The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 4

A Thing of the Past

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When the criminals threaten Harry, they tell him they want $20,000 to keep quiet. When Jaime confronts Harry about the situation, he tells her they want $10,000.

    • When the criminal's car pulls in Harry's garage parking in the first scene, right before Jaime looks out of the window, we can see some struts on top of the car. In the next scene the struts are gone.

  • Quotes

    • Harry: It's funny, about a classroom with no kids in it. Doesn't seem right somehow.
      Jaime: That's 'cause you're not a teacher.

    • Jaime: (bionically bends the horseshoe) How's that? See if that works.
      Jim: Well, I'll be darned. If I just had the right kind of hammer...
      Jaime: Oh, c'mon Jim... you're such a con artist. Gimme the nails... (to Ajax) Ready for this, kid? (bionically nails the shoe into place) Okay... you're welcome, Ajax.

    • Jim: Ajax threw a shoe this morning, and the blacksmith's out of town for a week. I'm just not having any luck with this thing.
      Jaime: Well, it's no wonder. You're supposed to be doing it under a spreading chestnut tree...
      Jim: Very funny. Problem is... getting the shoe to fit. Of course, if I had a forge...
      Jaime: Well, you don't have a forge, but you've got me.

    • (Mark prepares to pitch to Jaime)
      Jaime: But remember, if I make a hit, you guys gotta start your game over again, and anybody who wants to play, plays.
      Mark: She ain't got a chance.
      Jaime: 'Hasn't' got a chance, thank you.
      Mark: (mocking) "Hasn't got a chance."

    • (trying to convince the boys to let the girls play baseball)
      Jaime: Now, how do you know they're not good enough if you don't play with them?
      Mark: Hey, everybody knows that girls don't play sports as well as boys.
      Harry: Oh, you'd better watch it, Mark. You're talking to a top-seeded tennis player.

    • Jaime: Harry, you've got to be about the sweetest guy that ever lived. How come some lady hasn't snatched you up yet?
      Harry: Well, because I always say "no." I've been waiting for you, honey. But I should've known by the time you grew up, I'd be way too old for you.
      Jaime: You're not old.
      Harry: I used to drive you to school when you were a teenager.
      Jaime: Yeah, and I was in love with you then, so that has nothin' to do with it.

    • (calling after her students as they madly run for the school bus)
      Jaime: Hey guys, this is supposed to be a picnic, not a wargames!

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