The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 4

A Thing of the Past

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Harry the bus driver arrives to take Jaime's class on a class picnic. They decide to stop by Harry's garage to pick up baseball equipment for the picnic. At the garage, a stranger asks Harry if they've met before. Harry doesn't recognize him but the man definitely remembers Harry's face, even if he can't place the name. At the picnic, Jaime asks about Harry's past, but he's evasive. As the stranger and his partner prepare to leave the garage, he continues to wrack his mind for his memory of Harry.

At the softball game, the boys refuse to let the girls play because "they're not good enough." Jaime makes a bet that they can't striker her out. Two strikes and a bionic swing later, the boys let the girls play.

On their way back to drop off the kids after the picnic, the bus has a blowout and crashes off a dirt road. The hot muffler sets some dry brush on fire. A boulder blocks the front door so Jaime sends the others to try the emergency door while she kicks it open. When they realize that a little girl was left on the bus, Harry runs back inside to rescue her. He gets her to safety just before the gas tank explodes. Harry's picture is on the front page of the newspaper because of his heroism, where the stranger remembers who Harry was. Walter Krueger from Chicago, 1960. Walter is worth a lot of money to them.

Harry arrives at school to pick up the children the next day, but they don't come out. Jaime calls him inside, where they're waiting to thank him with a framed and signed copy of the newspaper article. But Harry isn't happy about the article, especially when Jaime tells him it was pickup up on wire services to be distributed nationally.

The stranger calls a Mr. Stone in Chicago, asking how much Krueger would be worth. The answer: $10,000. They go to Jaime's house to gather more information, posing as insurance investigators. They ask about Harry's background before he came to Ojai, but after they leave, Jaime is suspicious because they never ask about the accident. She uses her bionic ear to listen to them speculate that he's Krueger. Calling the number on the card she was given, she learns that the real insurance agent is in Ohio. She tries to call Harry at his garage, but he doesn't hear the phone because he's tuning up an engine. The hoods arrive at the garage, revealing that they know his secret. They offer to keep his location from Stone for $20,000 although Harry protests that he doesn't have that kind of money. They give him a few days and tell him they'll be keeping an eye on him, since he's worth a bounty dead or alive to Stone.

Jaime goes to the garage, where she hears Harry loading a revolver. She confronts him and he admits his past. As Krueger, he was a comedian at a nightclub with mob ties. The owner skimmed profits so the mob sent a hitman, Stone. Harry saw the murder but ran instead of testifying. Jaime begs Harry to let her Washington friends help him. He reluctantly agrees. Jaime calls Oscar, who arranges for the Justice Department to pick Harry up, but suggests that they stay out of sight until then. Jaime decides they should hide out at the Air Force base.

The hoods arrive back at their motel room to find Stone inside. He saw the story in the Chicago paper. They get to the garage before Jaime and Harry can leave. Harry confronts them with the gun but they effortlessly disarm him. They look for Jaime, who swings a hydraulic lift around to knock them over. She and Harry flee in her car, followed by Stone.

They head to the base, where Steve Austin informs her he'll be there in two hours. The duty officer is frustrated. The six officers of the Ojai police department are tied up with a stolen TV repair truck instead of looking for the two criminals. Stone uses the truck to drive onto the base on the pretense of an "emergency call" to fix a TV in the NCO club before a basketball game. He spots Jaime and Harry going into the school and knocks out an airman to steal his uniform. Jaime leaves her classroom to get some supplies and passes Stone, but doesn't know who he is. Stone draws his gun on Harry, who knocks the classroom flag onto him and flees again. Stone pursues him into a maintenance hangar. Jaime returns to the classroom to find Harry gone and the room in a mess. She overhears the shots in the hangar and ambushes Stone from above. Steve arrives to find both Harry and Stone ready to be transported to Washington.
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