The Bill

Episode 3

The Bill Made Me Famous

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on ITV

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  • Average documentary with some nice classic clips.

    The Bill Made Me Famous is a misleading title.
    As Harry Hill sent up in a recent Tv Burp episode, all those who featured were made famous by other projects!!!

    The makers have done well to round up a wide ranging selection of actors and stars who have appeared to talk about their time on the show. However, after a while they do get a bit repetitive, we have several (Les Dennis, Andrew Sachs to name just two) saying how they were grateful to play someone completely different for a change.
    Also having actors say 'remember me?' to the camera is a little annoying after a while - yes of course I remember you Eric Richard, you were in the show for 17 years!!! (You can tell the way he delivers it, he thinks it is a silly line!).

    There are some glaring omissions from the guests. We have Eric Richard, Chris Ellison and Billy Murray, but no Mark Wingett or Trudie Goodwin (to name two of so many). Jim Carver is referred too several times and these were the remaining two actors from the pilot; there are sorely missed in my opinion. Also, we get a couple of short mentions to Don Beech, but not how he left the show and the scandal that it caused for so long.

    The station has been blown up three times - no mention, not even a brief clip. There were clips from Viv Martella's last episode, but not the actual one where she is shot(!). The clips that are used are brief and gives the feeling that it has been edited down to fit the hour long slot. As a documentary to mark the 25th year of the show it suffers from focusing on famous guest stars instead of the show and the events that shaped it's history. But in a ratings driven arena, the makers probably thought that this would be the better bet.

    Not bad, but could have been better.