The Bill

Season 14 Episode 14

Soft in the Head

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 1998 on ITV

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  • A nice little episode showing the team spirit within the uniform relief and maybe the showing the depth in the character lacking in later episodes.

    The pre-titles sequence involving the jumper off the roof and Ashton first meeting Jo-Jo does seem rushed - something like this could have been fleshed the entire story into an hour long episode or two 30 minute episodes.

    Ashton does seem almost asleep when he realises his predicament - you would think that with his career possibly on the line so early on having left Hendon that he would be more worried and scared - maybe he wasn't because of the shock of the girl being knocked down at the accident or maybe because of Scott Neal's performance?

    Still a good episode to revisit - both for fans and the current writers.