The Bionic Woman Classic

Season 1 Episode 3

Angel of Mercy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Starkey tells Jaime that they cannot fly out because the strut of the plane is bent and she cannot fix it because it's made of steel; then Jaime straightens it. Steel does not bend; it can break, but not bend because of its molecular structure.

    • In the scene were Jaime crushes the snake, it's coming down from an olive tree--typical in California, but not in tropical climates.

    • Contrary to what Jaime's student, Andrew, says, Costa Brava is not a "little South American country." Costa Brava is the name of the northeast coast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona to the French border. It has been a popular tourist area since the end of World War II.

  • Quotes

    • Starkey: Sommers, we got a problem. the engine won't turn over; the battery's dead.
      Jaime: Well, what if I spin the propeller?
      Starkey: Aw, you can't - it's too heavy. You... (looks at Jaime, who shoots him a dirty look) On second thought...

    • Jaime: (fixes the landing gear of the plane) Okay, now does that do it?
      Starkey: How'd you do that?
      Jaime: Starkey, get these blocks outta here, get in the plane, and I'll go get the others.
      Starkey: Well, maybe I should...
      Jaime: (exasperated) Starkey...
      Starkey: (quickly) Yes, ma'am.

    • Starkey: Well, we can't take [Julio] with us. The kid can barely walk; he'll slow us down.
      Jaime: I'll carry him.
      Starkey: You'll what?
      Jaime: He can ride on my shoulders.
      Starkey: You'll never make it; your legs aren't strong enough.
      Jaime: Well, then, you carry him.
      Starkey: Me carry him? Not in a blue moon, a month of Sundays, or till Biloxi, Mississippi freezes over, am I walking through the jungle with a kid on my back, and that's final!
      (Camera pans up to show Julio riding on Starkey's shoulders)
      Jaime: How're your legs holding up?
      Starkey: Fine. Good exercise.

    • Jaime: Let's hope that the teacher can cram alot better than her kids. (starts reading the first aid manual) "How to stop arterial bleeding"? Oh, Oscar... I... I... (covers her face)
      Oscar: (laughs and gives her a hug) You're going to make it, pal.
      Jaime: You're nuts.

    • (Julio pulls the snake that Jaime killed earlier out of his bag)
      Jaime: You eat those?
      Julio: Si. Good meat, but they are hard to catch. You killed it, so half belongs to you. (gestures towards Jaime)
      Jaime: (jumping back) Uh... Julio... finders, keepers, honey. It's all yours.
      Julio: Gracias. Since you don't want it.

    • (Oscar and Jaime watch a helicopter fly erratically overhead)
      Jaime: Is that my pilot?
      Oscar: His name is Jack Starkey, and he's the finest helicopter pilot alive.
      Jaime: Yeah? Who says?
      Oscar: He says.
      Jaime: Oh, good.

    • Jaime: It's not the mission - I'll do that. It's the part about being a nurse. Oscar, I can't even put on a bandaid!
      Oscar: Oh, I don't think there'll be any doctoring, Jaime. Now, here's a uniform.
      Jaime: Uh-huh, and a first aid manual?
      Oscar: We'll be arriving at Costa Bravo in about - oh, two hours, and you'll have plenty of time to just... uh... cram.

    • Oscar: Do you realize how much money we could make if I patented you as a household tool?
      Jaime: It would be a lot safer too.

    • Starkey: I admire your courage, Sommers. I'm not so sure about your brain.

  • Notes

    • The sound made during activation of Jaime's bionic hearing is different in this episode than in the (two-part) premiere episode, and different than the one they used in the rest of the series. It sounds a bit like an electronic bee hive.

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