 20
    DI Morell transfers to Sun Hill and investigates the assault on Paresh Kapoor. DC Masters and Acting DC Best trail a violent pimp. PC Kent is determined to protect a little girl from suspected abuse. PC Harman dismisses PC Hemmingway's concerns over her engagement.
  • Episode 292
    Episode 292
    Episode 19
    PC Kapoor persuades her father to come forward as a witness to an attack on an Asian shop. PC Kent appears to be a reformed character, but PCSO Bryant is sceptical. DI Manson defies Supt Okaro to attend PC Dunbar's funeral. PC Harman tells PC Hunter that she is engaged to Scott Burnett.moreless
  • Episode 291
    Episode 291
    Episode 18
    DCI Meadows and DC Masters investigate Colin Fairfax's involvement in the Sun Hill explosion. Serial rapist Alan Kennedy claims that he has been receiving death threats. Scott Burnett proposes to PC Harman.
  • Episode 290
    Episode 290
    Episode 17
    The officers of Sun Hill are in a state of shock following the explosion. MIT and the anti-terrorism squad arrive to investigate, while PC Stamp looks into a link between ex-PCSO Colin Fairfax and a local extremist group. PCs Valentine and Johanssen are called out to facilitate a social worker's access to a young child. DS De Costa and DC Perkins get involved when they discover that the father has a conviction for sex with a minor. PC Kapoor faces hostility from the Asian community. PC Kent is hailed as a hero, Sgt Ackland adjusts to life without DC Carver, while PC Hollis and DI Manson try to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones.moreless
  • Episode 289a
    Episode 289a
    Episode 16
    DC Carver is determined to save his marriage to Sgt Ackland, and they meet to discuss their relationship.
  • Episode 289
    Episode 289
    Episode 15
    Sun Hill station is ablaze following an explosion. DC Drummond is dead, SRO Marilyn Chambers is critically injured, and PC Dunbar and Sgt Smith are trapped in the debris.
  • Episode 288
    Episode 288
    Episode 14
    PC Dunbar has to leave Sun Hill when her role is exposed, but she still has to testify at Alan Kennedy's trial, and is determined to gather incriminating evidence against PC Kent. PCSO Colin Fairfax is dismissed after being exposed as a racist, and DC Drummond is sent to bring him in for questioning. PC Holis plans to propose to SRO Marilyn Chambers.moreless
  • Episode 287
    Episode 287
    Episode 13
    DI Manson tells PC Dunbar to resign, but her editor decides to run with his story, exposing Dunbar as an undercover journalist. Sgt Smith reprimands PCSO Colin Fairfax for his racist attitude. DS Nixon gives evidence at the trial of serial rapist and is accused of securing a confession by means of psychological torture. PCs Kapoor and Johannsen are to take their response level driving test exam. PC Stamp sees Sgt Ackland kiss PC Valentine.moreless
  • Episode 286
    Episode 286
    Episode 12
    PC Dunbar investigates PC Kent and uncovers a possible link with the Sun Hill sniper. Sgt Smmith tells her that Sgt Ackland is Kent's mother. DI Manson sees Dunbar with her editor and assumes that she is the Sun Hill mole. PCs Kapoor and Johannsen take the response level driving course at Hendon.moreless
  • Episode 285
    Episode 285
    Episode 11
    DC Masters helps Acting DC Best trap the con artist who tricked him into laundering money for her. PC Valentine deals with a gang of rowdy schoolgirls and is accused of indecent assault. PC Dunbar is determined to remain under cover and promises her editor a scoop on a blue-on-blue murder.moreless
  • Episode 284
    Episode 284
    Episode 10
    Sgt Ackland returns to duty to help pay off DC Carver's gambling debts. Acting DC Best is duped into assisting a money-laundering operation. PC Dunbar acts as a decoy to trap unlicensed cab drivers, and rejects propositions from DI Manson and Sgt Smith.
  • Episode 283
    Episode 283
    Episode 9
    DS Hunter and Acting DC Best go after a drug dealer. PC Amber Johannsen's childhood driend is raped. PC Harman breaks off her relationship with PC Hunter. DI Manson promises to leave his wife for PC Dunbar. DS Hunter is attending sex addiction classes.
  • Episode 282
    Episode 282
    Episode 8
    PCs Murphy and Kapoor investigate the suspicious death of a baby. PCs Harman and Johannsen fight over PC Hunter. Harman sleeps with Scott Burnett after he is accused of murdering his wife. DI Manson sees PC Dunbar kiss Sgt Smith.
  • Episode 281
    Episode 281
    Episode 7
    PC Murphy and Kapoor investigate a man accused of deliberately infecting women with HIV. PC Kapoor suspects Murphy of racism. PCs Powell and Valentine discover the decomposing body of a vagrant, identified as DC Carver's ex-wife Marie. DI Manson is forced to accept that his father-in-law has been using the services of rent boys.moreless
  • Episode 280
    Episode 280
    Episode 6
    DCs Sim and Masters and Sim investigate a case involving rent boys and pornography. DCI Meadows organises a raid on the home of DAC Pearson, DI Manson's father-in-law. DS Nixon stuggles to prove that Hugh Wallis abducted, brainwashed and raped her daughter. PC Harman tells PC Hunter about her unprofessional behaviour with Scott Burnett.moreless
  • Episode 279
    Episode 279
    Episode 5
    Hugh Wallis accuses DS Nixon of abducting her daughter Abi. Scott Burnett's wife is found murdered and PC Harman abuses her position as FLO when comforting him. PCSO Laura Bryant is frustrated by the attitudes of her new colleagues.
  • Episode 278
    Episode 278
    Episode 4
    DSs Nixon and Hunter plan to rescue Abi from Hugh Wallis before they can proceed with their marriage plans. New Police Community Support Officers Laura Bryant and Colin Fairfax are assigned to Sun Hill. PC Harman abuses her position as Family Liaison Officer when she consoles a distraught husband whose wife has gone missing.moreless
  • Episode 277
    Episode 277
    Episode 3
    DCI Meadows and DI Manson try to free PC Valentine but are taken hostage at gunpoint. New DC Jo Masters takes charge of negotiations. DS Nixon is appalled to learn Abi is carrying Hugh Wallis's baby. DC Perkins wonders whether his brother is truly guilty of child abuse.
  • Episode 276
    Episode 276
    Episode 2
    DS Ramani De Costa and DC Suzie Sim try to find out if DC Terry Perkin's brother, Ben is abusing his kids and Bradley admits his father touches him, but he could have adopted his father's childhood memories as his own. Meanwhile a woman at St Hugh's hospital protests about her embryos being held for ransom and pulls a knife on PC Yvonne Hemmingway. Two people pretending to be protesters try to spring there bail jumping father who is in hospital after a drink driving crash but he is to oill to be moved. In the protest PC Roger Valentine is gagged and handcuffed to a bed and PC Honey Harman finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun.moreless
  • Episode 275
    Episode 275
    Episode 1
    It could be the day of Sun Hill's first gay wedding, but PC Lance Powell has been kidnapped by two Christian friends, Hal Richards and Dennis Simpson who try and 'cure' him of his homosexuality, Lance is spotted being kidnapped on CCTV footage and they find out that the man who rented the van that Lance was pulled into lent it to Dennis, Dennis is taken in for questioning and he confesses that him and Hal kidnapped Lance. Lance is rescued and Lance and Sgt Mark Rollins finally marry. A new DC Jo Masters is brought in to diffuse the tension between the warring DCI Jack Meadows and DI Neil Manson, but after meeting DC Jo Masters they both agree that she'll make their lives hell. DC Terry Perkins tracks down his brother and manages to trick his wife into revealing her suspicions about her husband's child abuse but DS Ramani de Costa is hot on his trail.moreless